Uniformity In Item Names

To piggy back off of another wishlist post I made (Better UI Navigation for Loadouts & Featured Contracts) it would be great if IO could decide on the nomenclature they want to stick with for items. Personally I like the Mk I, Mk II, Mk III approach but we also have some like are V3 or what have you. This is just my ocd bugging me but still.

Extension thought here. I would love if we got proper Mk I, Mk II, Mk III models and variants of every applicable item in the game. Instead of the “2” sticker for Mk II models and many items never getting a proper Mk II and Mk III in the first place.

P.S. I want a Silverballer Mk III if you couldn’t tell. :laughing:


What bugs me is how a lot of the recent new items use “The ___” in their name, so they show up near the end of the menu instead of near the other items that they’re similar to. The Floral Baller should be the “ICA19 Floralballer”, The Ducky Gun should be the “Custom 5mm ‘Ducky’ Edition”, and The White Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle should be the “Sieger 300 White Ruby Rude Edition”. Also, the Striker V3 should be the “Striker Mk. III”


Exactly how I feel about it. Things just feel so messy for it to just be all spread out like that instead of atleast having the mk I mk II and mk III versions of an item next to eachother in ascending order. if not a single “live tile” we can flip through like tabs.

Agree completely on the items mentioned. Just wish they picked a naming theme and stuck with it for better organization. Guess this hasn’t flared up anyone’s OCD over at IO.


Also fixing the “Remote Explosive Rubber Duck Mk II” so that when you’re holding the detonator it’s not identified on the prompt as “Remote Explosive Rubber Duck S2”, which is what has been displayed since H2 released.

It’s always irked me to see that.


Agreed. Just consistency with the naming across every item and piece of equipment would be great. Otherwise things just feel messy and unfinished or worse like it’s all being done by different people who don’t even communicate with eachother. :thinking: