Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Yeah but 47 is not an idiot he wont walk into an area with a highly customised briefcase. He is called “the Worlds Greatest Assassin” for a reason. If you want to see what happens to a flashy hitman then go and see Maynard John.


I never said he was flashy–you can’t compare 47s breifcase to a loud shootout that Maynard John wanted, which he wanted because he was very prideful. I think the design and look of the briefcase is as essential as the look of the silverballers and 47s suit; they represent his character.

The briefcase itself isn’t that customized either, only from the inside really to fit the WA2000. The look of the briefcase wouldn’t compromise 47s ability to be the greatest assassin.


I agree with this idea 100%. Just cause scenes happened a certain way in the Legacy trailer, doesn’t neccesarily have to mean it was the canon kill.

On the briefcase topic, I’m not a fan of the design either. But even if I was, I still probably wouldn’t use it (too clunky for me: Can’t eavesdrop, or climb/drop with it).


I don’t think I should. Steam reviews are not supposed to be exhaustive, I can focus on the parts of the game I’m interested in. And I’m not interested in multiplayer features. When I mentioned the lack of content I was talking about single player only.

Maybe it’s just my bad English, I didn’t mean to be hostile.

I’m not looking for sympathy. After all, this thread is for unpopular opinions, right? So I kinda expected that people would dislike what I had to say.

So, you are saying that even if NPCs are outside the circle they can still become aware of my movements? I never noticed that, but okay.

They patched it in? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I was playing.

You quoted a bunch of my statements yet you didn’t refute any of them.

That’s great if you feel that way. For me, the briefcase was always about style, more so than anything else. The way he put it on the ground, or picked it up, or assembled the rifle… Now there’s no animation for putting it down (it just kinda falls…), and the picking up animation is outright embarassing (seriously, just watch it). And of course the assembling animation isn’t up to par. The fact that you can knock people out with it is unimportant, because in these new games you can knock people out with literally EVERYTHING. So the only significant improvement is the ability to put more items there, which is cool, but I would take a better animation any day.

It’s a weird statement. Yes, I do need to suspend disbelief, but there are games that help with that, and the games that have so much ridiculous stuff that suspending disbelief is almost impossible.

It’s interesting. In the briefing before Santa Fortuna mission we can read that Delgados died in “freak accidents”. But in the legacy trailer they show Fernando being strangled with the fiber wire. So, which is canon?

Also, in the Sgail mission there’s a dialogue between NPCs, and one of them mentions how he went to a heaven and hell party back in the day, and at that party someone was eaten by a shark, which is obviously an allusion to “Dance with the Devil”.


All those statements were so insanely dumb and false that they refuted themselves already. Like i said, it’s a piss poor review, even for steam standards. And that is saying something.


Am I only hate items have wall-hack? I hate it when a fucking knife can pass through walls also all of items have homing device.

No need to talk about infinite range, homing device included, wall hacking briefcase.


It’s a solid review, but of course fanboys won’t like it. I gave credit where credit is due, like the last two missions. But overall, it’s a rather low-quality game that I can’t recommend at least until it drops below $10.

Yep, it’s another example of how shoddily made this game is.


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Very well said man, you read my mind on this one. I don’t exactly agree with most of your review, but I do fully agree with you about how dissapointing the story is.



Unpopular opinion: my favorite map from the game is isle of sgail


Bangkok was much better than Sapienza.
The shadow client guy should be the villain.


Vanyah Shah is hot. If this were an RPG, I’d seduce her and we’d be the King and Queen of Mumbai. lol

(The quest to win her trust and affection would probably be eliminating her rival, Dawood Rangan.)

Also her “royal domain” within the train yard is a very cool concept. It reminds me of something out of The Walking Dead, where society at large has devolved into chaos, and ruthless leaders have seized power and created small, self-contained societies that are twisted and pathetic parodies of pre-apocolypse societies.

For example, I like the way the peasants from the slums are effectively her subjects, and that they have to petition her for aid or for lenience, and I like that her royal chambers are decked out train cars. So creative.


I think you’re gonna be alone on that one, Dave.

I agree, very creative and very cool use


I’m not sure about alone – some people like alt. Indian bad-girls with tattoos, right? Right? RIGHT? lol

But in the extreme minority, sure. That’s why I posted it here, of course.


I am an Indian myself and she looks complete trash. My neighbourhood aunties look infinitely better.


Well maybe that’s because she doesn’t look as exotic to you as she does to me.

OK. You do you. I’ve watched too much stuff on the internet to judge. lol


If by exotic you mean her outfit (saree) then ya. She has a pretty good voice but her face kinda ruins it lol.


Yeah, I meant the whole Indian appearance and vibe. I’m white English, so that’s exotic to me.

“Saree”. Cool. I knew that was an item of clothing, but I didn’t know which item. lol


Unpopular opinion: Rocco’s sister doesn’t deserve to be in any of the season 2 maps

Popular opinion: She’s too amazing for them ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨