Underrated Video Games


This makes me very happy. As a huge SC fan I always adored PT even more than CT which seems to be the one most people enjoyed the most.


One that comes to the top of my head every single dang time is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

It’s an interesting mystery, has a cool presentation style, wacky memorable characters, fun puzzles and Rube Goldberg machines to solve, great music, and stellar animation for a 2D-esque DS point-and-click.


I might own this (and most the other old Tomb Raider games) on Steam. Thanks for writing and recommending it. I should really get to playing those. I remember AOD looked cool in the ads when t came out and I’m not afraid at all of a series straying from its formula for a game or two. I think of Absolution more fondly by the day…


And if you don’t it should go for really cheap on sale these days. I think I got it on Steam for something ridiculous like $1.50 a couple years ago.

Same here. I’m actually sort of in the mood to go back and see how it is, but I’ve done that multiple times and I realise I had just forgotten about all the bad things about that game and then it all comes flooding back lol. Maybe this time will be different though? :thinking:


Microsoft’s attemp for a mascot in the Xbox was a sweet part of my childhood and the games were pretty fun but pretty hard with the first title and too easy with the second. The OST of the first one is marvelous with the timey tone.


Commandos 2: Men of Courage [PS2] - I played this gem so much as a kid, and was probably my first introduction to a stealth game. So many memories. :+1:


i always prefered the first One, Behind Enemy Lines and i think i would enjoy a Hitman Spinoff in this Style.


Same here. Behind Enemy Lines (and Beyond the Call of Duty) were more challenging, greatly due to the fact it was much harder to take out the reinforcements that would pour out of the barracks after an alarm. In Men of Courage things were made bigger, yes, but also a lot easier.
Men of Courage’s soundtrack is second to none, however. Amazing music.


Another one of mine would be Army of Two (the first one)

Me and buddy had a blast playing that through. It remains one of my favourite co-op games.


I’m sure Blake Dexter and all the gay jokes will still irritate me but I think it could be a lot of fun if I am careful to NOT try to play it like a Hitman game, but just a generic stealth-action title… as in I will be killing a lot of goons… sneakily.


Innocent cops going about their daily jobs as well? ;-(


NO SUCH THING AS INNOCENT COPS… I kid, I kid the police force… no I will only kill the dirtbag NPCs (I’m talking Rosewood, baby).


Yes I thought it was another gung-ho military third person shooter too. Average TPS gameplay but a superbly paced, somewhat depraved, rather horrific yet very compelling story.



Alpha Protocol was all ready mentioned shame if we hit another five more games I will update the list again.


Thanks to this game for introducing to The Black Angels


These James Bond games, while in the very big shadow Goldeneye casts (and rightfully so) they are still quite fun, albeit very difficult. I remember attempting some of these levels hundreds of times due to the clunky controls and half-baked stealth but it still holds nostalgia for me. :cry:


James Bond: Nightfire: Average of 80
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Average of 84
Legends of Dragoon: Average of 71
Alan Wake: Average of 84
Freedom Fighters: Average of 82
TimeSplitters 2: Average of 89
Midnight Club 3: Average of 84
Need for Speed Carbon: Average of 75
Prototype: 79
SC: Pandora Tomorrow: Average of 97 (major outliers on Xbox and Gamecube)
Killzone: 70 (Oh how far they have come)
Dead Space: 87 (the game also won slews of awards)
InFamous Second Son: 80 (yes I am the asshole that loves this game)
Bust-A-Groove 2: 66 (could’t find one, odd since 2 is Japan only)
Mad Max (2015): 72 (George Miller himself was in production on this one)
Horizon Zero Dawn: 89 (That is how far they come)
Fallout 76: 50 (had to meet in the middle for this one)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 83
Sniper Elite 4: 84 (any game that lets me shoot Hitler’s balls is a 10/10 for me)
Urban Chaos: 73
Punisher (2005): 69 (Didn’t know Garth Ennis wrote it)
I am Alive: 73
Binary Domain: 73
SWAT 4: 84
Crash of the Titans: 73 (Dude to my 8yo brain this was the best game)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: 80
Kane & Lynch 2: 64
Sleeping Dogs: 82 (Worlds Second Hing Kong Action Movie)
The Saboteur: 74 Destroy All Humans: 82
The Getaway: 72, 57 (for Black Monday)
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive: 80
Project Eden: 70
Shadow Man: 76 (That is a terrible cover, looks like a bad photoshop job)
Echo: 71
FF 8: 90
The Godfather: 75 (dude, I remember playing the sequel to it. Was am ix of Mafia and GTA VCS)
Heavy Rain: 87 (Jaysooon, Shaaaaun, poorly disguised French accents.)
GTA IV: 98 ( @SeanBernowicz complains about memes in Heavy Rain then brings up GTA IV Bowling and Mass-murder Simulator)
Deadly Premonition: 70 (It is like Twin Peaks but on psychoactive chemicals)
John Woo’s Stranglehold: 79 (The World’s First playable Hong Kong action movie)
The Suffering: 78 (Not bad, I always thought it was too much like Silent Hill)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time: 87 (Oh yeah I remember this one or at least I remember the minigame with Qwark)
Alpha Protocol: 63
Serious Sam: 85 (Hey aren’t they rebooting this one)
(Sorry @Tekno1 neither of your games were scored, but since Town of Salem is based of the Mafia parlour game I dedicate the next one)
Mafia 2: 76
Serious Sam: 86
Blood Videogame: No sourced aggregate rating, reviews I found were positive
Bulletstorm: 83 (Alright one of us at some point has to stop picking Shooters)
Manhunt: 75 (All of that controversy and it was serviceable, my god does that remind me of a few products)
ET the Extraterrestrial: Negative Infinity
Carmaggedon: Either a 40 or an 80 depending on the version of the game you buy
Dishonored: 90 (Yay another 90 plus game)
Dishonored 2: 88 (DotO does not count since it was unfavourable mentioned but it has an 80)
Aggressive Inline: 85
Rayman 3: 76
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness: 52
(Couldn’t find that goofy skateboarding game)
Ghost Trick Phantom Detective: 83 (This game was awesome)
Blinx The Time Sweeper: 71 (It is easy to see why this kitten was drowned)
Commandos 2 Men of Courage [PS2]: 67 (Should have one PC had like an 84 there)
Spec Ops The Line: 76 (Shame more people didn’t play it, or that it was not tinkered with more)
The World Is Not Enough [N64]- 81 (The game did better than the movie but the game is not as fine as Denise Richards was/is)


Balls of Steel

A pinball game by the devs of Duke Nukem. Each table had its unique theme and an abundance of mini games. I literally had months of fun with just the demo version that included only one table.

In the same genre:
Space Cadet



One of my all time favs. Nothing quite like beating the hell out of the competition with a club, chain, your fist or whatever while bike racing.

I’m currently waiting Impatiently as fuck for Road Redemption to come to Xbox one.


I also love classics like NBA Jam for letting you do crazy shit like this. https://youtu.be/5mf98dAnQ88
And old school joints like this. https://youtu.be/G4zEMeRzCHc