Underrated Video Games


Omg I loved Urban Chaos. It was GTA before it was cool! :joy:


Freedom Fighters
I am Alive
Binary Domain



Brilliant game,one of the most tense experiences I ever had playing a video game


Underground 2 was better :rage:


Okay not to leap on this bandwagon but every game you just listed was a staple game in my childhood! I wish consoles back then had stats trackers because I played punisher for waaay too many hours. And urban chaos was such a cool game for a pure shooter type. That list is too true man, and I really enjoyed most plays styles except Templar’s which felt kinda basic, but I still played them all over time anyways.


Every Crash Bandicoot fan seems to hate these ‘titan’ games but I absolutely love them. This was my second PS2 game and I spend so much time on it. Back when I was a little kid and didn’t understand anything, everything was so overwhelming when I finally managed to proceed in the game. This game felt, along with my other PS2 games, much longer then it was cause I didn’t understand shit. My favorite titan remains the Yuktopus. :slight_smile:


Great shout that. I remember renting that out for a couple of days and had no idea what the hell it was.

Fast forward to the current day and I’m a huge Punisher fan so I owe it all hanging dudes in shark tanks :joy::joy:


@Dynamic_47 What about that circular saw kill? Or The Pirannha one? It was brutal for a ps2 game almost couldn’t swing my parents on that purchase :joy:


I’m playing Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, ATM. It’s a basically a feudal Japan reskin of Commandoes. It’s made by a Danish dev (Hitman), if it matters. I’m having so much fun with this game, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Took me over 4 hours to beat mission 3 out of 13. The story is pretty campy but if you’re looking for a highly strategic stealth game this is right up your ass.

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I always felt like Templars was the generic play style that people learn the game with. Slightly new more tactical than Rico’s play style though.

I remember being disappointed when Killzone 2 ignored the multiple character angle. I thought that was the thing that differentiated it from other shooters at the time.


I liked curb stomping people, then getting a flash back as a the criminal screamed ‘I have a family!’

And the punisher coldly replies ‘…everyone’s does’

Ah, such a good game. Wish it’s get a remaster and have it appear on PSN store.


Just completed Kane & Lynch 2. Gameplay and story are mediocre but art style is pretty unique and I loved the gritty atmosphere.

Hard to believe it was done by IOI. But at least I know where one of the Mixtape 47 tracks comes from.

All and all, an enjoyable quickie.


Underrated games you say? How about SLEEPING DOGS? I got it for free on PS Plus and I loved it. It feels like a game from a past era— the production values aren’t too great (it feels like a very low-budget GTA), but what it lacks in polish and depth it makes up for with creativity and fun and humor and a surprisingly compelling story for the most part.



The Saboteur

Paris sandbox with unique atmosphere, incredible radio music, set in a great era, classic cars, solid story and one secret sauce: the disguise system in hostile areas. Nothing was perfect in that game, but the concept is fantastic.


Agreed, one of the best tactical shooters ever made.


I’m not a big first-person shooter gamer, but these two were excellent. I played them a lot. They also had a lot of gore for their time.


Project I.G.I: I’m Going In


Oh Hell yeah I remember The Saboteur, if the game had just a little more time in development it would have been awesome 8 or 9 out of ten game.

Also RIP Pandemic, so hard to find good Australian devs not, fuck EA

On that note anyone else remember Destroy All Humans!, that shit was dope when I was a kid.


I for one might know what you are talking about, not because i played it in my youth but because of a friend who once wanted to embark on a crazy project on his own words of: “remaking The Legend of Dragoon in Unreal Engine 4” and gave me a huge explanation on why he loved it so much and needed a remake.


I know of Dragoon as well heard it was a good game in its time. Wasn’t it billed as an FF killer?