Underrated Video Games


Every cunt’s posting all this shit that got like 8 and 9/10’s and calling it underrated lmaooooo. Half of this list is made up of pretty popular/well known games too.

Chimone, Hitman Forum. Step up your game! Have yous not played anything other than GOTY winners in your life?!


Well how about you pick something that fits this criteria, if I recall you have some pick ticket games on this list too. So check yo self befo you wreck yo self fool


Bullllllllllllllshit I do! Only games I submitted were Bust-A-Groove and Tomb Raider 6. One of em’s a game nobody played ever and the other got totally fucked critically lmao


True I was going over the list but Bust-A-Groove I think had good reviews But-A_Move 2 did decent.


In my headcanon, Bust-A-Groove 1 is still a valid choice because nobody talks about it :sunglasses:

Why don’t YOU check yourself before you wreck yourself, ACCIDENTAL_KILLS98, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME


In my my headcanon Aggressive Inline is GOAT becuase nobody but me and Reel Big Fish talk about it.

Also it is my real name Accidental “Danger” Kills the 98th to be exact.:joy:


You should probably look yourself up and see if you’re entitled to a throne somewhere because that shit is impressive-sounding not gonna lie


Thank you the other 97 members died in gun related incidents and warfare. But really my real name is Jack. I have a last name but that is all you are getting from me.


You should change your username to “Jackcidental kills”


Ha Fu-nny, that is terrible even by my standards.


what about Le™ Witcherino™ Tres™: Adventures of Geraldo™? such an underrated gem


Game can be well reviewed and still be underrated. Sales-wise, for example. Or like MGS2 where people ignore the genius story and put MGS1, 3 and 4 over it.


No MGS has an ingenious story. They are all loose collections of memorable moments and characters that are ingeniously thrown together so it passes as a story. All the best dialogue is on the Codec


Not in my headcanon


MGS 2 has one. And codec dialogues are the best in the series.


Oh the codecs are the best in MGS2 especially when the AI Campbell starts going to shit.

But when you have characters like Raiden appear, Snake ripped his code-name off from the character he was ripping off and Fatboy who I could spend hours dissecting my utter contempt of. I doesn’t stack up to me like some of the other games in the series for me.


I did pretty well with my suggestion, Project Eden. Rating of only 70 and not even in this topic people other than me chose to validate it.
Probably the same for Balls of Steel.
So yeah, I’m winning this one. Time to bust up your groove or whatever!
Let me add another one: Gabriel Knight 3.


Well, if you for example think RDR2 is a 10/10 game and it gets a 9 then it’s underrated.


Not according to my rulebook


And where is the line crossing which means a game can now be underrated?