Uncut mode for season 3

I hope Year 3 for Hitman 3 will offer an uncut mode like all Elusive Targets in Arcade mode can be completed without complications (Free Roam with any weapon) also all prior nurfed weapon items such as the E-phone, muffin booster for Speedrunning, and molotov with accident kill can be reinstated…and add all weapons that were hidden in the PC files in early 2016…I think one item was the exploding gum or emetic gum?

But having a Full Version fixed without glitches the way IOI wants the game played, Uncut Version unfixed with glitches for zany comical runs the way it is now (was), and Freelancer Mode, would satisfy most Hitman players, you could select the mode you want to play under game modes.


Already discussed before in many ways…

Have a good reading :wink:

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Yeah I know it has been discussed, but what I am suggesting is that there be different modes for a different type of play style, one way is to play how IOI wants you to play, by the book no cheats and the other is to leave everything as is and bring back the most hated weapons of choice…a.k.a. the electrocution phone, accidental kills by molotov, and probably soon the muffin booster as shown in Freelancer tech demo…and all the hidden weapons that were found on the PC version by cracked files back in 2016 that were scrapped ideas…that is what I was trying to explain.


Then you should post your suggestions in one of already existing topics instead of creating a new one, as there is already too much topics talking about that.

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Hitman 3 Uncircumcised


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one whose mind went down that route.