Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Don’t worry they will probably CGI him into the rest of Mumbai Hero like they did poor old Dino.


I don’t know if this is unpopular or not, but I have a feeling that Hitman is going nowhere with its current formula. Yes, the levels are getting bigger and bigger and they have a zillion methods of killing but with the same primitive gameplay and lackluster animations it just fails to impress. By no means am I a fan of Absolution but at least they tried something new there even if ultimately failed.

And of course it’s getting less and less plausible that 47 knows every single profession in the world. He can paint pictures now, do tatoos and all sorts of stuff. The suspension of disbelief is severely lacking. It would be more entertaining if we had to perform the kill before target realizes that 47 can’t paint (play drums, do massage etc.) worth shit.

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983049674/recommended/863550/ my Steam review where I go into more detail about that.


Season 1 and 2 have by far the best gameplay in the entire series. I took a look at your review, and it was mostly whining about speedrunners and animations, and you had isle of sgail as the best mission, while according to you the first 4 maps were trash.

That already says more than enough lol


Little deatail from your review. Tatoo artist wear fake sleeves and you can find dialouge about this in game. When you takes his disguise his tatoos disappears. So actually this is explained in the game and it have some kind of sense.

No word about Ghost Mode or Sniper Assassin. Maybe you don’t like these features but you should mention them in your review.

Especially when you put such theses.


I find it sad how hostile this reads and how your annoyance shines through instead of trying to be somewhat sober on your points. But I guess Steam reviews work that way.

What I find unfair though is how you have zero interest into recognizing how the near-dead IOI managed to survive post-Square-Enix just couldn’t afford some stuff or adress some issues. Like some animations (briefcase, punch glitch, …). The devs even admitted they had to motion capture it all themself this time.

Of course as a consumer you can shit on that. However you don’t gain my sympathy here for doing that.

Instead you try to find the reason of quality issues into

catering to the speedrunning and achievement-hunting crowd

they added a super-easy mode for brain-dead people.

Whch is not only rude towards the devs but also towards quite some player groups. Yes, the concept works well for speedrunners. But the freedom of approach doesn’t force you to do it fast. To go for the easy way. You wish from IO to be forced to have trouble and don’t want to come up with restrictions on yourself.

That is fine, but it’d be fair to be admitted you can do everything differently and that this is actually a core idea of the gameplay.

You bother that speedrunners can take out main targets fast as if this makes your solution (not doing “some stupid gamey trick”) bad. But it isn’t. There is no bad way to play this game. You seem to measure your fun at a singleplayer game on what others are doing with the freedom. I think this is a mistake but it is your choice I guess.

Some factual mistakes on your side: (aside from the already mentioned tattoo sleeves)

Do the developers even know how real grass acts? It moves and rustles and will give away your position instantly. Simply not needed.

It does that. NPCs noticing moving vegetation results in them becoming aware of something goes on and might even follow your movement through it.

not even a hotkey for the map.

It has now, press ‘M’.


This was also hilarious:

“Mumbai and Santa Fortuna are easily amongst the most tedious Hitman levels I can remember.”

Lol, just lol.

And then we got quotes like this:

“primitive gameplay”

“this game does not promote immersive gameplay”

“catering to the speedrunning and achievement-hunting crowd instead.”

“What we get now is a bunch of arcadey mechanics that don’t really help us suspend disbelief.
the existing one is a joke”

This one is especially hilarious: “As big as the levels are, pretty much any target can be dispatched using some stupid gamey trick, like a chandelier or a flaming barrel of doom, rendering most of level’s space redundant,”

“the game keeps relying on the same old trick”

“Gameplay shortcomings aside”

“I just wish the devs didn’t make us wait for the last third of the game before finally giving us the good stuff. <- implying that the first 4 maps are bad”

“Whether it’s pure lazyness or they were just afraid to upset the speedrunners, the new briefcase is garbage.”

“But instead they added a super-easy mode for brain-dead people.”

“so it’s only fitting that at least half of the end product looks like a joke.”

Even for steam’s extremely low standards, this really is a piss poor review.


Sniper briefcase. Don’t even get me started on this one. After not including the briefcase in the last two games, the developers finally gave in to the fans’ demand and implemented the damn thing… and it’s not even animated properly! It’s mind-boggling that the very first Hitman from EIGHTEEN years ago had a more detailed sniper rifle assembling animation. Whether it’s pure lazyness or they were just afraid to upset the speedrunners, the new briefcase is garbage. In its current form, it’s absolutely useless to me. I have no desire to ever take it on a mission because I remember how much better it used to be.

this is the dumbest thing i have ever read. the new briefcase can knock people unconcious and can carry 99% of items. this alone makes it objectively better than the briefcase of the previous games.


I went(suffered) through your obnoxious and utterly tasteless review that is filled to the brim with passive hostility against the developers.

I am all for varying opinions and by NO means is this game perfect or devoid of flaws but I have no respect for opinions that pretty much promulgate misinformation(vegetation reactions, map hotkeys etc.) and sounds like it’s being written by a someone who is toxic and overly entitled.

I personally am not into Speedrunning and never did I once feel the game punished me for taking things slowly in the main missions.

You complain about mechanics of this game being primitive and “arcadey” and how it apparently doesn’t suspend “disbelief” but the ENTIRETY of this franchise revolves around taking disguises where everyone’s clothes sizes are the exact same as yours and no one remembers you after 2 minutes of taking a disguise. This has been the case with EVERY Hitman game.

YOU need to suspend your disbelief because you’re playing a VIDEO GAME.


Also there is the slight fact that 47 is a superhuman clone who was created using a theory that would not exist for half a century later. It is odd you went with the clothes thing.


While that is true, I just wanted to highlight how absurdly stupid his points were in his review by him complaining about features that are pretty much the norm in this series.

The entirety of Hitman is built around the suspension of disbelief just like most video games. Something this guy clearly fails to realize.


Well that is because the men of the Legion have no time for silly games they have to conquer and blatantly ignore the finer points of Roman civilisation.


It’s the equivalent of saying that a movie is too movie-like.


it is bizarre how in the new hitman games, 47 inexplicably has all these talents. he can be a yogi, painter, drummer, masseur… i hope IOI is just taking the piss and these kills aren’t canon


The Yoga and massage skills 47 demonstrates in Hitman 2016 are ridiculously basic, it would literally take 30 minutes to learn them.


My headcanon is, that he isn’t actually that good in all of these things, but he just radiates such a self-confidence, while pretending to have them, and other people are fooled by it - Malachi Love-Robinson effect, just be super confident with your bullshitery and others will believe it, even when your skills alone are subpar.


I never thought about it that way, but I like the idea.

It’s probably a combination of both. 47 learns the basics of any skills he might need before a job, and then sells the illusion of expertise with his unwavering confidence.

Reminds of the kind of thing Derren Brown does to fool people, and I imagine 47 is very well-versed in social psychology and misdirection, both of which would be useful in the majority of missions.


I agree with this specially when we take in count that how IO decided to make canon most of the kills in the Legacy trailer that dropped before H2016 came out is with 47 wearing his suit. That’s the purest style for a SA, Jesus, they even show 47 getting in the pool to drown Fuchs while 47 is still dressed in suit.


Yep, i’m sure he has some basic training when it comes to bartending and other “blend in” opportunities, plus he’s great at observing and copying people, but him being exceptionally great in it is just an illusion added by his confidence.

I keep thinking of Mike in S04E01 of Better Call Saul, the way, he waltzes into the warehouse, so sure of himself, no shadow in his mind about what he does, so to people working there never even occurred, that they never seen him there before.


Yeah. While I wouldn’t find yoga skills easy to execute, 47 is a diligently maintained and biologically enhanced physical specimen, so that sort of thing is probably quite easy for him. Athletic feats of all kinds fall within the purview of his existing skillset.


Yeah, I should’ve specified that it would be ridiculously easy for someone with 47’s body, not necessarily for anyone.