Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


So what I’m saying is basically there’s a difference between “map” and “mission”

Hawke’s Bay vs Nightcall, etc.

I hope IOI rethink this map as a bonus mission, and throw contracts mode on it.


All those things are MAP related, not mission related


Basically a complete redesign of the level. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


[quote=“Fortheseven, post:406, topic:17044”]
All those things are MAP related, not mission related

This is incorrect, see Situs Inversus vs Patient Zero. Different NPCs, different locations, different disguises, etc

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False. Patient zero isn’t the same map as Hokkaido, there are clear differences.

All of these are MAP related, well except for the main target’s route being linear and boring. But multiple disguise, npc’s spawning right at the start, multiple exits, contracts mode are all map related.


Everything about Absolution was great. The gameplay, the graphics, and yes, the story. It was supposed to be different, it was supposed to be the one entry in the series that took 47 out of his usual element and made it so that his life as a killer was more of a convenient skill rather than a job he was working on. The story was supposed to emphasize more action and whacky characters to make up for the practical lack of such in the previous games. It was supposed to be the one standout, never to be repeated, just so IOI could say they did it.


Lol. Pretty much yeah. Can’t be saved otherwise



They are both in Hokkaido, both in the same building, and same map

They changed some shit to suit the new mission


@Fortheseven this is just semantics though, you agree that there is a significant change between Situs Inversus and Patient Zero, correct?

So I’m suggesting a similar change/bonus level for Hawke’s Bay. I think people would like a different ‘version’ or ‘map’ of it much better.


I saw it more as trying to remold an old franchise into a more modern sense of gaming. The last Hitman game came out in 2005 so Absolution was the turn on the franchise. I believe they just tried to make it more palatable for mainstream gamers who had become used to linear, cover based, story driven games.


Yeah exactly. Knocking out everyone in the way got too easy. It’s still a very fun to play game, but some sort of limit would be better than arbitrary enforcers.


Oh the horror of being on my way out of the level to find a guard in underpants roaming around the snow. They should stay unconscious for the whole game please :smiley:


On one hand, I want to love Nightcall but I am quite disappointed with it (I love the idea of infiltrating Alma’s beach house. The eerie atmosphere of the mission is amazing). My problem is the lack of content and replayability.

Alma’s path is quite lackluster. It takes ages for her to walk from Point A to Point B then she goes to sleep. Doesn’t Alma deserve better? She is one of my favorite targets but there’s not much you can do with her.

It’s not even a great tutorial mission either. Using disguises is Hitman’s core mechanic and there is only one disguise in this mission. Nightcall just shows you how to use foliage to hide. If it was just an introduction mission, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I don’t see anything wrong with IO wanting to cater to new players but can we please have a proper map to compensate for this?


Dawood Rangan is the manliest man in Hitman history. If he moved to Manchester, New Hampshire and changed his name to Manfred Manwell McMann it wouldn’t do him justice.

And, after his death, his Bollywood movie made more money globally than “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, and he was hailed as a genius, tragically taken before his time. The builders in Mumbai constructed a gold-plated statue in his honour, which no pigeon has pooed on to this day. But that part’s a fact, not an opinion, sorry.





No, but my real unpopular opinion is that 47 is better at painting than killing. He missed his calling.

Who’d’ve thought such an emotionless man could create soul-stirring masterpieces in under ten brushstrokes?


Don’t worry, there are very few people that I know of that would classify your opinion as unpopular, haha


I’m honestly more or less OK with Absolution, but I agree that it was too much of a departure from what we know about the series. 47 is never meant to be a role model or a sympathetic figure, but his sense of compassion and sympathy to his friends is what keeps him from being too one-dimensional. Even a seemingly robotic clone like him should have at least some facets in his personality. If there’s any consolation Subject 6/Lucas Grey’s portrayal seemed to made up for it.


I better find a Dawood Rangan movie playing in Hitman 3. Or I will be pissed.