Underrated Video Games


It either:

  • Scored less than a 7/10
  • Sold poorly
  • Is a game that will return super low results of people talking about it on the internet (so not counting the wack ass Chaiwanese black market listings) if you go into google and set the search settings to search for the past week. I’m talking 50 or under.


That is nice but here is my criteria, if it ain’t talked about then add it to the pile, just use your head to determine this. We can’t put 7 or under as a general rule since 4/5ths of this list are game above 7.0 or 70.


My criterium is more simple: if the general populace doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I do.


Both of these posts are wrong and you are bad people.


We are not bad. We are underrated :frowning:




Would Star Wars Bounty Hunter count? I think it was a great game that I didn’t hear much about from anyone. Metacritic only gave it a 65% as well.


i love this Game, still have my Copy of it!

always hoped for a sequel with Boba, but now is LA closed and Star Wars 1313 will never come :cry:


Great game just hard as hell. (looking at you Death Stick Factory!) I know I remember hearing about that game and got so pumped only to get my dreams crushed. =\


Deathstickfactory is okay, i hated the Asteroid Prison way more!
Always loved the Hutt Missions on Tattooine :slight_smile:


Yes the hutt missions were great! Now that you mention it, while I did have a hard time with death stick factory, I think the break out takes it. With the whole prison wanting to kick Jango Fett’s ass. :joy:


How about an underrated video game YouTube channel?


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