Unlock Ideas for Season 3

Do you have any idea of unlock for Season 3. New guns, new gadgets that give us new way to complete the contract, etc. Just share your idea.


One of the most useful unlocks would probably be some kind of electrical device to throw in puddles. Atm there are quite some puddles without an electric wire in it. Should open up some options


Tranquilliser gun. 2 or 3 shots, short range, and suspicious, but a longer range than other non-lethal melee weapons.


Oh, and the camera idea from another thread (sorry, I forgot whose idea it was)


A throwable sticky camera similar to the one in the Splinter Cell series would be amazing. You could set up a trap and then trigger it with perfect timing from the other side of the map as you watch the whole scene unfold through the camera.

Honestly within the first few suggestions in this thread there are already better ideas than what I could have thought of. I think a small drone would be very cool, but that idea was already used in Splinter Cell Blacklist so it’s not really something I though of.


Well, here were my ideas in the Season 2 suggestions topic:

New items

  • Binoculars: Nice non-suspicious way to look at things from afar.
  • Chloroform: Auto drags like the fiber wire, but non-lethal.
  • Mini-drone: Mobile camera, fly-sized, so too small to be seen by guards (less programming that way).
  • Flash Grenade: Makes enemies unable to spot you for a few seconds, counts as an explosion.
  • Stink bomb: Makes NPCs leave an area, but silent and less suspicious
  • Kevlar vest: For the direct approach. Lost on costume change.
  • Ammo pouch: Start with full ammo for all gun types.
  • Tranq gun: Silent, target drops unconscious on the spot after a few seconds.
  • Tranq rifle: Same thing, but larger and with a scope, cannot be concealed.
  • Hunting Crossbow: Silent and deadly.
  • Pen gun: single shot, non-reloadable, but neither detected during frisk nor suspiscious.
  • Flintlock pistol: loud, single shot, inaccurate and slow to reload, but vive la révolution!
  • Watch: Lets time move faster. Useful for waiting for everyone get in just the right position.
  • Door Jammer: Prevents people from walking in on you. Maybe too good?
  • Modern sedative syringe: To complete the set.
  • Dance syringe: Hallucinogenic drug that makes the target dance, dance, dance!
  • Rocket Launcher: For the less subtle approach.
  • Revolvers!
  • Bolt-action rifles!
  • Break action shotguns!

I really like the rocket launcher for the VERY noisy approach. I can only imagine the future videos.

EDIT: some of my wishes were granted for season 2. I struck those out.


A set of grenades /mines with a knock-out gas.One remote controlled, one proximity controlled as well as a duck variation for each of them. Could be useful if you need to take out a bunch of NPCs standing close together. Like a target with bodyguards.

Maybe electric stun gun?

What is this s**t? We need Desert Eagle, revolver, dual ballers, and kevlar.


I wonder what the landslide unlock will be. Probably just a reskin, hopefully a new item all together.

I suppose will be only one unlock like the other 2 missions, i just hope in something nice.

The problem here is too much splinter cell, and we are forget hitman contracts. I hate splinter cell, i hate games without blood.

Everyone’s tacitly requesting the briefcase, right?

Anyway, I’d like a squirt gun (or suit rose) that will make people follow you angrily for a few seconds, similar to how suspicious bumping was, but for less time.


Ok for the kevlar, but to much tranq stuff, 47 is a killer, not a employee in a sanitarium.

Blood and dual weapons, no briefcase in silent assassin, difficult but is ok.

Ok for binouculars, but also the NWES tool dont remember the word in english, im good in pasta not in english.

Rifle case
flash bangs
tranq gun would be nice too

Bring back other items to garrote people. Power chords, measuring tape etc. Especially handy in levels where you can’t have any weapons from the start (Hokkaido).


Yes, a distraction item like the Apricots, but you start with 5 instead of 3.


It has 5


Can’t be re-used, they destroy after being thrown.

Can’t be placed on the ground to distract people (they ignore it).

I’d say it can be pretty balanced, it’s not better than the coin, but there will be situations where you’ll want this instead of coins, so you’d have to make choices (like Kruger vs Silverballer), which is what makes for a good unlockable.


My wish list

Trip mine
Land mine
Grenade launcher
Explosive watch
Explosive teddy bear
Explosive cat
Explosive dog
Explosive catdog
Explosive goose