Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Almost every mission set in America is just not interesting to me. Nothing against the USA, of course, but with its prevalence in the gaming industry, what really hooked me about Hitman from the start was that it had a European feel - so players like myself not used to seeing our countries in video games could enjoy playing missions in the Netherlands or France or other such places.
Just how Hitman 2 started, with a small church in Sicily, was enough to make me take notice of the series for that reason.


On the flip side, it was so awesome to finally get there 4 games in. I love the European feel as well, but it was so cool seeing the US nearly every level. Definitely boosted that world travel feeling.

I hated the States in Absolution, and I’m not the biggest fan of Colorado. I like Miami but there is definitely US fatigue for me.

I love when 47 gets the bartender uniform during training, and she says he should fix her a drink.


Yeah I find that a lot of video game stories currently, especially Hitman 2’s, are like watching bad basic cable dramas


Same. I just had enough of American locations! I don’t want to see anymore American locations in a game like Hitman…just no.


I agree with overusage of USA levels so I hope that since we got 2 levels in HITMAN 2 we won’t get any in 3 (despite me liking Miami & Vermont).

I also think Blood Money as a whole isn’t that good.
The main reason is mechanics introduced back then (climbing, throwing stuff, body hiding etc.)
While initially they were a breath of fresh air compared to older games, I think (execution wise) they got old.
Sadly I must admit that Absolution was the one that fleshed them out so they become more satysfying.
Other reasons include as mentioned above overusage of USA levels, but also the atmosphere.
I feel like with this one IOI tried to go too much into movie-like territory and it didn’t work out (at least for me).

Also since it’s a thread about UNPOPULAR opinions, I guess I must say it:
I DO LIKE Hidden Valley & At The Gates!


A: Wow, there are a lot of sinners here
B: I think that fiber wire sucks


its the unpopular Opinions Thread, not the blatant lie Thread.


I would have liked it if it was the headphones. Like i like the weapon, but its not much fun to use and it doesnt have anything that strikes me. I have sometimes used it just for the lols and sometimes for the achievements, but still, not a fan

Edit: I used Fiber Wire for the following: Don Fernando Delgado (Whilst he was on the cello), One of the Crows, Arkadij Jegorov (Contracts) and kinda but kinda not Fritz Fuchs because its the canon way, but it drowns him… oh and the Ivan Zilvanowitch Scarecrow in Sicily, on my first playthrough of the older games


I think USA locations are an easy excuse to not make a ‘hard’ European or African level. USA is easy to fall back on since it’s big and they are used to the country since they created it over a 20 times. EU countries are cool too you know. I want a level in The Netherlands and Russia. :cry:


Russia presents so many wonderful opportunities! For a start, it’s a stunningly beautiful country, and the snowy levels in Hitman have always looked great. And what’s also interesting in the beautiful architecture they have. I mean, I wouldn’t want them to offend the Russian Orthodox Church, of course, but at the same time a mission set around Saint Basil’s Cathedral would be amazing.


Won’t be accurate if they don’t implement fucking brown metal doors and twenty different kinds of windows in a single building.


The demo voice of agent 47 would have been better in the long run.
However I prefer the voice of 47 when he was dressed as a lazy sod during his exchange of retorts with a macho pig.


No long choke animation, I think they underestimate how many sadists play this.


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I agree on polished slightly. I have no idea what you mean by achieved this game is just as acclaimed as the last and all other Hitman games.


Achieved = completed, proper GOLD version, had the sufficient time to be finished like needed despite few bugs here and there…

It could’ve been acclaimed by Mr Spielberg himself, it’d be still unfinished.


It was cooler in Blood Money but now it’s mostly useless


True but there are plenty of Spielberg films that have errors or flaws in them. In fact he ruined ET and made Crystal Skull. I love ET and I don’t hate KotCS


It could’ve been acclaimed by (insert famous celebrity who is known to rate things name here), it’d be still unfinished.


And I think it is is finished, I also think it is unpolished both are mutually exclusive. You can have MGSV which is polished but unfinished or you can have Fallout 76 which is unpolished, unfinished and will go unattended. HITMAN 2 is at least getting a patch