Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


a restaurant does not work the same way that a game developer does. a restaurant has full control of itself, while a developer is usually at the mercy of the publisher. i don’t know if IOI had control of their deadlines for season 2, or if it was WB.


When I visit a restaurant that I have visited and loved for 18 years, knowing their old way of doing business has been impacted in a massive way, leading to them having to prioritize certain parts of their service over others, I will be able to forgive the decor not being up to their usual standards, as long as the meal is as excellent as it used to be.


I want those chicken wings.


surely if you’re judging the fact that one is smaller than the rest, you should also take into account that 4 of the other 5 are much bigger than they were last time you came?


Of course it doesn’t but the example of the customer expecting the quality of the items on his plate is analogous to what gamers were expecting here.

It’s a similar case with game downgrades like Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs etc. None of these devs downgrade these games out of sheer spite against gamers but gamers become rightfully unhappy because they felt mislead by the company to what was advertised.

Point is Nightcall is a tutorial mission taking its unrightful place as a separate location and IOI should have been very clear that this game has just 5 levels.


Nightcall actually has less content than the actual tutorial missions, I actually find those more enjoyable to play.


it’s also a more atmospheric mission with a stronger target and more (interesting) kill opportunities?

can we stop judging levels by their size? otherwise we’ll just all have to admit that any hitman game pre-hitman 6 is shit


why on earth would they do that? they may not be a publicly traded company, but IOI saying their game doesn’t have as much content as the last one would piss off WB. and even if it didn’t, they still need to sell their game and at least break even. if you want to sell your game, you need to talk about how good it is, not how bad it is.


Imo smaller missions are better with setting a certain tone and creating a special vibe. Bigger levels have too much going on, meaning that it’s harder to focus on one thing and one thing only.


While I agree with you, the problems with Hawke’s Bay when judged from a microscopic view extends way beyond its size. Problems with a restrictive target pathing, singular disguise, wasted beach space etc. put a damper on the overall experience. It just doesn’t use its limited space too well.

I haven’t reached the suburbian level yet but from what I have heard, it’s the size of a regular level from Blood Money and looking at the challenges tab, it has more challenges(89 or 90) than almost all of the main missions from S1. It sounds like a better example of level that makes great usage of its limited space compare to Hawkes Bay…


That award should go to Traditions Of The Trade from C47 or Contracts.


Hawke’s Bay is a tutorial level. If you treat it otherwise, you’re not gonna like it. It’s way better than the ICA facility IMO.

Best atmosphere award for me goes to either Beldingford Manor or The Meat King’s Party from Contracts


Dunno I think the Final Test (and Freeform Training) teach you more mechanics than Hawkes Bay.


Whittleton Creek is the best Hitman 2 map. (Maybe just for the rude ruby)


That’s true, ICA facility is a better tutorial level, but Hawke’s Bay feels more like a map than they do since, well, it’s not in a silo or whatever.

They fucked it up with the whole timing thing. That’s why we can’t do contracts. Because the level doesn’t start until you mess with her computer.

If they didn’t do that, we’d have contracts on it, and people wouldn’t hate it so much.

It’s small, but not a bad map. They fucked it up with the mission.


But that is the sad thing. You have to compare it to a tutorial level to show it’s strengths as a map. But you can’t do that to an actual map with contract mode, many disguises and so on.

Hawkes Bay is a story mission with great visuals. But that is more an Absolution thing imho. For me H2 has 5 maps and one introduction level.


We’re on the same page, @Urben


Has nothing to do with size, but with the glaring design problems. That is why Hawke’s Bay is shit.
Whittleton Creek is relatively small aswell, but it’s infinitely better than Hawke’s Bay because it does not have that horrible design.

If we treat Hawke’s Bay as a map, if falls incredibly short compared to every other map. If we treat Hawke’s Bay as a tutorial mission, it’s inferior to the training missions in 2016. Since the main goal of tutorials is to teach the basics to new players, and final test/freeform training are doing a much better job at that than Hawke’s Bay.

Hawke’s Bay is bad as a map, and bad as a tutorial. Like @Urben said, it’s some kind of weird introduction level that no one asked for, and basically has zero replayability.


Would you say the same if the map did not change at all, but the mission did?

i.e. different NPCs and their locations, no delayed start, more than one disguise? (And many, many, starting locations just for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Along with of course contracts mode


If the npc’s spawned right at the start, if there would be multiple exits, if there would be multiple disguises, if there would be contracts mode, if the main targets route wasn’t so horribly linear and boring…

all of this would add replayability to the map.