Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


In the case of the Rangan painting, it’s conceivable that 47’s work isn’t that great, but that we, the players, are actually seeing it through the target’s eyes. We’re falling for 47’s psychological trick, so to speak.

Just a theory, or rather a way to reconcile 47’s seemingly endless list of talents with reality, and the idea that he actually has limitations.


Regarding canon, I prefer the idea that there is no true canon where mission kills are concerned. The kill that I think of as canon is as valid as your canon kill or even IOI’s.

Similar to a game like Mass Effect. It’s canon that Shepard fought the Reapers, but whether he romanced Miranda, Tali, Liara or Kaidan is entirely subjective. BioWare have never made one official, or even made Shepard’s gender official, as far as I’m aware.

(I know we see a montage of 47’s kills near the start of Hitman 1, but they had to show something. lol)


I hope we can agree tho that SA is canon. Sure which type of kill 47 would use is entirely subjective, but it will always be SA.


meh, the rules for SA in every game always changes.


Ok let’s agree the target’s deaths are all canon.


In the Colorado cutscene, Diana mentions how his hits are deemed accidents or unsolved (she says 3, but these are some of his most famous ones so can be pushed out to the others), so yeah, I agree that SA is canon.


Would only make sense really, from both a gameplay and a story perspective


Not an unpopular opinion, but in TotT on Contracts I always drown Fuchs in the pool with the suit, right from the beginning when I first enter. It’s not that crazy lol.

Unpopular opinion, I dislike the look of the briefcase from Hitman 2. It doesn’t feel custom, just feels like a normal briefcase.


which one? :thinking:


Both, I guess. I prefer the normal one, as the Executive one is a bit too blocky for me, and the normal one is a bit slimmer. But the look of the normal one doesn’t feel custom, I wish it had more of a unique appearance.

I haven’t seen the one you get from the Classic challenges.


you should try to get the classic one. it’s a simple brown leather but it looks quite nice


Sorry for cellphone quality pic.



But this is true, too, so it might be more accurate to say that 47 always does a damn good job in any canon run.

None of the cutscenes or lore suggest that he ever screws up spectacularly. lol


So your playstyle is not canon then, since you always mess up :wink:


:grin: Shut up.

I have canon runs: they’re all perfectly executed and usually take me less than 60 minutes to achieve. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Just messing with you.

Also, video proof or i dont believe ya


There’s no way you’d sit through one of my videos. It’s a waste of my time and yours. lol


I like the ICA Executive Briefcase, I just don’t like the two massive red strips along the bottom. They don’t fit the briefcase’s design and, to me, look like the interior is clipping outside of the case.


Well what did you expect? If he went in with a tin foil lined and logo covered briefcase he would be picked up by security and he would have identifying marks witnesses could see.


Yeah, that makes sense in a realistic point of view, but the Hitman series as a whole isn’t extremely realistic. I prefer the stylistic aspect of Hitman, over the realism aspect anyday.

Plus, 47 went into highly public areas with his custom briefcase in BM, with the Hitman insignia all over it.