Unresolved problems with challanges in HITMAN 2. How it affect HITMAN 3?

First of all i want to say that i love your games and i brought all games in a series so overall i belive you doin a great job in IO Interactive. But problem with challanges is a black card in your game. And there is some worries about incoming HITMAN 3 in that topic.

First you force all players to use ONLINE profiles to “give us better experience”, but then we all realized that you give us in a same time a lot of problems with multi-condition challenges. Huge number of playerbase stuck with glitched progress of their challanges or permamently locked reward items.

You tried to fix it but its still broken. Then you decide to throw it to backlog and do not do anything more in that topic. Poeple stuck with unlockable rewards and you start working on new game.

So OK, HITMAN 3 incoming, and we kept progress from HITMAN 2. But what have you plan to fix the situation? I dont even want to imagine that i start HITMAN 3 game and then i discover that i find imported BROKEN challanges progress to the new game. It will be first thing i check in game and if i find it i instantly refund game, because that will be a tragic joke.

  • We ask for fixes, you dont fix problem.
  • We ask for simple feature to reset challanges - you do not add it.
  • You end development with existed problem -that can permamentely lock access to the content.

So guess what i feel when i see imported broken challange progress to completely fresh game?
As i love you IOI, that whole situation worries me.

Best Regards for everyone.


I think the problem with the always online schematic is people fail to realise that Hitman is a post-launch content support game. It’s no doubt that after the games release we got tons of content added to the game that, for the longest time, made the game worth while to play again. It’s easy to get people to play the game, but it’s not easy to maintain people to play that game. IOI did a great job with keeping people playing, and in order to do that they had to use an always online schematic. Sure it may jepodise the games reputation as anti-consumer, but the main focus of it was to first attract an audience for the first time, which has already done a good job.

Always online is not perfect, but great at sacrificing one thing for another.

My point is that Online profile is a source of that current problem (at least that was in my situation where i lost connection to IO server moment before finishing mission), i have nothing against a online profiles as a game feature.

The problem is that if you give players something like this it should be free from gamebreaking defects , especially if this defect can be moved to new HITMAN game. Because online profile is affected by glitch and you probalby use a same profile in Hitman 3.

For now you are still unable to finish challanges in HITMAN 2 and unlock items if you are unlucky and challange with reward is bugged.

Maybe for Hitman, but in the case for challenges not unlocking it should absolutely be fixed for long term. That’s why I felt to mention that while challenges don’t unlock, it’s worth noting that the formula as an always online game is great for Hitman. Not perfect, but great.

Now if you’re asking if the challenges should unlock, as supposed to them tied to the online schematic - I think it should be fixed, and I pray that it would be fixed, or people will be disappointed.

Sure lock the stuff like escalations, leaderboards, challenge packs and contracts behind the online mode. But mastery for the main mission challenges and the rating system shouldn’t require the internet in order to function