Unlock Ideas for Season 3

In relation to the famous toaster kill in bathtub we never saw lol

How about a Sanguine brand blow dryer as an unlock?

Can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Cause a distraction.

  • KO NPC’s

  • Fiber Wire with cord (when equipped from behind.)

  • Electric shock kill

  • Maybe have a special kill for a certain target that would use one. (Dump water inside and wait for target to pick it up and turn it on.)

And another…
(Charlie Chipmunk brand :wink:)

We could have a certain target (where it would mention in their bio) where they are severely sensitive to spice, or maybe have an allergic reaction to it where it would be lethal for just them.)

Then, for other people it could just be used similar to emetic poisons, but instead, they would scream (once consumed) and RUN to the nearest sink to get water…

Random one (could be found around the environment in certain maps.)

Cactus Plants (Lethal Melee)

Animation would be just one — smash in their faces, or you can throw it.



Barb wire baseball bat
Lethal melee

Standard wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Will eliminate anyone when swung or thrown.

Brass Knuckles Lethal / Non lethal

Made of Brass. Can be used to Knock out or eliminate NPC’s. (for example PS4)

When equipped…

  • Triangle: to kill — animation of 47 throwing 5 punches.

  • Square: To KO — animation of 47 throwing a powerful single blow.

IO Interactive shopping bag

Standard plastic bag. Can be used to suffocate NPC when equipped from behind.

Rainbow Marbles (Corkey The Clown edition)

Marbles. Can be used as a distraction when thrown. NPC’s can also slip on them causing them to be knocked out.


Can be used as a distraction or to KO NPC’s… Only 5 shots. (Or an additional 5 (10) if Marbles are also in your inventory

Bow & Arrow
A traditional bow and arrow (Only 2 Shots) Lethal melee.

Molotov Cocktail

Burn NPC’s to death when thrown.

Throwing Knives

Simple throwing knives. Lethal melee when thrown (Only 3)


A Flamethrower. “An ammo bar” (green-yellow-red) decreases from 100 - 0 while pressing the trigger/fire button. No refills. Also, if 47 is shot while weapon is equipped, it will cause an explosion resulting in death (mission failed)


Lethal melee. Loud and slightly slows 47 down when equipped. Also, Everyone is an enforcer while equipped regardless of disguise.

Bear Trap

When “set” in shrub, the bear trap will kill any NPC that steps on it. Will not work if trap is set out in the open. If spotted out in the open, guards will disengage the trap and take it to nearest weapon supply spot.


Couldn’t be too hard. Take the bat from the Mills Reverie, give it axe animations and make it lethal. Boom!

Oh please, just make it non-concealable (except in briefcase) and illegal

If it was completely silent (no weapon discharge near you, but thrown weapon volume at target) and had arrow drop like Kalmer shots I could see its use. Need to take out a target from a range but don’t want someone nearby to hear the shot?

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This is Negan’s Lucille from Walking Dead.

Personally I don’t want such an obvious intervention of other games/movies/ips in HITMAN.
HITMAN must be and remain unique.
I agree to have this bat as a reference Easter Egg, but not as a permanent weapon

And yet it’s already there :wink:


Unlock ideas:

explosive usb key: something like replacing cigarette with joints, but upon using this would explode instead of pacify

emetic rubber duck: it would work like the emetic gas mines, but in a duck. So placing them would not raise suspicion, and it would be proximity activated

hallucinogetic pills: upon consuming/injecting, the person would either attack others (resulting gunned them down by guards), or would commit (not deliberate) suicide. (something like Layla did in Absolution)

taser: (this would require to implement the taser in general) but when a guard (or a target) try to use it, it would incapacitate them. (for a few seconds , that would give an oppurtunity for a neck snap)

electric crowbar: no more hacking keycards(x3) , the crowbar would send an electric impulse, letting to pry open an electric door. (would cause suspicion, when noticed)

emetic suitcase: upon frisking, it would spray emetic gas to the guards face, letting you to carry illegal items trough the friskpoints

explosive watch: discreet, small but effective. Better than the explosive phone, since it would generate just a little noise. (like npcs can notice it, but wouldn’t do anyting to investigate it, if the execution not happened near them)

Anything that allows more fire kills, like canister or bottle with gasoline.
Possible usages:

  1. You can spill gasoline on the ground, creating a puddle. You know what happens next - NPC throws a cig, or taser/EMP goes off - spark and a person is on fire. You can drag unconscious bodies in those puddles or create them on spot, and burn pacified NPC. Hm…
  2. Hell, it might be even possible to create a line/trail of gasoline. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it called in English, but just remember ending of Die Hard 2 and you’ll know what I mean. How does this work - “Open the Canister/Bottle” prompt and while you are walking around, a nice trail of gasoline spills.
  3. Throw it? With a Molotov style “explosion” of fire.
  4. Pacify NPC, as if it was blunt melee. Or even unique animation, when 47 punches poor fellow, pours gasoline on them, lights them up.

Canister and bottle might have different characteristics. Canister is easy to find on any level, contains more gasoline but cannot be concealed. Bottle is unlockable, concealable, but doesn’t pass frisk. Or does.

Another idea…

Any type of assault rifle with a bayonet attached.


Bayonet animations can be very similar to using a sword. If you are face to face with an enemy, 47 can just slash them with it. If you use the bayonet from behind, 47 could stab them in the back of the head where the blade comes through their mouth.

Could come in handy when you’re in a firefight and run out of ammo…

Or a shotgun with an axe bayonet. This one could have the same exact animation that the fire axe currently has…

And finally, a rifle with a grenade launcher… could have 2 types (Frag - Flash) But only can hold 2 grenades.


Or just have an RBG-6 grenade launcher (holds 6. No refills.)

Could maybe come in handy in say Contracts Mode, where there are multiple targets very close together…?

A tranquilizer Sniper could come in handy to…


Maybe a special “electric” Fiber Wire?
(Of course it would have shock resistant handles)


Something like buttons on the top of the handles 47 would press to release the electricity in the wires

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I DEMAND the “T-bone” of a porterhouse steak with this EXACT animation when 47 uses this “melee”

@Chef-assassin something tells me you could appreciate a weapon such as this :wink: :cut_of_meat:


Flammenwerfer need I say more?

Oh Yes That would be different. What a brutal way to kill someone.

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Haha yeah, could you imagine eliminating “The Chef” Elusive Target, or “The Food Critic” with that? Lol how fitting it would be.

I just miss how in previous titles like Contracts and BM, 47 would have animations with certain melees (knife, meat cleaver) where he would do multiple blows with the weapon on the target… now, it’s just like one stab, done. The animations are too quick and limited now.


Bulgarian umbrella for poisoning

Double barreled, Double Mag, AR:

Unorthodox underbarrel 357 magnum:

Zero Recoil 9mm pistol:

A miniaturized Laser Trip and/or Remote Misznay-Schardin device.

The logic is that you have a charge inside a drum with the drum’s face being composed of a soft metal, usually copper. The charged explosive launches the copper plate which deforms into the shape of a dart or missile and basically spears through substances at incredibly high speeds measured in thousands of meters per second.

So basically this would function as a wall-planted stationary Striker pistol where firing it cannot be blamed on 47. Of course planting it and being seen holding it would be illegal

The explosion from the launching charge would count as a “gunshot” rather than an explosive and the copper bullet would function as a Striker bullet would. Critically the gunshot would not be counted against the player. So it would be as if a 3rd person or NPC fired a gun - with the force and power of a Striker pistol.

Uses would include:

  1. Place it at head level. Target can be shot in the head remotely, or be instantly killed if they stand in front of a trip wire equivalent. If planted correctly such as on a wall or door facing a balcony, the Target can even be flung over the balcony for instant body disposal after the gunshot.

  2. Place at an angle to shoot down a chandelier triggered remotely (Remote) or with an innocent coin toss (Laser) for Accident Kill. Aim for the chain or the winch, either would work.

  3. Place at an angle to penetrate and explode gas canisters without needing to arrange for them to leak gas first and without need of a breaching charge.

  4. Place it at foot level and cause the Target to fall over once in pain. Place it near a cliff or the edge of a pool and you could cause a Falling Accident.

  5. Use as a remote triggered gunshot and bullet impact distraction to make guards go far away.


Maybe someone else had this idea, , but I got an idea, inspired by the consulate in marrakesh:

A special briefcase, that stops the metaldetectors to scan its content aka smuggling guns trough checkpoints. Ofc, that would mean, as a new feature, there would be metal gates. (In a location such as a lab, or skyscraper, metrostation, museum, airport etc.)

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How about a glass shard if you break a window?


“We can do this all day. We got plenty of windows!”