Underrated Video Games


Yeah. Also Pokemon Lets Go Eevee and Lets Go Pikachu. Those are classics, that nobody knows about :slight_smile:


Why didn’t you put my choices on the list? :slightly_frowning_face:


Which choices were they, must have missed them.


Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2


I couldn’t find the Metacritic scores for either of those games while search Wikipedia. My laptop tends to go nuts comprehending multiple tabs and sites as big as Metacrtitic so I was trying to avoid it… Based on the reviews I did seen SOF was about 66-70 percent and I knew little of Double Helix


Okay, thanks :slight_smile:


No worries if there was a way to get the best results possible I would do so. There are surprisingly few games that are not on this list because of poor review flow or lack of mention-able score.


I would say Rayman Legends although I guess it’s not really “underrated”


Damn shame would have been the only other 90 plus game I think. But Legends is frequently regarded as the best in the series and has high critical appraise so alas it is in fact perfectly rated.


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. A sleeper hit that was an improvement on everything on the already excellent previous games of the series.




Serious Sam series by Croteam. Best shoot-'em-up game ever but still stuck a bit in the past.

Kleer skeletons are my personal most hated enemies in any game because of how challenging they are. When you have 5 skeletons running at you and all you have is a Double Barrel - it becomes a deadly waltz of you dodging and shooting in the right moments.


Now, one for reals.
Villagers and Heroes. Its a small MMORPG with a very friendly community. The game itself is grindy and nothing too special. But the community is nice. I am a Tester and one of the better known members of the community, but i havent been active for a year now. I have around 1183h in the game, and its my most played game. I still have many friends in the community.

Second game. Town of Salem.
Yeah, i guess it has a good score, but not too many people know about it still. Or some have just forgotten about it. Anyways, its a game where there is an evil side, a chaotic neutral, chaotic and the town. Your objective is to stay alive till the end and defeat your opponents. Town will have roles such as Jailor, who can jail 1 person for night and question them and execute them if needed, execute a townie and your hang rope will be taken away, Investigator who checks people at night and checks roles, there will be 3 results every night. Doctor who will heal one person every night, Mediun who talks to the death and so on. As for the Mafia, there is always a Godfather and a Mafioso. Godfather is immune to most attacks and can order a person to be killed. Mafioso will do the Godfather’s biddings and if the Godfather is killed, Mafioso will become the new one. Then there are roles such as Blackmailer who can silence one player each night, and Janitor which clears the player’s role from showing the next morning when the victims of the night get figured out. Then there is chaotic neutral role, Jester, whos goal is to get publicly lynched at any cost. He will kill one of the players who voted guilty on him, during the night, with an unstoppable attack. And then lastly there is the killer. The killer can be a serial killer which will kill one person every night, Arsonist which will oil up a house every night and set every house on flames when wanted. And Werewolf, which will mutilate anyone in the house of the person he vists, but you can only attack every other night. Many more roles are in the game of course. Then there is one group called “Coven”.
Anyways, two good, underrated games, for reald this time.


Serious Sam is a poor mans version of Duke Nukem.


And Duke Nukem is a flat broke man’s Doom


No, the Ranking goes:

Duke Nukem > Caleb from “Blood“ > Doom Marine > Commander Keen > Everyone Else > Serious Sam.


Yeah not the ranking is Doom Marine> BJ Blazkovich(jeez what a difficult name)>Any Borderlands character>Commander Keen>Yoshi>Serious Sam>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Duke Nukem


Duke Nukem is a punk bitch who’d shit himself and run home to his mama if his enemies weren’t such pussies

Gotta admit dude knows how to talk trash and party though


Half his trash talk is from movies that did everything he set out to do and did it better. His most two mist widely know quotes are an Evil Dead reference and a verbatim lift from They Live


Trash talk is best viewed as context over content. Sure his insults are easy references but they work given the situation