Underrated Video Games


The Getaway 1 & 2 (Black Monday)

Arguably a poor man’s GTA, but still really enjoyable, especially if you’re a fan of British/Guy Ritchie-esque gangster flicks. Also,unlike GTA it had properly licenced car names, properly licenced gun names and no HUD… which funnily enough back then was one of fans and critics biggest gripes -nowadays of course everybody wants to turn the HUD off!

Oh and dual wielding pistols back when dual wielding was in vogue! :stuck_out_tongue:


You know about Desperados coming out, right? It’s made by the same developer.
Awesome game, had heaps of fun with it.

Same for The Saboteur @Doormaker

A game I’d like to mention here is Project Eden. A game that took me by surprise. It’s huge, combines action to thinking and comes with an amazing atmosphere. Very smooth controls too. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Old but gold. :slight_smile:


No idea what an FF killer is.

As for Underrated games, i would recommend (here i go again): ECHO. Like i’ve read countless times, this game “flew under everyone’s radar”. Good storytelling, voice acting, ambience, music and granted, repetitive gameplay but, imho compensated with a few game hours and a clean UI.


Final Fantasy killer. An x killer is any game pundits or ad executives say will compete with or eventually topple its predecessor. In this case Final Fantasy.

Also does I remember how my brother played those Darksiders games. Never played them myself but I the new one was coming out and I didn’t have a clue it was meant to come out this year


I see, thanks for the explanation. A bit hard to imagine something topping FF but what do i know.


Probably why Dragoon failed in its time. It was poised to knock off FF from top fantasy game but it failed to meet expectations at the time. That and following the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver was a blunder


Final Fantasy 8. I think most of the people who hate this game just never took the time to learn the complexities of the game’s overlapping systems: battle, magic drawing and junctioning, item refinement, triple triad (the card game), but once you do it all fits together brilliantly and allows for extremely versatile stat fine-tuning and party management.

Square swung massively in the other direction for FF9, dumbing down and streamlining everything (including the art direction), and I’ve never been able to maintain any interest in it for more than a few hours.


Really because eight is just as critically praised as nine. In fact VII won some readers choice awards. I mean I am not a FF guy and I wanted to check the ratings on the games.


Oh sure, it reviewed and sold well enough at the time. But I’ve been watching it get dumped on mercilessly for 2 decades by jaded FF fans on every relevant internet forum I’ve ever been a member of.


Sometimes there is just no pleasing everybody even fans. The Final Fantasy games have changed mechanics, graphics, styles, stories and mechanics since time immemorial. If XV or VII are not one fans cup of tea the next one might be


Final Fantasy 8 is a strange one for me.

I played it when it came out. And I did and still do genuinely like it. It had some nice set pieces and the world was nice.

But it had some awful design decisions. Like drawing magic. And the junction system was poorly designed.

Now, I’ve revisited the game numerous times and I do like it…but…I’d probably say it’s rated exactly where it should be.


I would have to say:
The Godfather The Game despite being overshadowed by GTA and other open-world games of its time, it was pretty fun and had an original storyline instead of just following the movie verbatim.
I would also say Heavy Rain is pretty good for its time, but only if you like mostly cinematic David Cage-esque games.



Heavy Rain is only good for memes


GTA 4This text will be blurred


Haha I can’t deny that the voice-acting is meme worthy.


So is anything David Cage says


All right so I got bored so I looked up the average review scores (Using good old Metacritic’s critic score aggregate across all consoles viable) also this is list of individual games and only the first game of a titled series will be included (with exceptions)

James Bond: Nightfire: Average of 80
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Average of 84
Legends of Dragoon: Average of 71
Alan Wake: Average of 84
Freedom Fighters: Average of 82
TimeSplitters 2: Average of 89
Midnight Club 3: Average of 84
Need for Speed Carbon: Average of 75
Prototype: 79
SC: Pandora Tomorrow: Average of 97 (major outliers on Xbox and Gamecube)
Killzone: 70 (Oh how far they have come)
Dead Space: 87 (the game also won slews of awards)
InFamous Second Son: 80 (yes I am the asshole that loves this game)
Bust-A-Groove 2: 66 (could’t find one, odd since 2 is Japan only)
Mad Max (2015): 72 (George Miller himself was in production on this one)
Horizon Zero Dawn: 89 (That is how far they come)
Fallout 76: 50 (had to meet in the middle for this one)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 83
Sniper Elite 4: 84 (any game that lets me shoot Hitler’s balls is a 10/10 for me)
Urban Chaos: 73
Punisher (2005): 69 (Didn’t know Garth Ennis wrote it)
I am Alive: 73
Binary Domain: 73
SWAT 4: 84
Crash of the Titans: 73 (Dude to my 8yo brain this was the best game)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: 80
Kane & Lynch 2: 64
Sleeping Dogs: 82 (Worlds Second Hing Kong Action Movie)
The Saboteur: 74 Destroy All Humans: 82
The Getaway: 72, 57 (for Black Monday)
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive: 80
Project Eden: 70
Shadow Man: 76 (That is a terrible cover, looks like a bad photoshop job)
Echo: 71
FF 8: 90
The Godfather: 75 (dude, I remember playing the sequel to it. Was am ix of Mafia and GTA VCS)
Heavy Rain: 87 (Jaysooon, Shaaaaun, poorly disguised French accents.)
GTA IV: 98 ( @SeanBernowicz complains about memes in Heavy Rain then brings up GTA IV Bowling and Mass-murder Simulator)
Deadly Premonition: 70 (It is like Twin Peaks but on psychoactive chemicals)
John Woo’s Stranglehold: 79 (The World’s First playable Hong Kong action movie)
The Suffering: 78 (Not bad, I always thought it was too much like Silent Hill)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time: 87 (Oh yeah I remember this one or at least I remember the minigame with Qwark)
Alpha Protocol: 63
Serious Sam: 85 (Hey aren’t they rebooting this one)
(Sorry @Tekno1 neither of your games were scored, but since Town of Salem is based of the Mafia parlour game I dedicate the next one)
Mafia 2: 76


GTA 4 is still a good game tho


Well yes it is a fantastic game but it is still a Bowling and Ignore Your Best Friends Simulator with cars that handle like battleships.