Upgrade Paths to GOTY Edition


3/11/16 is the date listed on both. No offense, but it’s not in my library because it was never downloaded (again didn’t know it was a thing) sony’s library works in a way that you will only see things that you have “bought”(even free) or downloaded once from ps store. The in game store does not show any option for the summer bonus episode. Since the summer bonus is no longer offered for purchase on the store but is still a requirement for goty upgrade I’m essentially locked out.


No offense taken. I asked you to look in the in-game store because that should direct you to the store page where you can download it (provided you have access, and you should as a Full Experience owner.)

Alternatively, you can look on the PS4 menu, highlight the HITMAN tile and go all the way down to PSN Store and Your Add-ons. Is the Bonus Episode listed there?


No, patient zero is listed, but if I click on that it says this add on can’t be found, it may not be for sale yet. Winter bonus episode is in the ps store and downloaded. But summer bonus does not show in ps store or in game store for me


There is only one Bonus Episode, previously called Summer Bonus Episode. Where are you seeing a Winter Bonus Episode? That’s never existed.

Does your PS4 say you have “Bonus Episode” installed?


Sorry, I misspoke it’s the Holiday pack that is installed. There is no bonus episode installed


If the (Summer) Bonus Episode isn’t listed under “Your Add-ons” under the HITMAN tile, you’ll need to talk to Sony about that. There’s nothing we can do on our end about that, unfortunately.


So I would have to get the GOTY edition for 35.99 and instal that. It just didn’t make sense to me because I was worried about getting charged again for the content I already have


Please fix these bugs since you have launched the GOTY edition.They have been a pain in the rear end for many Hitman players for months. Thank you for taking the time to read this. @Travis_IOI

NPCs compromising you through walls.
Map eating your weapons/tools.
Paris Level Light Rig Opportunity, I picked up the stage schedule, but the opportunity never updates and keeps telling me to pick up stage schedule. Also, after distracting Sato, Viktor never goes on the stage.
Punch glitch.
The lock on for throwing is funky.
Guards aiming at you through walls.


You’ve already posted this. Don’t post things more than twice. Plus, have you even read the title of the thread ?

Don’t think the team is going to fix it because some guy is posting things in an irrelevant thread


First of all, my issue is regarding the GOTY edition and it does fall under the category of tech support. Second, Travis only responds to this thread because of how new it is, the other thread is a year old. Third, why do you care?


It is regarding the game of the year edition, that part is true. However the title specifically says upgrade paths, this has absolutely no connection with glitches and viewcones and what not.


We want to keep the forum organized and not suggestions popping up in other places.


Well, I respect you for wanting to keep the forum organized. However, these bugs have existed for over a year. Having the developers overlook these won’t just benefit me, it benefits all members of the forum as well as anyone who plays the game. Please understand the urgency of me trying to get IOI to take notice.


A Game of the Year Edition is everytime an extra game but dont here, why?

I downloaded it 2016 the normal version and now the GOTY version but i have only one game, why? Thats not was GOTY was before!

HITMAN from 2016 and HITMAN-GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION are 2 games, or not?


No, it’s the same game
the Goty edition includes dlcs


but why can i buy when i have it thats crazy and not-okay and the DLCs are horrible they dont give us extra achievements, what is that, buying for nothing, or what?


Hi everybody i have a question:

I want to play hitman again since i only played hitman blood money on ps3, im looking here in the play store and found hitman game of the year edition and then theres a uograde when i read the description of the main game it comes with everything that comes in the upgrade:

  • patient zero bonus campaign featuring 4 brand new missions including new gameplay mechanics and features
  • 3 new themes escalation contracts
  • 3 new outfits
  • 3 new weapons

All this that comes in the upgrade , it says that comes with the game, is like that or im missing something.



The ‘upgrade’ adds all of that on top of the Complete First Season.

If you are completely new to HITMAN, you need to get the GOTY Edition.


Hi, I ask the same question that other users have done and that until now there has been little clarity. I bought at least the first 3 or 4 episodes, so now I miss at least 5 on 6 and that bonus. Now to get everything I need, what should I buy?





Thank you.


Unfortunately, my language skills do not allow me to say it with much more clarity than above. Alas, I will try:

If you own the Intro Pack (ICA Facility location and Paris location) but you do not own all of the other episodes, then the best option is to purchase the GOTY Upgrade (Intro Pack).

By doing so, you will be able to download and play the episodes from The Complete First Season that you do not already own as well as all of the new GOTY content.



if you use steam click this, your missing contents will be listed there