Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2

Okay so I’m gonna say it.
Animations for throwing all items to the ground (not to the head), except coins, should be changed to throw-to-the-head animations. Because how 47 slightly waves his hand and fire extinguisher or propane flask flies for 5 meters is just ridiculous.

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Yes definitely. I like to play Hidden Valley to enjoy its design and the underground tunnel and feeling like you’re experiencing just how many resources this arms trafficker has, but yes, once you’ve mastered it, you really don’t want to return to it :smile:
The old Hitman games had a lot of traveling levels with no targets, and I think that took up a lot of space with Contracts because you only went to about 4 places, but there were so many missions - especially in Hong Kong - that I was disappointed they hogged so much of the game with the same places.

I like Subject 6.
I don’t want him to betray us.


David bateson’s line delivery is a bit off in the last two games imo (in hitman 2 specifically)… Now i know that it’s not his fault (just doing the way he’s told)… but he does not sound normal, line delivery is a bit over the top, slow and dramatic.

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Anyone also wonder who this black guy was mean’t to be in Blood Money ?

You only see him at right at the very end in Requiem, he stands out from the rest of the Agents.
Notable features include black leather gloves and dreadlocks with a goatee, Given that he’s not wearing glasses too. After you kill him you’ll find he’s carrying Stiletto knifes like Eva does in “A Dance With The Devil”

My theory is that during the cremation at 47’s funeral, if 47 didn’t wake up after Diana kissed him this “assassin” is a clone or a hired contract killer that was mean’t to replace 47’s legacy or live up to it under being supervised by “The Franchise” instead of the “ICA”

However there’s absolutely no information on him at all as he’s a very very minor character you literally kill within seconds at the end of the game. Would be interesting if IO had planned anything for this character, that or he’s a throw away asset.


He is a secret service agent. It isn’t some mystery he is dressed like the rest of the agents. They most likely reused a facial asset from Death of a Showman


Glad I am not the one who noticed this dude.
My thought is that he’s personal Jack Alexander Leland Kayne What Is His Name bodyguard.


I actually think the new filter they put on Sapienza (and every other Legacy map) with the bloom looks much better than the original version and is a great improvement.

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I remember this guy for his gloves, and I think I’m right in saying he appeared in the website they made to promote Blood Money. That website (which is gone now, but should be stored in the wayback machine) is notable as being the only place where Cayne and this bodyguard are both named. Cayne is of course called Alexander Leland Cayne (even though he’s called Jack Alexander in the dialogue) and I’m 90% sure the bodyguard was called ‘Scar’, but there was barely any info on him. The only other thing I remember besides the gloves and the knife was that he could also throw one of those RU-AP mines that 47 uses; I’m certain he’s the only NPC who can do that.

P.S. I like the replacement theory! He’s more reliable than their albino clones, because they die within 18 months of maturity.


Thanks for that extra info! @Gontranno47

Very informative.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: I’m just sorry it wasn’t on topic!

Yeah I really like all of it. Especially in Colorado and Hokkaido. Bangkok’s still ugly to me because I hate it so much. And my favorite lighting in sapienza where you walk out of the dark observatory and you’re like

You twisted mind. Wow indeed.


Season 1 had more interesting costumes than season 2

Paris - Vampire, Helmut, Sheikh
Sapienza - Plague Doctor, Bohemian, Hazmat Suit, Street Performer, Butler
Marrakesh - Fortune Teller, Prisoner
Bangkok - Stalker, Exterminator
Colorado - Scarecrow, Point Man
Hokkaido - Ninja, Motorcyclist

Hawkes Bay - ???
Miami - Flamingo, Florida Man, General, Pale Driver
Santa Fortuna - Shaman, Bohemian (again)
Mumbai - Holy Man, Kashmirian
Whittleton Creek - Sheriff, Nurse, Postman (all of these are unique but quite full imo)
Isle of Sgail - Knife, Jebediah Block, Entertainer, Burial Robes
New York - Bank Robber, Knitted Jumper?
Haven - Captain?, Personal Trainer?, Butler (again)

I’m not saying season 2 is bad (I love it all) just that S2 includes less wacky costumes (or it feels that way at least)


I think it was a missed opportunity to include these classic disguises from “A Dance With The Devil” as Easter eggs in Isle Of Sgail


They never will :cry:

We can dream tho

(Even Absolution had a blood money suit in it, aka Absolution > H2018)


That classic bird suit from “The Murder Of Crows” :pensive:


I’d rather have the devil suit tho

I’m not too bothered about IO reliving the past. Just want them to keep wacky costumes going :slightly_smiling_face:

(aka a pirate/shark/Poseidon costume in Haven)

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Yes 100% give me that gold patterned Devil suit again any day. So we can make kill contracts with it and murder our targets in creative ways. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do like the idea of the “odd” costumes that you can find if you explore the level you’re in. For example in the “Show Stopper” level if you find the Vampire costume you can do some creative challenges with it which I enjoyed doing.

The storm ruins the vibes in The Last Resort. I don’t like it.