Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


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Can we talk about in general because I would like to go for a silver medal.


Hitman games were more interesting when you had limited means of knocking down people.


I can see the logic behind that, actually. You couldn’t just lure and subdue everyone you liked in the older games, you had to plan out who you would take down? That kinda thing?


I dunno if this is necessarily an unpopular opinion but I hate how 47 points pistols. He looks like he puts far too much effort into aiming, having him hold it without having to turn his body / with two hands would look much better.


Lei Ling

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No H2 map comes close to Sapienza when it comes to Sniper contract possibilities.


Completely agree. Sniping really hasn’t been catered for very well in H2.


What about Mumbai?
20 characters


Mumbai has more verticality and is therefore better for sniping, in THEORY. But Hitman 2 still has that psychic guard problem that makes sniping completely pointless.


Yeah I was negating the soon to be fixed bug.


Mumbai tower has like no window towards the slums in the upper half, and only some in the lower half where you are rarely alone. The old train station has only two spots from where you can sit and snipe towards the slums, of which one is also seen by multiple guards. Both spots have only the hills in the view.
The slums themselves have mostly higher buildings blocking points of views.


Sapienza has way more distinct sniping locations that don’t require you to set something up first than Mumbai does. By my count it has 4, whereas Mumbai only has 2, and with Mumbai’s you can only get one target.


It feels like the map designers forgot sniping. Look at Colombia. Was a small path onto the hill between the mansion and the village too much to ask for?


Well I don’t know anything about this I hardly ever do sniping runs. I mean I just aim and shoot and it is done like that? Where is the fun or creativity in that? I prefer being mobile, changing nests and drawing out targets into the open.


I mean Urben was taking about contracts in particular, and I think he’s totally right and I don’t think it’d be an unpopular opinion. Even Mumbai has little in the way of potential targets, and there are barely any designated sniper points on any of the maps besides Sgail maybe (still think a proper sniper point on Santa Fortuna would’ve made it better).

The palm trees that are everywhere in Hitman 2 are really annoying for sniping. Makes using instinct necessary, and covers a lot of sight lines.


I really would have expected Colombia to have a church that you could snipe from.