Undiscovered areas bug

I play the Nightcall mission on xbox. When I launch the mission there are no undiscovered areas marked on my map, so I am unable to complete the challenge “discovering Hawke’s bay” as well. On the other hand, there is no such problem when my spouse plays this mission on the same console. I guess, the first undiscovered area (the boat house) is not shown, so other areas are not triggered. How can I fix this?

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Have you checked the map and used the LT and RT to cycle through the levels? There is a key on the map to indicate undiscovered areas. From memory there is one area on the rooftop just next to the bedroom skylight that could easily be missed.

Undiscoverd location and intel shows on the map like this

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Yes, I have checked. When I launch the mission there are no undiscovered areas even mentioned in the map legend, no markers on the whole map. And it also says that there are 0/6 areas discovered in the challenge.

Yes, I know, and yet, there are no such symbols on the map as well as in the map legend (

That means u either didnt complete the mission or you didnt save.
When you are doing a mission which requires x amount of stuff like find 6 apples
If you do 2 of them without exiting the mission, they will reset. Either save and load up that file or exit the mission to have the challenge progress saved.

Some x amount challenges requires you to do all in one go. This has happened for me with challenges like find 5 frogs in Santa Fortuna.

The problem is that I even can’t start the challenge. It just doesn’t trigger. I’ve watched my spouse doing this challenge from his account, and when he started the mission and opened the map there was a marker on the boat house right from the beginning. But not in my case (

Can you screenshot the “discover hawkes bay” challenge progress

I am typing from the phone, so I photographed it. I am sorry in advance for the quality (

This is photo of level 0 (the forum lets me to attach one image per post)

1545860742231-889976934 Level 1.

And level 2. Still no symbol of undiscovered area even in the legend. 1545860830715-300436649

When the name of the areas are written, it means that you discovered that location so its strange that you have 0 in the progress. Restart the game and enter the mission, see if that helps. If not then I dont know.

Oh, I have already done it, before posting here, it doesn’t help. (
Thank you for replying!
I guess it has something to do with the triggering.
I asked for help from Warner brothers official support, so I will post here whatever they reply.
Thank you again!)

No worries. Good luck :slight_smile:

Wow. I guess the discovery challenges ARE buggy. I got issues with Sapienza, others with Paris. Usually missing one. But to show 0 out of 6 with the whole map discovered is quite something. Please post if it changes.

I will! I’ve reported this bug to developer and also asked for assistance from customer service (cause it is said, that the developer just looks through the report without answering), but they are silent for now (

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Having the same issue in Sgail… The challenge says I have 48/49 areas discovered but there is no “undiscovered area” marker in any part of the map, not even in the icon legend on the top left of the map. I also play on PS4 btw

Here’s hoping it gets fixed because being unable to 100% the game due to a buggy challenge is annoying.

Well, the WB support responded. I guess, we just have to wait and hope that they’ll fix this.

While replaying all the challenges for the legacy pack, I got the same bug in Sapienza where I have 1 left to find, yet I don’t see any left on my mini-map

Although, I haven’t played the Source storyline yet, so maybe that’s where the location is, something changed in the map?