Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Bangkok wasted sniper potential. Sniping a target from a room from one wing of the hotel to another wings room would’ve been great, like in A House of Cards. Body wouldn’t be found.

That opportunity was wasted.


They should’ve put a proper tower on that small hill in the jungle. Would’ve given a sight line onto the mansion and the plantation.


Wait one of the challenges is sniping Jordan from Morgan’s suite. They also have a challenge for it in The Source.


Moving targets, actually hard to find sniping angles, distractions.

Here is a playlist of my favourite things I did in S1 with the sniper:


Body found, SA rank lost.

Only possible SA sniper possibility in the game is sniping Caruso through the telescope, but that’s about it and not as satisfying as the old school sniping since you’re still out in the open.


Well endorphins are endorphins I guess. I prefer complexity or direct manipulation


Yep I didn’t see SA when I read the post.


Damn, that was pretty spectacular.


There are multiple videos, the embedding looks a bit weird: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWvtKwdg4BcAEhvWcoTtpUchL2gM-fQoN


Thanks, I’ll check them out


Don’t forget that you would walk slow af before using the chloroform/syringe. And how they’d wake up.

Part of the reason I’m afraid of replaying H2:SA.


I think that the camera recordings shouldn’t be connected to all the cameras of the level. I mean, deactivating the ones in the Rangan Tower deaqctivates the ones at the train station. I don’t see the point of multiple security stations if you can search for the easiest to destroy to eliminate all the recordings in the level. It kinda neglects the ability to destroy cameras (even more since you can’t longer break them with heavy objects).


Multiple security stations makes sense from a routing / starting point perspective. It’s not just take out the ‘easiest’ one.


It makes sense to plan the routes but I still think that at least for Master the recordings erased should stick to the zone where they belong. Like, remember when in Sapienza you had to disable the recordings at the mansion and the ones at the lab separately?


When I started playing that was already changed to how it is ever since. I highly doubt they will change it back after so long.


Yes it is, it’s a horrible design choice, and one of many factors that cripples the replayability of the map.

Cute little reality. It’s a completely baseless assumption though. I can handle thing being different just fine. That does not mean i have to like it purely because it’s different, and especially not when it’s incredibly bad.

Yes they are very bad. Hitman is all about replayability. All of those contribute to crippling said replayability. Hence it is very bad.

Again a false conclusion on your part. I’m not arguing against Hawke’s Bay because it’s different, i’m arguing against it because it’s design and replayabilitry are extremely poor. There is a difference. Again, something just being different isn’t enough to instantly like it: it has to be good aswell. Spoiler: Hawke’s Bay is not good.

Gameplay entails a lot of things: Freedom of approach, options for traversing the levels, cool triggers for the targets, replayability, different exit strategies etc etc etc etc etc.

Hawke’s Bay is simply bad from a gameplay perspective, especially because of the lack of replayability.


Holy fuvk people actually think Hawke’s Bay is a great map let alone the best map in the game? WHAT? I am all for opinions but that’s like saying Miley Cyrus is more talented and skilled than Mozart.

It’s not an awful map in theory but it was a ginormous waste of potential. Even aesthetically speaking, it doesn’t feel like an “actual” place but rather something that was quickly made in the editor without too much research but that’s not the worst part

The level objectively has less content than EACH of the tutorial levels from S1 and if you do not find that sad, you’re only being dishonest with yourself. Also, for IOI to bill it as a separate location is very misleading and almost scammy in nature. The argument of “but they never told you what size it would be!!!” is a very poor form of defense.

Almost everyone of us expected it to be at least similar to Colorado and Bangkok in terms of scale and content when the locations were first leaked. If the much better tutorial missions are not considered as separate locations, Hawke’s Bay shouldn’t be either and IOI should have been clear to us in the marketing that S2 will have 5 major locations and 1 tutorial level but sadly they were not. If the same thing is repeated in Season 3, I am not buying the game.


The vibe in Contracts was super creepy. I dont remember the entire game too well but the party at the butcher place and the hunting lodge really stuck. Regardless, the vibe really fit


they probably had to meet deadlines and make some sacrifices


That doesn’t refute my point at all and I don’t want to sound too harsh but it really isn’t the job of the customer to sympathise with the financial and crunch difficulties of a company especially when you paid your hard earned cash for the product.

When you order a plate of 6 chicken wings that costs $60, you expect each wing to be reasonably similar in terms of size and quantity of meat but if one of them looks like it was meant to feed a baby kitten in comparison to others, people will be rightfully upset and no amount of “but deadlines!” is going to be accepted as a valid excuse.