Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Sometimes when I try to fall asleep I stir myself awake to the sound of “CARPETS!, CARPETS!” rattling in my brain.



I got the same, but instead of carpets I get “Snail meat! Snail meat!”


You guys should replay King of Chinatown if you ever have the opportunity. She uses a fake East Asian accent there.


And yes it is her, she is credited as the Chinatown vendors :slight_smile:


Haha, yes, that’s her for sure! I’d recognize that voice on any busy market.


ICA 19 looks better than Blackballer.


By Blackballer, do you mean the ICA19 Black Lilly?


No I mean THE Blackballer. The one we never got.


Oh… That is… That is an unpopular opinion indeed…


I still love the look of The Blackballer though.


the AMT Hardballer from Codename 47 and the Silverballer from Contracts are my Favorites.

Hitman 2 SA Silverballer looked like shit.


You are dead to me.


I liked them ,but the logos on grips were too big.



And that’s why Vanya turned to a life of piracy and crime. 'Cause y’all were mean.

Now she’s a queen and your hurtful comments no longer affect her.


I would genuinely like a Hitman/Splinter Cell crossover game (even though it’s impossible, because the games have different publishers, Splinter Cell is MIA, and the gameplay styles are likely incompatible, lol).


I’d like to see Victoria return in Hitman 3, if only in a small role.

And I’d like her to be a playable character in special side content.

P.S. Sorry, those last two comments weren’t unpopular opinions about Hitman 2 specifically. They were about Hitman in general. I forgot the title of the thread for a moment.


She dosen’t look trash, she just looks weird, I haven’t in my life seen anyone like her plus all the tattoos and jewellery she wears add to it lol. Like there’s something wrong with her model. I’m not trying to offend anyone sorry in advance if I did.

The entire plot is non fitting, I could relate everything in Chasing a Ghost, from artwork and look to storylines(Dawood, the myth Maelstrom, the gangs, foreign actor in a Bollywood movie) to real life Mumbai but not the Slum Queen. I think IO were going for a big mob of the Slums type of concept since there are a lot of crime families and mobs and stuff in Dharavi Slums, imo they did a good job in that regard but it’s not even remotely based on any event or reference(The slum Queen) but the storylines and things going around in the train yard are awesome, the concept and level design is straight up fantastic.


Agree completely!!! In addition, Absolution’s cinematic take on the series gave us a true film-like experience from stage to stage (yes, could have done without the escaping from one stage to another). Having loved Hitman games from the start, despite all the other great stages from previous games, none of the previous entries had this kind of cohesion in terms of story-telling.

Furthermore, Absolution’s existence is critical in bringing us Hitman 2016 and season 2 in 2018. The revamp in the control set up and the overall structure is much needed.

As such, I call Absolution an iconic experiment that succeeded in modernizing the series for the better and as a game in itself, was largely fantastic as well.


light mode is better than dark mode