Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Oh my God, that is such a “Look at you uncultured swine!” mentality it’s infuriating.

I literally just fucking said that it looked great. But just because it looks great doesn’t mean shit. It is designed terribly. There is only one disguise, one building, a target that you have to wait ages for, one exit that takes a year to get down to.

I do appreciate the artistry of the level, I’m just not a egotistical snob about it who thinks people who can’t see that are “oh, how sad.”

And it may keep YOU engaged at all times, but having to listen to the same dialogue from two people at once while you wait for them to do anything is boring to me (and to a majority of people who I’ve seen discuss Nightcall). Some of us don’t want to sip wine and pretend like being handheld through a linear level is the pinnacle of art.


See, a lot of discussions about levels like this will never come to an end because people fundamentally disagree on these things. To me, and to people who like to play faster, this mission is incredibly slow and repetitive. Alma stays in one spot for a good minute making a phone call and takes a while to get into different positions; she can’t be manipulated and there’s no real disguise play.

However, you and a lot of people enjoy the slow pace and the methodical approach. I don’t. Therefore, I dislike Nightcall.

TDLR no use arguing it’ll go nowhere


Well it is sad, and I feel bad for people who call it a “piece of shit” because they’re prepared to let their own unrealistic expectations and demands for nebulous, numerous amounts of “content” detract from the things about this level which are actually good. Nothing can exist on its own merits now, it seems - Everything gets judged in relation to something else regardless of whether that is necessary or not.

Maybe this was one of the flaws of episodic - In the long term, it will be detrimental to the Hitman brand because everyone is expecting an evenly dispersed amounts of “content” per level and anything which doesn’t meet that predetermined view is just automatically written off as shit.

This isn’t about value per level, this is about the overall experience and Nightcall absolutely benefits the overall experience as an atmospheric opener, a story primer and an introduction to the mechanics. It is absolutely perfect and I love it.

Damn, I really do have some unpopular opinions. Never knew it was this easy to rustle some jimmies. Heh.


It’s not your opinions people care about, Quinn, because there are going to be people who find that Nightcall is their favourite level.

The difference between you and them is they aren’t arrogant, egotistical snobs who hold their opinion of it as above everyone elses because “oh, poor plebs, how sorry I am that they don’t see the pure artistry in it.” Guess what, some people just don’t care how artistic it is, they don’t want to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for a target to walk upstairs, but your bullshit arrogance that basically anyone that disagrees with you is wrong or “how sad” is why people dislike you.

Have a nice day.


Hey Pal, this is the unpopular opinion thread. I’d advise staying out if you can’t handle people’s unpopular opinions.


Wow. You didn’t even read my fucking post, did you?

The first sentence of it was “It’s not your opinions that people care about”. Guess what. I don’t care if you like Nightcall the most. I do care that overall I find you to be quite an insufferable, arrogant person. That’s what I can’t handle.

I can remember when you falsely accused me of creating strawmen in a debate with you, but it seems you are just as able to do that yourself.

But, again, have a nice day.


Well, you are continuing to create strawmen even now. You’re flippantly comparing the several minutes it takes for the exposition to unfold between Alma and Orson to the Lord of the Rings, because that sort of unfavourable comparison is an easier way for you to take a giant shit on something you dislike.

Bear in mind when reading this, people are angry at me because I like something they think is shit. Something Hitman related, too.


If you’d payed attention in GCSE English then you would know what a hyperbole is.

And, again, you’re lying about what a strawman is. A strawman is a misrepresented position set up to make it easier for one to dismantle the opponent’s position.

Hitman, if you hadn’t noticed, makes no argument or position. I cannot misrepresent something that isn’t represented in the first place. I am not saying that you CAN watch the Lord of the Rings in that time, it’s like the phrase “I could eat a horse right now”. It’s hyperbole meant to emphasis how long it takes. I could easily have stated the exact time it takes for Alma to start moving and would still hold the opinion that it is too long, I’m just not an emotionless data robot.

If you could actually come up with arguments that don’t depend on you blatantly lying, that would be appreciated.


No it isn’t. That npc’s aren’t present when the level starts is the first example. And it’s extremely bad.

Again, because i like to repeat stuff:

  • 1 disguise
  • 1 exit
  • npc’s don’t spawn when the level starts
  • no contracts mode
  • Extremely linear and boring route for the target
  • Enormous lack of triggers.
  • Lack of npc’s, which also ties together with only having 1 disguise.

It all contributes to the abysmal level design and gameplay, which is piss poor.

The things you list are: story, atmosphere, cinematic pace, feeling natural and other insignificant stuff. Which is fine if you like that stuff, i can even understand that, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the horrible gameplay and level design of the level.

It’s very simply: level design is an important factor within the gameplay of a certain map. Both are bad on Hawke’s Bay, it is by far the worst level of both seasons, it’s not even close.

Imagine playing hitman and having no clue at all as to what makes up for good gameplay. Some people.


This one is almost too easy, so I’m not gonna do it - But it is fucking brilliant. Thanks for this.

Yeah, which is what you’ve done. You’ve willfully and deliberately presented Nightcall in the most unflattering light to make it easier for you to criticise. You’ve compared 2 minutes of dialogue to the Lord of the Rings. Exaggeration is a form of deliberate misrepresentation.

When people on Hitmanforum dedicate so much time to just actively hating on things, I wonder why they even bother in the first place. Now you’re getting into personal insults because I’m enthusiastic about something you aren’t and because I see the value in something you don’t.


I don’t mind that Agent Smith was reduced to a cameo in HITMAN. I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t in HITMAN 2. I like the character but I don’t feel they have to put him into every game. Same with Mei Ling.

Also call me a hypocrite, but I would like the see Sean 2.0 again. He wasn’t a target so he could still be alive. And now that we’re working with the SC, he could actually show up on our side.


Oh… oh my…

You play the victim so well I don’t think you even realise how delusional you are. People aren’t hating on you because you hold an opinion, it’s because you’re a dishonest, egotistical snob.

When I said that you could watch the entirety of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in the time it takes Alma to walk upstairs, that wasn’t intentionally misleading because I never presented it as fact. I wasn’t saying “you can literally watch it”. I used an extraordinary example that people who have played the level will know is hyperbole for the sake of demonstrating how long it feels.

And just to let you know, people hating on Diana isn’t because she’s a woman, people have the same complaints about Grey when he begins to speak, no matter how much you want to virue signal. Earlier on in the thead you said that “all gamers are scum” because of the actions of one person, which is an actual strawman, just so you can get your definition correct.

You are literally the most hypocritical, egotistical liar I have ever met and continuing this conversation will just make my blood boil. Have a nice day.


I’m just wondering what happened to Orson after Alma’s body was discovered, because was he specifically working for her or the Shadow Client in general?


The mechanics are the same. The ways of interacting with and manipulating the environment are the same. You can still load out and choose your weapons, gadgets, and so on. The NPCs not being present for your initial arrival is a deliberate design choice that affects the pacing of the level but not much else. It is not a bad design choice, it is just one which is different to the other missions in the game - And you describe it with such viciousness (words like “abysmal” and “piss poor”) when the reality is that it is simply different and you are unable to handle it as a result of it being different.

None of these are inherently a bad thing. More isn’t always better, and in fact sometimes we can only appreciate the depth, scale and breadth of the bigger levels like Santa Fortuna and Mumbai in relation to something more modest. Nightcall is that modest, atmospheric, story driven level that balances a decent amount of exposition with the core elements of an assassination sandbox fantasy. It compliments the other levels and they compliment it. There’s light and shade to everything and Hitman shouldn’t be an exception. I was actually hoping there’d be even more narrative levels in between the bigger missions. Imagine if the Shadow Client showdown in Romania was playable, I think that’d be really cool.

If you’re arguing against Hawke’s Bay then you’re arguing against mission diversity and I fundamentally disagree with that.

Again you keep using the term “gameplay” in a context that is applicable to you and only you. It’s really difficult to have a discussion when you’re hijacking a term for your own use without expanding upon what you mean.


“im not owned! im not owned!!”, screamed Aegis as he slowly shrank and transformed into a corn cob.


No, I’m not. Thank you for telling the truth for once. :slight_smile:


You already committed the best self-own in this thread anyway, wondering if you spotted it yet.


Nope, but the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate this supposed “self-owning”, so go ahead.


Well if you’d payed attention maybe you’d have noticed it.

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Alright, so you either aren’t willing to or can’t back up your claim. “That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Ps - No