Unpopular Opinions about Hitman V2


Excellent analysis :+1:

Couldn’t said it better.
They think we want a HITMAN Blood Money II…NOT AT ALL!!

All we want is a HITMAN as good as Hitman: Blood Money, aka good mechanics, and same entertaining gameplay.


That’s the way it is now. It is the best gameplay in the series despite some bugs(that I am actually yet to encounter)


i personally have run into minimal bugs (except for global things like SA being bugged rn). i guess IO gave me the finished copy of the game o.o


I have only experienced three crashes in a row in Miami pre patch but they fixed that.


HITMAN 2 has the absolutely worst story in the entire franchise, due to a lot of ridiculous changes to the established lore. The biggest offender is 47 carbombing Diana’s parents, a story element which I heavily dislike. It’s just connecting dots where no dots needed to be connected.

Diana’s new backstory is way, way worse than anything in Absolution. Yes, even Victoria, who wasn’t a bad character by the way. In fact, the whole carbombing fiasco retroactively makes H2016 worse. Absolution had a way better backstory for Diana, despite showing up in only one trailer and not in the game itself.

Oh, and Absolution wasn’t a bad Hitman game at all.


I disagree with this. And here’s why. Back in 2006 when I played and enjoyed Blood Money, I wasn’t into stealth games. Up until this time I also played the first Splinter Cell game - I was bored out of my mind. Both games were about stealth, granted, one more serious than the other, but stealth nonetheless. But something about Blood Money kept me playing. It wasn’t Bateson’s voice, it wasn’t the art direction, it wasn’t the story or the funny dialogue, it wasn’t the gameplay, it wasn’t Jesper Kyd - it was all of these things. The music was an important aspect of the old Hitman games, as shallow as it sounds. It’s a package as a whole. Something the modern devs don’t understand.


light switches have mostly been replaced by generators though, right?


The game has a lot of technical issues on PC. Bugs in the sense of ruining game mechanics is not so much an issue. But I wish it was optimized better. I will say though … less crashes than Hitman 2016, a bit.


At least IO knew where stamping out the bugs mattered the most unlike a certain renowned AAA publisher who couldn’t even be arsed to do QA on reporting correctly.


Unpopular opinion:

Every single one of us actually failed The Undying elusive contract. Sean Bean survived again. Whatever kill you achieved was a carefully orchestrated ruse by Mr Bean – and he will be back.

(Ominous tone of voice intensifies.)

Oh, yes, 47, he will be back.


THAT… is not an unpopular opinion. I’m sure almost everyone thinks that Mr. Bean will return eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite the resume.


Partly. Cause they have different purposes: BM and previous games allowed hiding in the darkness and the new ones only use them as distractions.


New soundtrack is not very good. I was disappointed not to hear the bass in Colombia(leaked soundtrack suggested so), the village music sounds like it was meant for a 13+ quest game or something. Miami’s club/bar music is pretty generic and can’t compare to, for example, Paris fashion show soundtrack. Not much to say about Mumbai as I haven’t played the level enough. A New Life(:new_moon_with_face:) sounds like a super hero movie. And even though Janus’es theme is somewhat good the “dynamic” soundtrack stops abruptly as soon as you exit his garden. Sgail has decent combat music but I don’t like the electronic part which is generic af.


i guarantee you, he will be the 12th ET again, so we unlock the Suit…and to hurt 47 reputation as the worlds best Assassin…


How could it be hurt more after being defeated by a giant mexican?


Or the cowboy businessman or the creepy rape sheriff, or the creepy rape mercenary or a guy named Birdy or the Latex dom nun hit-squad


Wait what? What rape are you talking about?


its heavily implied that Wade has a Thing for it, he “loves the Hawaii Room“…


To be fair, how can you compare a game that came out two years ago, with many patches and updates, to a game that came out a few weeks ago, with literally only like two patches?

And I might add, that Hitman 2016 on release had 1 location, Paris, while Hitman 2 had all 6 locations on release. So there’s already been more content on the month that it was released, compared to Hitman 2016.

I don’t understand how Hitman 2016 can be more “achieved” as Hitman 2 actually expanded on it with new features and mechanics. It’s the same as 2016 but with more, so logically Hitman 2 has “achieved” more.

The only thing Hitman 2016 does better is that it’s more polished. Which makes sense, because it came out two fucking years ago, lmao.

I’ll let you keep your unpopular opinion, but it doesn’t really make sense.


2016 on its release was just as broken. I believe accidents and poison kills were counted against SA if bodies are found.