Underrated Video Games

I was thinking about video games earlier that I considered to be underrated and maybe not beloved by all but were hidden gems. I think for me one of those would be James Bond:Nightfire. It was a game that had it all, stealth and action and certain mechanics that were in the previous games but got greatly expanded upon. Yet I haven’t really heard about it from anyone else. I have played through this game several times and would reccomend anyone give it a try.

What are some games you believe to be underrated and are hidden gems not given enough recognition?

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Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 1 released in 2010. It’s the if not one of the most criminally underrated games I ever played in my life.

Game imo was an unforgettable masterpiece with visuals that could very well hold up against current gen titles.


The Legend of Dragoon for the PS1. It was like final fantasy, but better in my opinion. Most of the time when I bring this game up, nobody has a clue what I’m talking about lol. But it was amazing and game was massive. Came with 4 discs.


Lol I haven’t heard of that game either but I feel your plight. It sucks when there is a game that you think is amazing that no one has heard of.


You have been betrayed, Warrior. There is no Resurrection - only the living Death you see before you!

i love the Game too. every winter i feel the urge to replay it, its a Masterpiece. Too bad that LoS2 sucks so hard :frowning:

Edit: i get chills everytime you see the Castle for the First Time

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Uh yes I know of this small, underappreciated and indie game, it is a Western game it is called Red Dead Redemption 2.

I joke of course but if I have to pick underrated I would go with Alan Wake as soon as Remedy are done with their new game that is priority duo, I will buy the new Xbox ASAP if they do.


Freedom Fighters.
Midnight Club 3.
Need for Speed Carbon.
Splinter Cell.
Prince of Persia.

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I’d say some of mine are:

Alan Wake
SC Pandora Tomorrow
Dead Space


Oh I love those InFamous games they were awesome better than some X-Men games

Bust A Groove 1 and 2. Rhythm/dancing games where you VS an opponent. It’s simple but the music is tight and it’s a great chillout game.

I will forgive Square Enix for dropping IO if they make a sequel/reboot

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Download either of those games some time if you’re bored. Shit’s fun


Oh that Mad Max game they made around the time Fury Road was made. That was a goodish movie tie-in


The original Killzone was amazing. I played the hell out of that as a kid, ended up with a 360 instead of a ps3 so I never played the sequels.

That shit is like the best 7/10 game ever made. Car combat was so sick and it was so cool running around scavenging. I don’t think I got far but from what I played it was super tight. I’m pretty sure it goes for pretty cheap these days too.


LOS2 was an enormous waste of potential. A clear example of a product that was born out of troubled development.

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I love Horizon Zero Dawn as well. Not many people seem to talk about it.

Also, Aloy is bae (Baeloy) and has the best walking animation…ever. :grin::grin::grin:

I love HZD, the game is awesome. I hope Guerrilla are hard at work on the sequel

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Fallout 76 :sunglasses:


I’d say -

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Same circlejerk from day one - GAEM IS SPLIT IN HALF!!!1!!1! Has great stealth levels, great conversion system, great features and powers(like augments), awesome cyberpunk setting and lots to explore and discover. If you did all side quests and points on interests/hidden ares or in other words do 100% it’ll take you 50 hours!

HITMAN 2(lol) no one’s talking about it(in comparison to mainstream media) except some complaints about privacy policy or only six levels.

Sniper Elite 4 - has amazing mechanics for stealth and good level design too(but I’ll admit the story is very cringy and forgettable) Great multiplayer too

Both Styx games - some of the best stealth games,at least in terms of level design.


Killzone 1 was very underrated. I liked the fact there were 4 characters with different play styles.

Urban Chaos on PS1 - I loved this game. A third person cop game with loads to find in each mission. It had problems but I loved it.

Punisher on PS2 - Written by Garth Ennis. Great gameplay. Brutal kills. Thomas Jane voice acting.

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