Upcoming elusive target(NOT THE DECEIVERS)

Soo uh when i started up hitman 2 i saw that there was a upcoming elusive target has anyone else noticed this?

The Decievers were departed at 14 CET today.
Next Elusive Target is The Stowaway, will be available from March 19 till March 29, 14 CET


No,I didn’t saw anything is it a country related thing and where it shows up ?

This thing on the main game screen is a placeholder for any Elusive Target when there is no Elusive Target active.
Elusive Target arrives in the game for a period from 7 to 14 days.
It arrives and departs on 14:00 CET. use timezone converter to see the time for your country

All Elusive Targets are announced in monthly Roadmaps that are published by IOI on their website and social media


Anyone actually knows whose silhouette this is?

Hatless Mark Chase I would go with


You mean Mark Chase from Miami? Then it would make no sense, because the next elusive target is not in Miami.

Who told you he’s from Miami?
Who told you that he’d existed at all?
This is some kind of a mythical ghost


In Miami there is one NPC. His name is Mark Chase.

Can you screencapture him?
Just curious, because I never seen this name in contracts

Okay wait. Maybe Google can help me. Because I am not playing right now.

Edit: @Count.Rushmore You are right. It was a mod. I am an idiot.


Count.Rushmore is messing with you.
Mark Chase was the name of one of the targets in Ghost Mode.
The silhouette has to represent someone, it feels too detailed not to. Could be Mark Chase, I doubt it, I see no reason why he’d take off his hat.
In any case, the silhouette does not point to who the next elusive target will be, but serves as a general symbol. We already know the next ET is The Stowaway in Sgail, and that’s clearly not this silhouette.


If you read the March roadmap you would know the next ET is the stowaway.

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well 1 thing it appears he has glasses so mebbe the fixer?

This image reminds me of the companion app :sweat_smile: I’d love for that to make a return.

Elusive Targets will be coming on a monthly basis, which is why you’ll see that silhouette in the main menu once a Elusive Target has finished.

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This is something that has appeared in everyone’s menus at the moment.
It’s a usual thing while there’s a break between two elusive targets.

As CountRushmore said, this is a placeholder image. Just a silhouette meant to fill the space as a teaser. I don’t think it represents anything, since it never really has.

I don’t have images of every time it appeared throughout the trilogy, but here’s an image of the Coming Soon tab from H2016:
elusive icon 16

As you can see, this is just 47’s model. Either in Hitman 2 or 3, I’m not too sure, they might have switched to a more detailed model or someone other than 47. Regardless, it’s no one specific.


The silhouette looks like Steven Bradley with different clothes to me