Unlock Ideas for Season 3


A large Shopping and entertainment center :подмигивание:


Something like the explosion golf ball, explode when throw but it’s the illegal item.


U’wa Tribe poison. I don’t know if that would work or make any sense, but it would be hilarious as fuck (if it worked in the same way as in Absolution).


This would be neat. There is one puddle you can make in Colorado by activating a sprinkler. Directly above there are two lights, highlight link other interactable objects would. Sadly there is no way of dropping them in some way and use that puddle for electrocution. A real bummer since Penelope goes through that area.


Also IOI, please add Nitroglycerin as a unlock! Such a fun thing to toy with since it can be affected by NPC actions.


I missed this topic when it was first posted. Here’s a list of tools I made a while back. Some of these have been already mentioned in this thread. I think they’re all pretty reasonable to implement.

  • Tranq rifle. Sniper, single shot.
  • Puddle electrifying device.
  • Remote lighter. Unsuspicious when placed, can be triggered to light oil slicks or ignite explosives.
  • Chloroform. Use the ‘place’ command to pour it on a flat surface. If an NPC keeps their head within its radius for five seconds, they fall unconscious. (If they pass through the radius for less than five seconds, they just comment on the smell.) Head-height is too distant from the floor to work: you need to put it on a counter where an NPC lingers or on the floor where an NPC crouches.
  • A lethal poison gas version of the above.
  • An item that is a fast melee knockout (like a pool ball) but that is lethal when thrown.
  • The reverse: an item that is a knockout when thrown but lethal in melee.
  • Camera scrambler. Can’t be caught on cameras when carried.
  • A hidden pistol (like a watch or ring or flashlight pistol) that is unsuspicious while being aimed.
  • Audio distraction device that doesn’t count as contraband and doesn’t make civilians get guards (Like a phone that doesn’t explode when picked up.)
  • Syringe/consumable that makes people woozy and lightheaded. They’ll go outside to get some air, hanging out by a window or balcony ledge if one is available. If they can’t get outside quickly, they’ll eventually find a (possibly secluded) corner and pass out.
  • A pistol that can fire a single remote audio distraction dart.
  • Laser tripwire. Can be attached to surfaces like a breaching charge, and then tied to a remote. When the laser is crossed, the remote is activated. (Lots of fun machines to be built using these!) Alternately, laser tripwire versions of the audio distractions, the phone, and the remote bomb.
  • Comms hijacker. When used, briefly disables nearby cameras, opens electronic doors, and emits an ear-splitting squeal into the headsets of nearby guards. Any NPCs in range wearing a headset are disoriented and double over in pain, allowing you to pass by.


I think we need binoculars, an unsilenced silverballer, anesthetic and dual silverballers.
I also think that if a currency system comes (which I think is necesary), a system like the Codename 47 one would be cool. It consisted in paying everytime you wanted to take weapons or gear to the mission. It gave the idea of the ICA providing your equipment.
Besides this, I think the limited slots for small equipment is absurd. I’d like to see that removed, or them adding the fiberwire, binoculars and lockpick constantly in 47’s inventory


remote poison duck
remote emetic duck
remote sedative duck


It’d be pretty neat if we could remove/add the suppressor to the silverballer.


kevlar vest and painkillers + adrenaline.




I’m new to the Hitman forum, although I’ve been playing Hitman since “Codename 47”. I’ve no idea if this has been mention or brought up regarding fresh ideas and old gameplay mechanics that should probably return to the series for Season 2, so I apologize in advance if there’s already a topic, especially if I’m repeating any obvious ideas.

Thoughts are welcome. I hope IOI are reading, even though I’ve mentioned it on their Facebook page, IOI and the Hitman page.

Old Gameplay Mechanics
DISARMING NPCs: If I remember correctly, Contracts and Blood Money allowed you to disarm an NPC that was pointing a weapon at you. I think this should return in Season 2, perhaps best used when you’re performing a “Fake Surrender” via the melee quick-time combat by simply pressing, say, the B button. As much as I’m enjoying and loving the current instalment of Hitman, I always found this bizarre as to why an NPC would suddenly engage in melee combat despite pointing a shotgun at you. lmao!

SILENCERS and 47’s BRIEFCASE: This is pretty obvious. The ability to add or take off a silencer. Why not? :slight_smile: Bring back 47’s beloved briefcase. Why show it off if we can’t even have it…?..

Perhaps there’s a certain way to be able to smuggle particular items depending on the Master Level achieved…?.. So a lower level can only, say, smuggle a pistol through security (via hidden compartment in the briefcase). When you’ve achieved maybe a higher level of Escalation Contracts, you can smuggler larger items like an assault rifle or a sniper rifle. Thoughts?

WEAPONS: This might just be me, but a better variety of weapons across the game would be nice. It seems weird that whatever country your mission takes place, you’re encountered with the exact same pistols and shotguns and assault rifles equipped by NPCs. Bring back the Glocks, Berettas, SIGs, SPAS 12 etc. It might not mean much to other players, but it was simply a more stronger variety, I felt, in hostile encounters. I know it’s not much of a shoot 'em up, but hey. :stuck_out_tongue:

TROPHY/WEAPONS ROOM: This idea has probably surfaced already, and if you’ve played previous instalments, you know why I mean.

ARRESTED AND DETAINED: Perhaps rather than immediately engaging in melee combat suddenly, why can’t 47 allow himself to be arrested and taken to a holding cell, which he can escape (conveniently). In the current Hitman game, you can actually leave a weapon for an NPC to find and take, which unlocks a trophy/achievement for “smuggling” a weapon best security should you wish to need to be frisked without a concealed sidearm being found. This pretty much allows an NPC to take a much needed weapon passed security for you. :wink: Why can’t you get arrested, and then be taken passed heavy security also? Perhaps it can’t always be used, but it’s a fresh idea for Hitman, in my opinion. Thoughts?


I sure would like the hideout/gun room to come back in some form.


For an explosive device I was thinking some kind of wind-up toy that explodes when picked up or stopped, like a duck or something that walks in small circles. That way it would double as a sound distraction too! Guard hears the toy, goes to inspect, picks it up and BOOM!! :sunglasses:


TEAR GAS - Thrown. Causes NPCs to flee affected area immediately. Gas disperses after a pre-set time. Once gas disperses security comes running to investigate. Should unlock with a GAS MASK for 47 to use.

FLASH-BANG - Thrown. Blinds and deafens NPCs within affected area for a pre-set time.

HALLUCINOGEN - Vial/Syringe. Causes affected NPC to behave erratically drawing attention and (possibly gunfire) from guards. Affected NPC might also behave self-destructively (run off cliff, grab live wires etc).


Sticky Breaching Charge


I do like the idea of a sticky bomb, could lead to some interesting strategies (e.g. throwing them onto chandalears for a falling accident kill.)


@Travis_IOI probably read this and thought “What if I put it as a reward in Landslide mission disguised as a shitty unlock?”


A container of theater blood, so 47 can make fake pools of blood to distract guards.

  • because in S2 blood will make people suspicious :nerd_face::syringe:


Please make it on pro mode


Subdue/sleep system should be redesigned.

Subdue - should pacify target only for few moments (maybe 30 sec. max), but after NPC should be suspicious.
Chloroform - should be a tool to control how much time we want to pacify target (one charge = 60 sec, two charges = 120 sec etc, max 5), but NPC will be unsuspicious - after.
Sedative Vial - put a sleep NPC for unlimited time, NPC unsuspicious - after.
Sedative Syringe - put a sleep NPC for unlimited time, NPC suspicious - after.

Also - they shoudl change variety of weapon models, fore example sniper rifles or shotguns all looks that same - leave mechanic, change “model” of weapon. Of course you can do tha easily.

@Travis_IOI maybe you’ll consider that change in Season Two?