Upcoming Movies Thread

Hey I haven’t seen Orlando Bloom in a movie since Pirates of Caribbean. This could be interesting!

The protagonist better starts by doing license tests! :rofl:

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There’s a Gran Turismo movie??

What’s it gonna be about?? Just… a race? That’s called Gran Turismo?

Really confused what the draw is here, because GT doesn’t look like it has anything unique to offer a film adaptation


Nah, it’s an adaptation of a real life esport racer’s story, who has played GT, attended GT Academy, then became an actual racer. Of course the game series themselves never have such plot implemented. I am curious to see how this turns out though.


Check out Zulu (the one from 2013, not the one from 1964; although that’s a great film, so you should actually check it out as well). Bloom plays a hobo tough-guy South African cop and it’s probably the best acting I’ve seen from him :grin: And it’s a generally fun flick.


This is, like, general movie news, but I guess this is the most appropriate place for it… The Oscars are upcoming and it’s just been announced that Everything Everywhere has a stand-out 11 nominations!

Very cool, but I’m especially happy that Stephanie Hsu has been nominated (alongside Jamie Lee Curtis) as Best Supporting Actress for it.
She was majorly snubbed at the Globes, where only Curtis got nom’d for some reason

Her freaking Audition tape – she’d already mastered the character she’d play in the film… awesome stuff!!