Underrated Video Games


I guess I just never like Duke Nukem also I detest reference humour when it is so blatant.


Eh, Blondie died long ago. You can say it’s been FOREVER. ba-dum-ts

Seriously, though, classic Duke is more like sassy Doom with jumping and babes. It was great fun when it was released but I wouldn’t say that it aged particularly well. I still enjoyed it in 2016, though.

Sam, on the other side, got remade in HD, still has hordes upon hordes of monsters running at you and still gets you blood pumping. And outside of SS2 (which is a mistake) the whole series are decent, not only the classics.

If only one day classic heroes of shoot-'em-up shooters would have got together to kick some demon/robonazi ass - Doomguy, Duke, Sam, BJ Blaskowicz ± Painkiller dude.


Actually I think there is a reboot of Serious Sam being developed.


Blondie = Duke. Sam has black hair.


Oh shit sorry you are right. After Forever that series needs to be dead for a Loong time. But there is still that Duke Nukem movie starring John Cena, you know because the brand has not been damaged enough


Why has everyone forgot Caleb from Blood? its an amazing Game and i wish they would rerelease it, or make a HD Remaster like the Duke Nukem 3D rerelease.

Caleb-moon Workshop-BloodModels


Mostly because the game is too old. I too wish that one day there will be a proper remake or reboot. Who does own the IP now?

Also, people don’t seem to mention Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior. Both classic (old perv) and new one (young asshole) are really good.


James Bond: Nightfire: Average of 80
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Average of 84
Legends of Dragoon: Average of 71
Alan Wake: Average of 84
Freedom Fighters: Average of 82
TimeSplitters 2: Average of 89
Midnight Club 3: Average of 84
Need for Speed Carbon: Average of 75
Prototype: 79
SC: Pandora Tomorrow: Average of 97 (major outliers on Xbox and Gamecube)
Killzone: 70 (Oh how far they have come)
Dead Space: 87 (the game also won slews of awards)
InFamous Second Son: 80 (yes I am the asshole that loves this game)
Bust-A-Groove 2: 66 (could’t find one, odd since 2 is Japan only)
Mad Max (2015): 72 (George Miller himself was in production on this one)
Horizon Zero Dawn: 89 (That is how far they come)
Fallout 76: 50 (had to meet in the middle for this one)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 83
Sniper Elite 4: 84 (any game that lets me shoot Hitler’s balls is a 10/10 for me)
Urban Chaos: 73
Punisher (2005): 69 (Didn’t know Garth Ennis wrote it)
I am Alive: 73
Binary Domain: 73
SWAT 4: 84
Crash of the Titans: 73 (Dude to my 8yo brain this was the best game)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: 80
Kane & Lynch 2: 64
Sleeping Dogs: 82 (Worlds Second Hing Kong Action Movie)
The Saboteur: 74 Destroy All Humans: 82
The Getaway: 72, 57 (for Black Monday)
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive: 80
Project Eden: 70
Shadow Man: 76 (That is a terrible cover, looks like a bad photoshop job)
Echo: 71
FF 8: 90
The Godfather: 75 (dude, I remember playing the sequel to it. Was am ix of Mafia and GTA VCS)
Heavy Rain: 87 (Jaysooon, Shaaaaun, poorly disguised French accents.)
GTA IV: 98 ( @SeanBernowicz complains about memes in Heavy Rain then brings up GTA IV Bowling and Mass-murder Simulator)
Deadly Premonition: 70 (It is like Twin Peaks but on psychoactive chemicals)
John Woo’s Stranglehold: 79 (The World’s First playable Hong Kong action movie)
The Suffering: 78 (Not bad, I always thought it was too much like Silent Hill)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time: 87 (Oh yeah I remember this one or at least I remember the minigame with Qwark)
Alpha Protocol: 63
Serious Sam: 85 (Hey aren’t they rebooting this one)
(Sorry @Tekno1 neither of your games were scored, but since Town of Salem is based of the Mafia parlour game I dedicate the next one)
Mafia 2: 76
Serious Sam: 86
Blood Videogame: No sourced aggregate rating, reviews I found were positive
Bulletstorm: 83 (Alright one of us at some point has to stop picking Shooters)
Manhunt: 75 (All of that controversy and it was serviceable, my god does that remind me of a few products)
ET the Extraterrestrial: Negative Infinity
Carmaggedon: Either a 40 or an 80 depending on the version of the game you buy
Dishonored: 90 (Yay another 90 plus game)
Dishonored 2: 88 (DotO does not count since it was unfavourable mentioned but it has an 80)
Aggressive Inline: 85
Rayman 3: 76
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness: 52
(Couldn’t find that goofy skateboarding game)


And to continue the list of classic-ish shooters, I’d mention Bulletstorm.

Energy leash and Kick easily outweigh modern day gimmicks like health regeneration. It’s just too fun to kick a mook into a cactus.


Yeah, I’ve heard of Desperados. Wasn’t sure about the western setting but I think I’ll check it out. Project Eden looks interesting too. Thanks.


I know I may be heavily contested on this since it is not a very beloved franchise and its mechanics were simple, but I think Manhunt is a decent title. Purely for the fact that the story was decent and the sheer amount of dialogue, that was idle, ambient and otherwise put into the game.


God Manhunt has been more successful and broadly acclaimed than Jack Thompson.:joy: He spent so long trying to get Rockstar’s games banned only to wind up being banned from his job!


I thought Manhunt got repetitive after a while. It was a cool premise at first but after a while of using the same stealth methods and watching the same takedown animations I just got bored. Maybe there was something I didn’t know about the game that you did.


I totally agree. It had awesome villains and a great, gothic atmosphere. I liked it more than God of War, which was receiving all of the praise from fans and the media at the time.


I think the only game that deserves the title of “underrated” is ET the Videogame I know it was savaged viciously, buried in the ass end of New Mexico and almost ended the entire industry but I think this game deserves more hate.:joy:


I vaguely remember playing that and really enjoying it. Good call.



and later



Yeah, I bought the Dishonored Definitive Edition for PS4 on a whim, because it was on sale, and I didn’t think I’d ever get around to playing it properly. Then I tried it, and it was so good that I stopped playing all of my current-gen games and completed it immediately. And I’ve completed it again since.

I wouldn’t say it’s hugely underrated. It’s praised by its fans, but it is pretty niche (similar to Hitman).


Well if you liked Dishonored

make sure you play the two AMAZING DLCs it has > best DLCs for a game I basically ever played.

Not Dunwal city trials (that’s just challenges) but the story DLCs -> Knive of Dunwall and Bridgemore witches.

IT goes then without saying that Dishonored2 is a must

However Dishonored Death of outsider is meh. They’ve explained the Outsider and utterly ruined the entire mystery =C Feel free to skip that one.


Oh gee a beloved niche stealth game that ruined the mysterious character by overexplaining him I wonder who that reminds me of…