Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


I think it’s something you need to accept, yes.

Funny how there’s a thread for “Hitman Waifus” in which people fawn over Diana but they can’t tolerate her speaking for any length of time. Speaks volumes about how some people see women I guess!


I doubt the fawners are the same group of people as those who want her to shut up honestly :wink:
Also, I’m not sexist and my complaint has got nothing to do with her gender. If that was a male voice I would feel exactly the same.


Lol you are getting really ridiculous now. It has nothing to do with her gender, but solely with her talking way too much.

It was fine in 2016 and noone complained then, but in 2018 its just way too much.

Its also ridiculous that you dont want others to have the option to mute her, how would that even affect you lol


I think Diana is pretty bad waifu material (that’s my unpopular opinion to stay on topic). She’s too dedicated to her job. I think her partner would always play a weak second fiddle to the ICA. She’d be the equivalent of a business-oriented man who always has to leave the dinner table to take a call or who goes missing for weeks at a time on important errands, and she’d probably end up deciding the whole relationship was unsustainable and call it off. I think that, compared to her work, her relationship would ultimately bore her.

I think there’s a reason Diana and 47 get along so well: They’re not that different.

And, as 47, I generally like hearing Diana speak (also unpopular among some players), but I also acknowledge this argument:

So I support adding the option to either mute Diana or reduce the amount of advice she gives the player.


jesus christ talk about an unpopular opinion.

the reason i can’t stand diana in season 2 is because she always treats the player like an idiot. she repeats clues that the player has already found out themselves from listening to conversations or reading documents. she insists on holding your hand when you want to figure out things on your own. (lucas grey does the same shit.)

the reason people didn’t mind her in season 1 is because she usually just announces when the target is dead and that’s it. annoying to some people, but tolerable.

i don’t drool over her (or any other character) being waifu material, either.


Nobody said you had to like it. It’s the unpopular opinion thread, not the Fortheseven approved opinion thread.

Also Dutch people can’t hold their beer and speed running is a waste of time


True, IMO.

Also true.

And that’s why I’m being all Switzerland and not liking comments or taking sides too strongly. :smile:

I guess this thread dies if people stick to saying agreeable things.


I think everyone can agree on that!


A comment I can safely like. Nice. :sweat_smile:


I’d outdrink you any day of the week lol.


People did complain in 2016 about Diana.

The only time I’ve ever been annoyed by Diana is her telling me about the Kashmirian just as I. Entered the Chawls.


Probably, cuz I quit drinking. But have fun dying after 2 beers m8 :smiley:


A Brit that stopped drinking?:smiley: Now i’ve seen everything


I’m a Brit that never started drinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I have a problem with it; just never liked the taste.


I’m done with crowded levels. IO seems to know what kind of level we want when talking about design but they keep making it party or special even kind of levels. It’s been too long since we got a quiet, dark, eery level with just a few NPC’s and NO crowd.


Hawkes bay is exactly that, and its by far the worst level out of season 1 and 2 combined. So nah completely disagree


The always Hostile Environment level idea in Colorado was a good change of pace.


I agree, I want that, too, Danger Dog Guy.

I also agree with that, but I don’t think it’s because it’s a darker, eerier, less populated map; those are all pros, IMO. Its sole problem is that it’s a quasi-tutorial instead of a properly developed map.

It if just had more stuff going on and more areas to explore it could quickly go from being one of the worst locales to one of the best.


Hawke’s Bay doesn’t have a sole problem, it has several. There barely being any npc’s (which ties together with there only being 1 disguise) is one of those problems.

They would have to redesign the entire map from scratch in order for it become a good map. The target’s route is horrible and linear. It only has 1 exit which is heavily scripted and boring. Only 1 disguise. No contracts mode. Npc’s not appearing right from the start.

All huge problems that ensure this map is completely trash


I meant to encompass all of those kinds of issues by saying it’s not a properly developed map.

Better development would see an increase in disguises, items, opportunities and NPCs with interesting behaviours.

The point I was making is that the atmosphere and lack of dense crowds aren’t the map’s problem.