Underutilised Items and Weapons

What do you think are some underutilised items or weapons ? How do you think player might be able to use them to their advantage.
This topic’s purpose is to expand players’ knowledge on how to effectively use their full arsenal. HWK 21 is obviously underused, but it’s useless. So we should discuss actually useful and underused items.
In my opinion, the concept 5 is an interesting weapon, it is extremely powerful with high range, 20 rounds in a mag, and it’s automatic. This weapon could be used to kill many targets in quick succession, distract or panic NPCs, and open doors.

What are your ideas ?

A big chunk of the inventory could fall under the ‘useless’ category if you only have 1 play style the reason I love Hitman and the vast amount of unlocks we get is because if I don’t feel like taking the stealth approach and want to joke around I can. If I want to take my target out with a rusty pirate sword or pacify someone with a feather duster or fish that options also there :joy: for me it’s probably the Assault rifles/shotguns I don’t use a lot but they’re good to look at in my inventory :wink: I just like collecting lol


RFID and Tripwire explosives


Some things are just obsolete compared to other items now. It’s actually easier to list the weapons that aren’t underutilised :sweat_smile:

Like we have a bunch of pistols but the only useful ones really are Striker, Krugermeir, Sieker, Kalmer, Concealable as they serve unique purposes or are the best of their lot

Can’t be bothered to do a list of all classes :sweat_smile:

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Don’t sleep on the f/a stealth

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And the silverballer or black lily but the concealable is useless really.

i love the Kalmer, i kill Robert Knox with this Thing :smile::smile::smile:

around the 8 Minute Mark :smiley:

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Yeah, but what do they have that the Krugermeir doesn’t already do? They’re just silenced pistols

Concealable has a very niche use but at least it’s unique, you can get it through check points

Personally at that point I’d just use a silenced SMG, but I see your point, it does have a feature none of the pistols I listed have so yep, that is a useful gun

Update: Striker, Krugermeir, Sieker, Kalmer, Concealable, F/A

F/A stealth is silenced and can open doors

Who goes through check points anyway though

Yeah, 99% of the time it’s better to sneak around them. But that other 1% is where the concealable shines :wink:

For me it’s just 100% of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also limited ammo makes it meh


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One case where it is better. Isle of Sgail, the tower with the original 5 in, there is a frisk point there and you can go around in but then there’s a window you have to climb through which puts you in a cameras sight line. So shoot out the camera, right? Not with perfect shooter complication on. With that very specific case it’s quickly to go through the frisk point than it is to take out the camera box and go around the frisk point.

It’s very specific but still a 1% :sweat_smile:

Yeah, not great, but sometimes you only need one shot

Sneaking passed isnt your only optional though. Just detonate a duck, guards come running -> no frisking. Much faster so no, going through frisk isnt an option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love bullet distractions so no.

Ps perfect shooter is a shit complication because of that

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I mean fair enough, hitman is a game with many solutions :smile: that’s the joy!

So perhaps to you the Concealable gun is useless but I still think it’s a useful gun and much better than any Silverballer Mk IIs we got

I actually love Perfect Shooter, it’s one of the few complications that changes how you play. Stuff like Targets Only and Do Not Get Spotted are pointless because people should be avoiding those anyway


Hate it because it restricts your gameplay options so much. No knockouts for example is much better

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Fair enough, I love it precisely because it does restrict you. Different strokes though I guess

How do you feel about Hide All Bodies and Headshots Only?

Hide all bodies really depends on the contract. Most are trash, but a few actually made a contract interesting.

Headshots only is almost as bad as perfect shooter, dislike those two heavily


Yeah, I pretty much agree with you on those two :laughing: Now we’ve successfully derailed this thread, let us leave

Mostly any assault rifle or SMG you acquire. With a good chunk of people aiming for SA, these huge clipped behemoths tend to be useless for those play styles unless you plan to have an outfit to carry the rifle with. It’s good to create a lot of noise with, but that’s about it.

Concealable baton I’d say it’s the most useless of the bunch, as you can bring a wrench that can get past frisk points, knock people out and loosen valves.

There’s weapons with no point to bring with you, unless you want to limit yourself on purpose to test strategies.

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