Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


since the last thread ended in a trainwreck i’d thought i’d give this topic another chance.

this is the thread where you post any opinions that are unpopular within the hitman community. (ex. “Absolution is the best hitman game”)

i will start:


just kidding of course. absolution did many things wrong such as the disguise system and the story, but it did a lot of things right too.

it made sense that 47 hated the way the doctors treated him in romania. before codename 47 he beat the crap out of the doctors who put syringes on him, and later in codename 47 we actually kill one of them. so i can see 47 having compassion for victoria, because she was going through what 47 was going through. it was just badly executed because 47 looked like a wimp when he pointed the gun at victoria, and made that stupid face.

everyone says absolution is not a hitman game, and hated the linear maps in absolution. but not every map is a linear “go from A to B” map. maps like streets of hope, vixen club and king of chinatown are where absolution is a true hitman game, because you actually have targets to kill and a sandbox map, like traditional hitman games.

the interpretation of dom osmond’s death in the legacy trailer was so badass. my favorite scene in the trailer.

the gunplay is the best in the hitman series. no argument is needed i think.

i also love how in this game, 47 actually wants to kill people, and he is killing his own targets and working on his own, where before, 47 would just kill whoever paid him to kill, and did not want to unless he was rewarded. for example, nobody asked 47 to eliminate limpdick lenny’s gang; he did it by his own free will. hell, in absolution it’s 47 who gives the briefings of the missions, not diana (or agent smith.)

also when he shoots diana, it was the first time he actually questioned what he was doing, where before, he would not ask any questions about his job and do what he was paid to do.

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The remake of Traditions of the Trade is better than the original.


No matter what, Absolution has the best gun design and the most satisfactory shooting mechanics in the whole franchise.
On the unpopular opinions part, I really came to like the new animations for the Fiber Wire. They aren’t too defined like the previous ones but they really fit with the gameplay where you have to be constantly moving to avoid detection. Can you imagine how unreliable those cool (but time consuming) animations from previous games would be for many of the contracts that involve the fiber wire?


I love the mission Plutonium Runs Loose from C47. It’s usually hated because it’s really frustrating, but beating it for the first time was such a joy…

I also started to enjoy the mission At The Gates from SA a bit more. Yeah, it has many problems, but the atmosphere is great.


It’s just an unpopular opinions thread… I won’t get angry… I won’t…


Hitman Blood Money is the weakest link in the chain, also when you consider the 2016 movie into ones equations.

Okay the movie being better then Blood Money is just to add more fire. but BM is defiantly the worst game in the series


I prefer Contracts over Silent assassin and Hitman 2016 because the vibe in Contracts is better. But BM is my no. 1


A Glided Cage is better than World of Tomorrow :innocent:


Apparently wanting them to rerun the Elusive Targets for people who missed them, but still keeping the whole “you get one shot at getting them” element so that those that would be playing it for the first time could unlock the rewards while still having the pressure to finish it successfully and even more pressure to do it with an SA rank. Some people are just fine with others not getting to even have a classic looking 47 suit since they decided to only give a gloved version of his suit (or three) as rewards for ETs.

Outside of that, I think most of my opinions are rather similar to a lot of people. Blood Money is my overall favorite mostly because it’s the game I started with though it isn’t without faults. It’s a bummer that every mission takes place in the US except for one mission, A Vintage Year. In that regard, the previous games were better for having the globetrotting angle.

Silent Assassin is amazing and significantly tougher to get into but because of the way the disguise system works, I found myself walking a lot more which felt so much more natural than running around like in Blood Money. Giving us a run button actually means I end up walking more than in Blood Money because it’s hard to keep the thumbstick steady at the walking pace on a controller if there’s no difference if you do or not.

Contracts has my favorite level of difficulty – it’s a little easier to the get hang of compared to SA but is also more challenging than BM.

I want the briefcase to come back in the new game and even for a dual version of the Silverballers since it’s iconic. I never even really used the latter except for playthroughs where I just gun everyone down but still.

I think the new game actually feels like Hitman again and aside from some quibbles, I’m son happy at the almost complete 180 from Absolution. They took the best parts from Absolution (garrote-to-drag body, Contracts mode, the cover system) and implemented them into the philosophy of the old games (large open sandbox missions, generally just going after targets with a loose story to comment things and keep you interested, etc.)

Other than that, I’m sure I love most of the fan favorite levels and hate the hated levels.


Well, Curtains Down takes place outside of US as well… :sweat_smile:


Oh, shoot, you’re right. My bad. And that’s one of my favorite missions!!! Gah. Those are the only two right? It seems so weird to have so many missions in the US and just like two somewhere else. Strange. That mission is also wonky because it connects to Hitman: Contracts and is thus sort of like a prequel/flashback mission… which is compounded by the fact that Contracts was made up of pretty much all flashback missions whether they were remade missions or new haha


I don’tm want the briefcase to be in this game, carring the sniper would be OP, the fact that only guards can carry makes it a fun puzzle, especially on pro mode where no one can carry it huehue


I think Codename 47 had the best Weapon Menue, Money System, Story and Hell, even the Name in the Franchise.

…and the jungle rocks!


Unpopular opinions.

Absolution is better than SA, not as a Hitman game, but as a game in general.


Confronting Jordan Cross is unprofessional and risky. Aside from my empathy with Jordan (we’re both homicidal white dudes with daddy issues and a bad haircut), that’s why I don’t like the kill. Sure, you have him at gunpoint in his room, but if Jordan screams for help and/or runs, the kill would have been missed and 47 would blow his cover. I would have preferred it if the glass partitions blocked you out of Jordan’s sight, so you could shoot him through the glass.


The chameleon was the best et of the season.


Don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but HITMAN 2016 doesn’t feel like a true Hitman game to me. I just don’t get the same feeling from it as I do from the other games.


Could be the time scale, Blood Money was released almost 10 years before Hitman Episode One came out, which in game terms is pretty big, with Blood Money being PS2 era and HITMAN being PS4 era.


I know that it has all the big updates for it being on next gen consoles, but still. When I play the older Hitman games, I get a rush of adrenaline, and I am very nervous, even when I know the maps and layout. However, I don’t get that “Hitman Rush” that I do when I play Hitman 2016, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Hitman 2016 just doesn’t get me the same way the older games do.