Underrated Video Games


Solid Snake? They should never have told us his name was David at the end of MGS1.

As someone with the same name, it set an impossible bar for me to live up to. I don’t think I’ll ever destroy a nuclear battle tank, defeat a cyborg ninja in hand-to-hand combat, or hide in a box so convincingly.

I joke, I joke. :blush:

(I haven’t completed Hitman 2 yet, but I can guess what you’re getting at.)


Actually with all the nanomachine, FOXDIE and prequel insanity I would say they ruined Solid Snake in a way.


I totally agree.

I love MGS1 and Snake Eater, but MGS4’s plot is insane twaddle, even by Metal Gear standards. And I haven’t even played The Phantom Pain because of how poor the storytelling is supposed to be. I’ve just read up on it and watched a few YouTube clips.

(Yes, I’m aware of the irony of having not played MGS5 but having a Big Boss avatar. lol

I still really like the character from MGS3 and Ground Zeroes.)


It’s not that ironic since it’s Big Boss and not some random medic.


I like it more than even the latest God Of War no joke :joy::joy:.

The latest GOW is great but LOS1 was just ahead of it’s time. The visual variety trumps GoW imho.


You missed out, because it has the best stealth gameplay ever in a 3rd person game. The companion app was integrated well, too.


Except it doesn’t.

The guards are blind, you are forced to pacify everyone cause upgrading your equipment is mandatory and you need staff for that, the second chapter sucks, most gadgets are useless, side quests are much worse even than PW’s ones, the buddies are OP and there is no reason not to use them, bossfights are easily the worst in the series, the Skulls are antonymous of fun, the physics are pretty mediocre, the dynamic difficulty system seems cool but in the end it just means that you have to wait a lot of time to make the game easier or harder and so on. The story is bad as well and so are the cassettes and main missions.


Very true. And that was a major reason I didn’t play the game, even though, as @Nite_Owl says, the gameplay is great. I don’t care about the story of a nobody, I wanted to be the real Big Boss, to experience the evolution of his character from hero to villain. Awful decision by Kojima, IMO; there were better ways to surprise players than that. That’s straight out of the Rian Johnson school of shocking twists.

(OK, I’ll drop this. It’s off-topic and people are bound to disagree. Don’t wanna start a debate. lol)


Better than the third chapter at least chapter 2 exists burn


No it did get a bit repetitive, and the gunplay was out of place. I just think the atmosphere and premise made it interesting and worthwhile. Like I said I am under no illusion it was a stellar game. @Accidental-kills98 Jack Thompson represented every parent ever that screeches in the street about how if you play super mario for too long as a kid you’ll grow up to be a sociopathic plumber who loves killing. God comparing video games to necrophilia, what a piece of work. How did he end up barred?


Oh hey who here remembers the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? Now remember when it got so successful it was being ripped off left right and centre?

Aggressive Inline was one of the best

It was the best because of its fluid controls varied levels and this gem from a time gone from man


Providing false testomony in tribunals and for humiliation and belittling plaintiffs or what ever the term was


From what I read serves him right. He seemed like a prick. :joy:


Trust me icing a parody in GTAIV is more than worth it as well!


Idk if this is underated but it si differently REALLY GOOD:

Btw I only know of the 3. so idk if there is one better one. If so the just the hole Rayman is AWESOME!!!



Nah it’s officially Serious Sam 4


Oh well a belated sequel is still a reboot to be.



It’s the Hitman: Absolution of Tomb Raider in that it’s the “we don’t talk about that game here” game of the series.

It’s unfinished, clunky, missing features from previous games and is at times incredibly buggy. But to be honest it’s My favourite Tomb Raider game

It strays from the formula of the first 5 games quite dramatically. There’s only one real tomb in the whole game lol. But there’s something special about it to me. The mood of the game is really something else, there’s this eerie vibe you get the whole time you’re playing it that’s only enhanced by the horrific imagery/enemy designs and the crazy good story which seems to have quite a bit of lore behind it.

Enemy Images


The soundtrack is nothing short of superb either. As far as I can tell it’s pretty much universally agreed that this game has the best soundtrack in the series.

I still think it’s really cool to see Lara interacting with people in urban settings. All the “open world” areas are quite barren and empty but again, I think this strangely works to the game’s advantage as it adds to the creepy mood of it all.

Lara’s characterisation in this game is a bit… not like the old Lara at all. She usually comes across as a straight up bitch, not the sassy but adventurous and fun Lara from the previous and future games. I think they took the whole “Lara’s gone emo, it’s a really dark side of her we’ve never seen before!” thing a bit too far but it ends up working well for the story.

This game ends on one of the coolest cliffhangers of any videogame I’ve played and I really hope one day this game gets a sequel; though I doubt it will considering it killed Core Design nearly took the franchise with it lol.

I think it’s a game that people should definitely try for a bit. I don’t think everybody will love it but it’s worth trying hey. Only downside is that, since it’s an older game, the PC version is a bit shit and will require some modding and patching to put on par with the PS2 version. Alternatively you could purchase a disc and play it on your legitimate Sony PlayStation 2 console (((emulate))).

9/10 from me, 4/10 from the rest of the world apparently.


This game was the shit



Hey remember that game Black & White, remember when Peter Molenyeux (Yeah spelling is wrong) had a reputation and career? Do you feel old now?