Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Colorado was the most memorable mission in Season 1 and easily the strongest in terms of atmosphere.

The cold, eerie feel to the environment, the complete absence of a safe space and the uneasy feeling of being surrounded by a group of severely fucked up people (murderers, terrorists etc.) really made the map for me.

I got to give it to IOI to take so many risks with that level.


Colorado is better than Bangkok


i like the pink artstyle. if IOI kept doing red, grey, white or black, it would get boring after a while. the pink artstyle is a breath of fresh air.

heck, i even changed the background of my avatar to have the pink from HITMAN 2.


This isn’t the true facts thread


immersion is overrated. sure it is nice to have immersion in some cases, but not every feature needs to be overly realistic. who cares if 47 can hold 100000000 items in his pocket? or that he takes the sniper out the briefcase without a proper assembly animation? it seems like some people are forgetting that they are not playing a simulator, they’re playing a video game.

if hitman was realistic, 47 would take 2 minutes to change clothes and guards would be able to see farther distances. it would not be a fun game to play.


Most Hitman levels from the current installment are very wide. It makes some levels too big to like them the first (few) times for me. Especially Mumbai was very overwelming and too big for me the first time. I figured out how to do some of the cool kills, but most of my plans got totally messed up in my head when I discovered yet another area/intel/character.

I won’t mind if IO made some kind of maze like level instead of a big pack of swiss cheese. Levels like You Better Watch Out, Traditions of The Trade or Death on the Missisipi with a lot of (narrow) hallways with several smaller rooms connected.

I’ve said this before, and I’m still gonna say it, but I think IOI should put some of their focus more on levels with less horizontality, but maybe a bit more verticality. The main reason these maps are so big are probably ‘immersion’ and contracts mode. I don’t dislike any of the levels because of size, but I have a special feeling for the smaller mission. They feel more cozy and personal. That’s why I kinda like The Icon over The Author for example.

It’s no disaster to think big, but create something smaller with it.


I like Diana talking. I like British women talking. I love Diana’s wittiness…
Sue me.

I :heart: my handler


People who play Hitman SA and C and use the Sliding Glitch are lame. Its not impressive at all, the Game is way harder when you play it like it was intended.

Your weakness disgusts me.


47 need a pet



He had one. It did not end well.


He had two the bunny rabbit in the asylum and a canary in his Blood Money hideout


Time to have a New pet



47 has a lot in common with Mr. Bean


  • Both have a signature suit with a red tie
  • Neither of them has got any friends, except for one female who is lonely herself
  • Both have a knack for coming up with convoluted ideas for otherwise straightforward tasks (putting tasers in briefcases hoping someone will pick it up crossing a puddle, instead of just shooting one in the head, is exactly what Mr. Bean would do. 47 would escape a parking garage exactly like Mr. Bean did it.)
  • Both don’t talk much. When they do it sounds awkward.


Genius! That is the twist IO have been build up to 47 is actually Mr. Bean. He killed Sean Bean to assert himself as the one and true Bean!:joy:


Not sure, how unpopular, but since i see people wishing co-op with him and such, i just want to vent:

I don’t like Lucas Grey, i don’t like his vibe, his sleazy face, i don’t care about his story. And he looks like he smells bad. It feels like he is the new cool kid in school, who started taking over my two best friends and i just don’t want him there.

(Now reminiscing that SG-1 episode with fake Lt. Tyler, and i’m one of the SG-1 team, forced by screewritters into thinking, that Tyler was part of the lore all along.)


i feel they same way, bro!

Also: i felt personal insulted by Janus, when he talks about Ortmeyers Project - like IOs Writers spit into my Face.

Thats maybe very childish, but i think it also shows my Passion to Codename 47 and the Series Lore.


Hahaha, this is true.
But his voice and mannerisms make my knees buckle <3


For me it felt good to kill him during that tale. Especially since it was in the orderly’s suit. 47s very first disguise, way before the ICA and their actor mechanics showed up. The disguise that was the first step to get him out of Janus’ circle of influence and the one used while his last words belittling our fathers’ work were smothered out by the pillow that ended his existence.


His voice wouldn’t be bad, if he had more than these im14andthisisdeep oneliners to say with it.
"We all have barcodes on the back of our heads , some just don’t notice." Eeeeeshh :smiley:


HITMAN 2 is for me story wise or better said character wise worst so far.
Even Absolution that had shit story and bunch of plotholes had some interesting characters (Lenny,Blake Dexter or Birdie) and there were some fun scenes to watch like the one with 47 and Lenny in the desert.

I’m pretty sure that still images that replaced cutscenes in HITMAN 2 are also a reason for my dislike of story but overall I found it a big boredom fest and not a single character interesting or captivating.