Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


No it isn’t. The lack of npc’s is. Together with the long list of huge problems. I don’t see this map being saved unless it gets a complete overhaul, which is very unlikely. So it will remain the worst map out of season 1 and 2.


Totally agree. The map’s a wasted opportunity in its current form. I’d like to see it get a major upgrade.


I’m still kinda pissed that they wasted one of the 6 maps on catering to new players. The tutorial missions of 2016 are the best training levels in the entire series, and they are more than sufficient enough to guide and teach new players the basics.

Why sacrifice 1 of the 6 maps just to do that again? It’s just so dumb in my eyes.


Again, I totally agree. I think Hawke’s Bay should receive a major upgrade in a free update.

In Hitman 1 we had 6 proper maps plus two great tutorials. I’d like 6 proper maps in Hitman 2, as well.


Hawkey’s bay is boring because it’s too small. And one moment it’s quiet, next moment it’s filled with guards. Completely changes the kind of mission. Also there is almost nothing to do apart from basic stuff, so not interesting

Here’s my, yet been said multiple times, unpopulair opinion: I want a Beldingford Manor kind of mission. Isle of Sgail did this with interior level design but completely fucked up the level by throwing a special event in there.


hunting a young man like an Animal isnt a special event for you? :stuck_out_tongue: but i get what you mean.

i miss those “built up“ Missions we used to have in the first three Games, the Hong Kong Missions to weaken Lee Hongs Influence, the Search for Ochoa in the Jungle and even Tracking Hayamoto, Hidden Valley and At the Gates (Hidden Valley and at the Gates suck but) are so much better ways to show how powerful and dangerous those Targets are, than having Diana saying it one hundred times, like she does in Santa Fortuna.


Hahaha we don’t always agree @Quinn, but that is some fantastic wordplay


When comparing the 6 maps from season 1 to the 6 maps in season 2 i’d say overall the quality is pretty much the same.

Not a single map in Season 1 is worse than Hawke’s Bay, and not a single map in Season 2 is better than Paris.

The quality of maps in between is in favor of season 2 though, with Colombia, Mumbai and Whittleton Creek being better than Marrakesh and Bangkok. Sapi is pretty much Miami. And Hokkaido > Isle of Sgail any day of the week.


I’m a Hitman fan of 18 years and I felt fully catered to by Hawke’s Bay. It was everything I wanted an opening level to be. Atmospheric as all hell, with a range of cinematic ways to kill the target and a lot of story/lore diegetically worked into the environment.

Your problem is you fail to see the art in anything that isn’t what you already know. For example you see a map as “wasted” if it isn’t exactly like the other ones in terms of scale. You look at the game as real estate rather than an overall work of art and that’s just plain sad.


My god! My time machine worked it have successfully travelled back to the fortnight before the game has been released and we were all arguing about Hawke’s Bay.

Now excuse me I am off to stop the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. And play air guitar with Mozart.


Lol complete nonsense.

The target had an extremely limited and linear path. Only 1 disguise. Only 1 exit that is extremely boring. Npc’s not spawning there right from the start. No contracts mode. Lack of npc’s.

Your problem is you fail to see what makes up for good gamemplay. It has nothing to do with scale lol. Whittleton Creek is alot smaller than the other ones, yet still infinitely better than hawke’s bay because the gameplay is actually good.

You not understanding what makes up for good gameplay is just as sad, if not more sad


No i judge it by it’s level design. Also notice how i never mentioned the scale as a problem. Hokkaido is much smaller than Marrakesh for example, but it’s level design is far superior.


Zoroastrians believe that deep in the astral plane a god of light and being of supreme good fights constantly with a god of darkness and being of supreme evil. I think this is the morally grey and secular version of that belief.

That being said if you could create or find another thread to do this on…



I could reply to any of your points but this one in particular means I can surmise our differences immediately - Luring the guards away from your boat by shooting the propane tank, causing an explosion that split the night sky with a glowing red hue was one of the most blood pumping moments in the game. The pulse of that soundtrack really added to the moment, and you can’t appreciate any of it because it isn’t exactly like the others. That’s just tragic.

And Hawke’s Bay is exceptionally well designed. Surely even you wouldn’t dispute that?


This is quite certainly factless. I was interested and looked up a poll to see if the people who vote for a silence option (83% of 58 people) are the same people who vote for her as a waifu.
Turns out the waifu thread was just a meme by one guy (who did not participated at the mentioned poll) and the only other person who mentioned Diana in the thread said, Diana does not belong on the list.
I even checked everyone who posted in the Waifu thread if they voted for a silence option. Nope.

EDIT: I now checked who liked the waifu picture. Three of 15 voted for an option to mute Diana. 20% is not nothing, but forming an opinion on three people?

And wanting an option is also not equal to wanting her to be silent. I found no poll which is more explicit against Diana’s lines but I guess (!) you did not make a list either where you know the individuals from individual statements who are in the intersection of “Diana should be muted” and “Diana is sexy”.

Just wanted to say this as I spent some time looking this up and might save the effort for others. No need to open a big discussion on it.


I am a very big detractor when it comes to absolution. However, you are extremely right Absolution’s gunplay was so smooth, I wish it would have been taken and put in H16 and H2.


You are right for a stealth game Absolution was a fantastic shooter game it is really one of the few thing it has going for it.


You mean that 40 seconds long boring ass fuck jog to the boat, with Diana holding your hand telling you you have to make a loud distraction to lure them away? That one? It’s is extremely boring and long, and sure as hell not blood pumping in any way. No i don’t appreciate it because the gameplay is simply terrible.

Exceptionally well designed? Lol not in a long shot. Now Paris, that is a masterpiece in terms of level design. Hawke’s Bay clearly is not.


Agree 100%. The level is designed poorly and for Alma to actually get into any kind of position where you can try some of these “cinematic kills” you could watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in the time it takes.

Sure, the level looks great. But a golden piece of shit is still a piece of shit. I don’t go into games (designed like Hitman is) to orgasm over the artistry of it.


I saw a video earlier of that VR swordfighting game in which the player grabbed the heads of female enemies to simulate fellatio before slitting their throats and admitting in the video description that he “fapped” to it. Put nothing past gamers. They’re all scum and should be mercilessly destroyed

for the record I am being facetious, but I think there’s a correlation between the Edgelord Menality of wanting a grimdark game about a killer with no feelings and a contempt for the levity Diana provides. She’s the emotional frame of reference in the story, she is Anderson to 47’s Dredd. We need that, simply switching her off robs the game of that element.

The gameplay in Hawke’s Bay is identical to the gameplay in the other maps. This has nothing to do with gameplay, this is all about level design - and I think Nightcall is an extremely well designed mission. Unlike many of the other missions it has a cinematic pace and keeps you engaged at all times. It sets up situations for you to plan and explore while still keeping you abreast of the developing story beats. It does so in a way that feels natural and organic rather than rigid and sterile. That is good level design whether you like it or not.

You keep using terms like gameplay and design interchangeably to suit you whenever you feel like it and that doesn’t work for a discussion of this type. Consistency is key.

Imagine playing Nightcall and coming away from it thinking it was a piece of shit and having zero appreciation for the design or artistry of it. Some people. Oh well, your loss is my gain because it exists and I love it.