Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


i hate all of the level specific suits in HITMAN. 47 has no reason to chose some random tuxedo or leather jacket over his iconic black suit and red tie. the only suit that is acceptable is the VIP patient suit, because he is trying to blend in as a patient and wearing a suit when every other patient is wearing robes makes you look odd and stand out. but other than the VIP patient suit, the level specific suits can go to hell

this is the only suit that actually matters.


I would not say I hate the game at all, but I find it to be the worst in the series overall. It basically comes down i find the game to easy and boring level designs.


Since this is the unpopular opinion thread:

While Absolution is the worst game of the franchise (not an unpopular option, I know), Hitman 2 is the second-worst.

It had a bad story, a lame main antagonist, some of the worst levels of the whole franchise and the distance at which a guard could see through your disguise changed basically every time.

Not to mention stuff like all guards magically knowing that you’re an intruder after breaking a window, even when no-one’s nearby. Or an NPC that starts stalking you once spotted and is incredibly hard to get ride off. Or a mission that basically forces you to skip a cut scene if you want to get an SA rank.


Wait, which mission makes you skip a cutscene?


Basement Killing. You only have a limited amount of time to kill the guy in the basement and escape via the elevator before the guards come back. You basically have to skip the cut scene after the kill if you want to make it in time.

I’ve tried killing him as pizza delivery boy and then go back as firefighter for the escape but my cover always gets blown even when killing the delivery boy.


Not necessarily. Kill him as delivery boy then drop a smoke bomb in the basement after killing him.


i think i like marrakesh more than paris, sapienza or hokkaido


not all music in HITMAN is bad. it’s mostly the music in paris and sapienza that i hate. they don’t fit hitman at all. the music from the icon and marrakesh is pretty good.


Colorado/Hokkaido soundtrack is also pretty good.


Beldingford Manor is overrated. its not bad, but it isnt so good either.



Since ioi took full control over this game, they should dump it down for good.


Although I know what you mean, first, 47 would not be able to wear his suit in the gama hospital (yes I know you said that), And second, Colorado is a rough terrain. He wouldn’t do well in his shiny shoes. He’s needs thats tactical gear to be most effective.

47 is all about the work, not about the look. The look is only a diversion for his work.


i still don’t like the tactical gear. i don’t care if 47 gets mud on his suit pants, i’m wearing the default suit god dammit.

47 always wears his iconic suit because he’s a socially awkward clone who doesn’t understand that wearing the same clothes everyday is weird.


I’m pretty sure the cut scene in Silent Assassin near the beginning shows that’s not the case. He “suits up” in the same sense that he equips his weapons. They are all part of his work routine.


i’m kidding. i know the suit is just his professional work clothes.


Correct, and that’s why I made this. 47 on vacation, then needs to suit up. I fucking love this. Haha. Music fits it so damn perfect!! (You know which one I’m talking about).


Just a quick question.
How do you feel about the E.T. reward suits?
Like the BM Suit, Absolution Suit, and the Winter Coat? I mean they’re kind of the same suit just with small touches here and there.


i don’t mind those suits at all because he is still wearing the same red tie and black suit. i prefer to use the absolution suit myself because of the gloves.


Same here bud. :wink: