Underrated Video Games


I know. I am just saying that NFS Carbon is underrated.


Wow thank you for that, thats actually really cool to see all the scores. Some scored higher than I thought but some scored way lower than I thought. @SeanBernowicz You are right about Heavy Rain and Gta 4 is a personal favorite of mine, but now that @Accidental-kills98 brought it up when I think of GTA 4 in addition to the great story and decent gameplay, I do hear a loud echoing voice-over from Roman. “COUSIN!!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO BOWLING?!” “DESPITE THIS BEING THE 45TH TIME YOU HAVE DECLINED, I WILL CALL BACK TOMORROW COUSIN.”


No problem I will do my best to update it every like 25 comments if this thread takes off.

I loved GTA 4 and I liked Heavy Rain, it was waay better than Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit in countries that still use it), the only part of that game I liked was the out-of-nowhere Matrix fight.

We all have those scars, also who could forget the awesome DLC the likes of which R* will never make again


Shit here we are yakking about cult video games but no one here has the brass ones to bring up this gem.



Deadly Premonition is hilarious.


Yes it is in fact the funnest train wreck I have ever seen or played like The Room but playable.


Oh yeah I added that kickass John Woo game, it was so awesome IGN’s only flaw was that the character’s did not speak Cantonese. (Which I guess makes sense given how Hong Kong citizens value the language)


It contains possibly some of the funniest glitches I’ve ever seen

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Don’t forget the psycho killer facial animations, the blatant references to Twin Peaks and other media, the classic give every character a quirk so you won’t forget them trope and the insane dialogue and off-the-wall plot.


Despite getting a remaster, (Which may very invalidate it from being in this thread.) compared to their other games I think LA Noire was kind of underrated. It was a very different forumula than other Rockstar games but I still think it is worth the purchase.


Kane & Lynch 2: 64

Fallout 76: 50 (had to meet in the middle for this one)

I think it speaks accolades that K&L 2 scored higher than F76, while F76 is still fresh, and this may change it is still funny. Not shitting on people who like K&L 2, I preferred the first one, but K&L 2 is just one game that I think is universially criticized.


Read Read Redemption 2
Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Mario Odyssey
Grand Theft Auto Online
Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Yes, its technically out as the Rom is illegally downloadable)
FortKnight: Battle Royal
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Portal 2
Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Elder Scrolls: The one before Skyrim
World of Warcraft


I wish there was a laugh react haha


Yeah I am not putting the average of those games up. There just has to be that one guy.:joy:


Not is is not technically out since Nintendo has already squashed the pirates responsible like insects.


I was surprised at the score Freedom Fighters got to be honest


Oh how could I forget.

The Suffering.

Atmospheric third person horror shooter. I still think that Carnate Island is one of the greatest gaming locations ever.


Squashed? Dont you mean; “Smashed”


No that is not what I meant. I would never do something that obvious.


does anyone else remember these underrated gems? FUCK they bring back memories