Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2




What about that is self-owning?


Hawkes Bay is a good change of pace and a good introduction. However let’s not pretend there would have been a dense detailed level instead if it had not been Hawkes Bay. Clearly the schedule only allowed for 5 full maps and they decided they had the resources for a smaller cinematic story driven intro. Miami is the real first level.

Although Hawkes Bay could be repurposed into a proper mission like a beach party.


Well if you paid attention in GCSE English your own self, you’d know that the past tense of “pay” is “paid".

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house!


… Really? That is what dismantles my entire argument? Not that I’m wrong, but because I misspelt something? And that’s actually not self-owning because we never did any kind of spelling tests or spelling-themed lessons at GCSE, it was all about hyperboles and metaphors and evalutation of text.

And seriously, if the best retort to my entire argument is “haha, you misspelt something”, you probably didn’t have a very good argument in the first place.


I’d believe that, considering you compared a 2 minute stint of dialogue to the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!


Mhm, your point is?

You clearly were never taught the word “strawman” then because you fundamentally misunderstand it. Or you’re just a hypocritical liar- yeah, it’s that.


Don’t let Quinn push your buttons like that man! Breathe, relax, it’s not worth the adrenaline.


Haha, I’ve been trying to tell myself that for the past hour, my autism just won’t agree to do so (seriously though, stuff like this stresses me out beyond belief lol)


Nah, exaggeration is still a form of deliberate misrepresentation. And when you can only attack something using hyperbole and exaggerated rhetoric, you’re attacking a straw version of it and not the real thing. The use of the term strawman there is entirely appropriate.


Is this argument still going on? It is a level in a video game not every single levels needs to stick to the same design principles. So it is best to just end it right here before I get a moderator onto this non-sense.


Oh, so like you created a strawmen of gamers? Cool, thanks for demonstrating your hypocrisy.

And, if you’d paid attention, I didn’t just attack it using hyperbole, I said the actual time is too long as well. But who cares about the truth as long as Quinn’s right, ay?


Why? Why is it every time I try to end an argument it never ends? Why am I better at perpetuating arguments than ending them?


This has nothing to do with you, don’t worry. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am aware of that but long protracted no right answer arguments like this really gum up a thread. I just want things organised and on topic.


Number of times I breached the Forum Guidelines in this Discussion = 0
Number of times Aegis brached them? Well,

Feel free to get a moderator if you want but don’t claim bias like usual when it goes the way you’d expect.


I understand, and I apologise. I just find it hard to ignore things when I don’t agree with them, it genuinely stresses me out, but I have been trying to get better at this.


@Aegis_Chrome has been talking a lot of sense, but even for his mistakes, I see it clearly that he didn’t mean to insult or grieve @Accidental-kills98 .

Accy, mate, feel free to end an argument with me any time :yum:


If I were to say that you had brown hair, that would not break forum guidelines because you have brown hair. You have demonstrated that you are both a hypocrite and a liar multiple times, as you have demonstrated that you have brown hair. I am simply working off of what you have presented me with, I apologise if my application of the evidence to a judgement of your character has offended you.

I have dinner now, but have a nice evening. :slightly_smiling_face:


If Quinn doesn’t have a nice evening after the amount of wishes he received to that effect, I don’t know when he will.