UNofficial HITMAN 2 Themed Contracts - AUGUST

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I love me some edgy memes but I think a better idea would be for us as a community to pick our favourite Contracts from the previous thread maybe via process of elimination?

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Sure! Why not? It definitely sounds interesting. We could do that too. Then I suppose we could keep this thread in order to propose our own Monthly Themes for others to follow.

I think deliberately trying to stir people up probably isn’t a smart option in the current political climate. Especially not in this forum. Politics is just brands vs brands now, sometimes literally, it’s best not to stir the pot

Well, my intention is simply satire, but the mods are free to delete this entire thread at anytime I guess. I won’t complain.

That was quick! The thread didn’t even last for 1 hour! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I knew it would happen. Not to get all political but it’s best not to spark debate in either side. “Fandoms” tend to promote group mentality and similar thinking anyway, combine that with politics and you split people in two

i actually like the idea of an unoffical contracts thread, but this monthly theme is just… bad.

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That shit isn’t gonna fly here.

I don’t see this going in any productive direction.