Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


If you call that sequel “finished”, then maybe you’re part of the guys who can afford mediocrity…

Well i don’t.
Such a waste of a potential while we know it’s supposed to be “The Best Assassination Game Ever Made”…

Just look at these two topics, CMON BROWSE THEM IN DETAILS BEFORE ARGUING…


Look at that:

Same thing happened for Hitman 2016, and even after GOTY Definitive Final Supreme Edition there are remaining bugs (they they could’ve patched if they wanted to, nothing related to Squeenix OK)

And i’m not even quoting all the “QA” issues because i’m forbidden, JUST SEARCH ON FORUMS, you will see that it’s not a new issue!

You call that a finished game? Are you blind?
Do you ignore the obvious reality?

Especially when they sell it as “better than the first one”…


Having bugs doesn’t mean not finished. It means not polished.


This is Unpopular Opinions Topic, so deal with it…

Oh i quoted you…is that allowed or?


Ironic from a guy who can’t get over a few bugs, A fortnight from now and they will mostly be gone.


You can accept mediocrity and beta testing-on-the-go, i don’t.

Say that to the HITMAN 2016 Definitive Edition players :wink:


That has nothing to do with it. It’s a matter of definition. In your case no game is ever considered finished as they all have bugs. And shouldn’t it point you to a logical though that I might disagree with an opinion posted in the unpopular opinions thread?


The game is not mediocre and you are being petulant.


What’s up with you and pictures of faces with skin problems? Is that meant to be an act of rebellion, an insult or a joke I don’t get?


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Haven’t we come through that already? This time you have at least played it, right?

You: “The game sucks”
Still not real gamers: “Would you care to explain?”
You: “No, deal with it :joy::joy::joy:


its called a ‘fetish’ :stuck_out_tongue:


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You wish :wink:

Everything explained on posts related to the topic above. Nothing else to add :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Back to topic or keep playing childish games?..
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Your self-irony sounds desperate of all things. It’s actually you being childish here, funny you don’t see it.


Aaaand the infinite loophole begins…

Actually no. I’m a desperate kid with a childish attitude, you’re right, i see it clearly now, you opened my eyes! (insert multiple emotes here)

Now you’ve had the final words, back to the topic or we keep it up?

I already know the answer…


I found this on reddit recently. I agree with 99% of that list. A comparison between Blood Money and Hitman: Here it goes.

Both have their upsides, it’s such a shame they couldn’t bring ALL the good things of Blood Money to HITMAN. Just like half.

Things from Blood Money that should have been there:

  • Human shield
  • Light switches
  • AI civilians picking up weapons and attacking you
  • Carrying containers/plates to get weapons in
  • Sniper suitcase
  • Newspaper article after mission
  • AI noticing blood stains
  • Fibre wire not taking inventory slot
  • Binoculars
  • Ability to push AI down the stairs
  • Universal clock that triggers events, not player proximity
  • Difficulty levels, and pro difficulty without saving etc…

Things that are actually better about HITMAN 2016:

  • Much bigger levels, that obviously look much better (not fully agree on bigger equal to better for Hitman)
  • Disguise system is better than Blood Money imo. Best it’s ever been. In Absolution it was worst
  • More ways to tamper with environment, poison stuff, create leaks
  • More stealthy gadgets than BM. After all it’s a stealth game, not so much shooter
  • Contracts, while it’s from Absolution. But wasn’t in BM
  • Elusive Targets
  • Levels are generally more interesting and filled with things to do, while there is less of them

Things about HITMAN 2016 I don’t like much:

  • Player proximity triggered events taking bigger role… Doesn’t fit a game that is supposed to be played over and over again, these same conversations can get pretty annoying. “Rocco, get down here…” -_-
  • Starting location unlock. In a way cool, but starting as guard etc. makes also playing a lot easier
  • HUD spoon feeding info to player, Oppotunities. Glad you can turn it off
  • Instinct, same thing. IMO it’s stupid thing, never will use it
  • Voice actors without local accents
  • Handholding, Diana talking too much (added)

Things that many people see as problems, I don’t:

  • Music. While maybe better in old games, it’s alright now too. And I don’t play games for music
  • Gun customization. Meh, whatever… I can get many variations now, just in different way (different mastery items). And in BM after you got best setup, you rarely changed it anymore. It’s not a shooter but stealth game, Imo trivial flaw
  • Lack of first person view. It’s not really a shooter, so I don’t see the need (I do)


Wasn’t it you trying to get the final word by simply not replying to my question which was in fact on topic?

Sadly, I am. Come on:

Clearly a grown up man.

Do you not see the contradiction here?


Knew it :hugs:

As a grown up but “childish” and “desperate” kid, i’ll stop the drama here now…
Back to the topic!


The list is somewhat outdated with stuff like briefcase being mentioned but I mostly agree. Expect for fiber wire cause it will ruin the balance especially if NPCs will start noticing blood pools. And binoculars seem kinda useless but that’ something I wouldn’t be bothered by. Starting location are also some of the best additions to the game. While I agree some may make it too easy but generally they are great for a lot of stuff. You can listen to more dialogue, it is useful in escalations and contracts, opens up new kill possibilities because of different timings and so on. Imagine you could start as a guest in BM instead of waiting for the drunk guy to go to the burned down building every single time in Till Death Do Us Part, wouldn’t it be great?


Having bugs doesn’t mean not finished. It means not polished. It’s a matter of definition. In your case no game is ever considered finished as they all have bugs. And shouldn’t it point you to a logical though that I might disagree with an opinion posted in the unpopular opinions thread?