Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


-I like new Diana
-I like Absolution
-I’ll be happy if we have a chance play as Diana and Victoria in H3.
-I hate subdue mechanic is very short
-I’ll say ok if Diana and 47 getting married and adopt Victoria

I’m feeling myself as an ET now, Pls don’t kill me :rofl:.


Honestly, the only major bug I ran into so far was the broken trespassing/suspicion mechanics and the Sniper thing and in other instances a lot of the ambient sounds gets completely cut off but some of the sounds still remain and a few other nitpicks. Beyond that, I really haven’t seen any bugs at all.

Also, people saying Season 1 is more polished and “finished” than Season 2 are comparing the current version of Season 1 with the current version of Season 2.

Back when the first episode was out in 2016 it was not only buggy but really unfinished as well which is why complaints stating "S1 is more polished and finished than S2!!’ is a bit baffling to me.


That’s the level of
“Oh, hi 47. Anyway, how’s your sex life?”


Have you ever played Hitman 2 Silent Assassin? Or seen the beta end for contracts? Or the end of codename 47??

He has questioned his job many times.


That’s fair enough, and acceptable point of view.

What if in two years the game remains the same?
You will still find an excuse to defend such behavior?

I wish i’m wrong, and i’ll be the first one giving apolologies if that’s the case. But seeing how it went with Hitman 2016, how downgraded this sequel is compared to the 2016 (cutscenes, lightning, etc), i highly doubt it…

Remember that the same thing happened with HITMAN 2016 and at this day, despite being patched thousand times, the game stills bugged and glitched :confused:

Also, as i said it on many posts, this is Early Impressions, i’m totally aware that game just released and needs updates. But i just couldn’t pass through such behavior.

Cya on Definitive Edition release then?


Hopefully that’s not the case, hopefully all the major SA bugs will be patched then lmao. I definitely know the game will most likely be significantly improved by say, 2 years, but anything could happen. So far the only bugs I’ve experienced in Hitman 2 were the SA bugs, but Im almost positive they’ll be fixed in the December Patch.

Something that’s beneficial to Hitman 2 over the episodic model of Hitman 2016 is that all of the levels are already out, in a way. The bugs are already apparent and found, and they don’t arise with every location dlc.

Ok speaking of unpopular opinions: I regret voting Team Pen for the Undying ET. While the pen is cool from a contextual perspective, it’s more so a gimmicky item and, if Im honest, I kind of want the headphones.


‘The Crows’ is a lazy name for the Maelstroms gang since there’s only one Crows gang.


Out of all possible names, they choose this. Little disappointed in you IO. :frowning:


Actually in Hindu mythology crows represent the triumphs of collective good and the need for self-sacrifice for a common goal. As well as charitable acts even in death.

Far more rich that some silly pun. Should have called the level Party Animals


i also dont get why they didnt used the Indian Word for “Crow“ or something else.

Edit: @IndianAgent47 what do you think? and whats the indian Word for Crow?


It’s ‘Cauaa’ :smiley: My guess is it sounds weird and not as badass as Crows so they didn’t use it :joy:


still better than Crows, first because as @Danger_dog_guy_7 pointed out, we allready had Crows in BM and second it reminds me of that Edgy Movie with Brandon Lee.


I think IoI (IO Interactive) should change their name because every time I mention them people think I’m laughing out loud.



20 charactersssssssssssss


its a collectathon…


annnnnd 2016 is context sensitive… no pushing people whenever you want, no human shields, and thrown items go through environment to reach targets (homing)


Playing through Season 1 in HITMAN 2 again I realized something:
I want those animated cutscenes from HITMAN 2 for Season one. The CGI is really bad in some instances.

Like … reeeaaaallly bad.



Give example pls.


The scene after beating the final test where Soders tells Diana to get out of his sight (or so): bad.

The scene in the car where Shadow Client wants „teh keeeh“ looks bad.

I‘ll update this after finishing season one again I am only up to Marrakesh right now. But the cutscenes look strange, like washed out. It‘s pretty hit and miss in my eyes. shrug


You need to get your eyes checked fam

But thats your opinion so…


Nope! Soders lip synch in the training cutscenes is woeful especially after the Freeform and Final Tests.