Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Replace Tank 47 with Glass Cannon 47

I think it is ironic the community wanted health and aim left alone, unless its to give them super auto aim.

Get Gud!
aimbot please!


kb + mouse you filthy console peasants :smiley:


Speaking of that crap, I think everybody who complained about the inability to aim on console are whiners.

I’ve played with a 360 controller on PC since launch, you don’t need autoaim or the aim assist options, just regular aim.


i don’t think 47 has much character development. in contracts, 47 gets shot by someone who apparently recognized him and has some flashbacks, and in blood money he’s just a ruthless asshole without developing into one previously.

the only games where he got character development is silent assassin and absolution (say what you want about that game, but at least the writers freaking tried to give him character! (ABSOLUTION :clap: DID :clap: NOTHING :clap: WRONG)).

season 2 will hopefully fix that.


While not the best excuse, I think a big reason for why there isn’t much development is because of the way he was created. He was ‘programmed’ not to care for much other than completing a contract. Although it does raise some questions on why they only tried this idea twice.
I guess this opinion is unpopular too but i kinda like how cold blooded he was in contracts, blood money, and Season 1, although not as much. I would like to see his character explored a bit more but I really do like the cold blooded professional 47.


the claim that colorado is a boring, empty, flat map is greatly exaggerated.


I might get fucked for saying this but, I don’t mind the look of 47s signature suit without gloves. Sure, the gloves make it look a tad better but I don’t hate it as much as other people do. The look of it grew on me.


i get really angry when i see a review site talking about hitman 2016 and the writer compares its atmosphere to james bond.

47 :clap: IS :clap: NOT :clap: JAMES :clap: BOND


The remake of the Hong Kong missions are better than the original, except The Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant. The Lee Hong Assassination is mostly the main one that needed changing. It basically forces you to get spotted, and the second half of the mission is hell.


I don’t think that is wrong, you have to look at where the series comes from. Every game more or less changes it story telling style. A game like Silent Assassin is extremely reminiscence of earlier Bond movies like ‘From Russia With love’, Contracts have a bit of a horror / detective Noir vibe and Absolution uses a bit more grindhouse style. I think it’s clear that HITMAN 2016 have been inspired by Daniel Craig Bond movies and i would say that is only natural, Agent 47 is more or less the anti Bond.


Vogt would disagree with you about that.