Upgrade Paths to GOTY Edition


I have xbox…so I must buy the upgrade goty package 20 euros???


Hi, I’m having an issue upgrading. I own every pack besides the summer bonus pack. This means I should download the Hitman GotY Upgrade (Intro Pack). However when I try to download this I’m told I cannot because I already own episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If I try downloading the regular GOTY Upgrade, I’m told I cannot download it because I am missing the summer bonus episode. If i try through the in-game store to buy just the summer bonus, im told this content has been removed from the Playstation store. Is this intentional? Am I just S.O.L.? I’d like to upgrade but I’m not going to buy the whole game over again just to get some bonus maps and escalations.


I’m having the same issue;

I purchased the first season pack. So i have 6 episodes and the bonus episode.
But it won’t let me upgrade to GOTY through PSN store, or in-game store. :frowning:

What i did notice; i had to redownload Hitman for this; and none of the 7 DLC;s are downloaded with it.
They all say they are not accesable… maybe thats part of the problem??

Any ideas?


Hi there, I hope there is someone that could help me with this issue and direct me through it please ! Here goes!
So back in 2016 I bought Hitman and the Season Pass digitally on PS4, A year later Changed my HDD and re-installed every game I own, coming to Hitman trying to Launch the Sapienza mission “World of Tomorrow” at the end of the loading screen it give me a crash with this code ( CE-34878-0 ).
Question is … do I need the GOTY edition even though I own the season pass or does it play a role in causing this problem of mine?
P.S. my account is UAE and also Bonus compaign “Patient Zero, requiem pack & GOTY outfit bundles” requiers purchasing and I own the bonus maps! PS_Messages_20180120_134023|690x388 if that helps in solving the problem


Hi and thanks so much for the wealth of into!

I fall under the category of PS4, country in Hong Kong (PSN Asia store).

Understood that the GOTY content is not available yet and we’ll have to wait and see.

But is it normal that I can’t purchase the Bonus Summer episode nor the Requiem Pack either? (I’m just so keen on new content after completing the Sarajevo Six.) Choosing them from the in-game store gives the usual “Content no longer available” prompt.

It is quite intriguing that you can’t even search for “Hitman” on the PSN Asia store - there are zero search results!

Finally, just wonder if there’s any (estimated?) timeline for PSN Asia to get the GOTY content?

Thanks so much for your advice!


I have all of the original episodes plus the holiday episode. I do not have GOTY content or the bonus episode. when i try to purchase the bonus episode on PSN to upgrade to the GOTY edition it tells me the content is not available, not for sale. How can I upgrade my ps4 version to GOTY? I love this game and the whole franchise but this issue is making me angry. any help on how or when i will be able to upgrage my game is appreciated.



@Travis_IOI a friend of mine says that he can’t download the content from the Complete Edition. He bought it earlier last year, but never downloaded it. The store says now “not available”, unless he buys the GOTY upgrade. The game licence is in his PSN transaction list. How is it possible to download everything without upgrading?


I read your full post. Are you in the US? We’re currently double checking those rules and set-up with Sony as we’re getting more reports of issues similar to yours. Thanks!

What error do you see when you try to purchase the GOTY Upgrade? Where you able to re-download the episodes now?

That Ce-34878-0 is a general PS4 issue and not related to the game specifically. You don’t need the GOTY Edition to play Wolrd of Tomorrow.

As far as I know, the only option available in Hong Kong is The Complete First Season, which includes the Bonus Episode. For the Requiem Pack, that’s not currently available either as far as I can see.

As per the OP, you need to go to the in-game store and look for the “GOTY Upgrade (Intro Pack)”. If you run into issues, let me know what error you get and what country you are in.

He can try refreshing licenses and then going to the Your Add-ons section on PSN. (Main menu, highlight HITMAN and go all the way down). Any luck?


Thank you for answering. The problem is already solved. He downloaded the Hitman Free Pack and was able to install the Complete Edition content via the ingame store. :smiley: He tried it in the general PSN store first, not ingame.


Thank you I tried that and it says “There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale” and gives me no further options.


Almost the same problem with my version.
Only that I didn’t have had the plain game in the first place but bought the GotY-version in january.
No further options in the in-game store, no further options in the PSN store (in the latter it says that I already downloaded every DLC). I can only play the Paris maps over and over again.


Dunno if you can do anything about this @Travis_IOI, but the full GOTY edition is in the Xbox sale at the moment (£26.99 down from £44.99) but the two upgrade paths aren’t. I’ve been waiting for the Intro Pack > full GOTY pack to drop in price a bit and was hoping it’d be in the sale as well. When Hitman was in the PSN sale a few weeks back, all editions had a reduction.


I have the The Complete First Season (disc) and the Intro Pack (Prologue & Paris) (digital), If I buy the GOTY Upgrade (Intro Pack) will I have The Complete first season digital + GOTY Upgrade digital too?
This is a mess.


Hi @Travis_IOI, I had the PS4 complete first season of hitman disc and just bought the GOTY upgrade on the playstation store (in in the UK), and it appears I no longer have any of the bonus episode content on my game, ‘The Icon’, ‘Landslide’, ‘A House Built on Sand’ are red (unavailable) and say ‘Get Access’ on them. When I click ‘Get Access’ a dialog box pops up advertising the bonus episode stating that ‘Downloadable content not installed’ and that I need to get the ‘Bonus Episode’ (even though I’ve had it for over half a year now). I click ‘Go to playstation store’ and it pops up with a PS dialogue saying ‘There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale.’ This sucks because I feel like I’ve paid to upgrade the game and now I have less content than I originally had haha.


I purchased every mission individually, and when I try to buy the GOTY Upgrade on PS4 it says I cannot due to not owning the summer bonus pack. Any advice?


So annoyed with this set up. I bought the Complete First Season Steelbook Edition and basically even though its advertised as “the ultimate physical version of the game, with over 100 hours of gameplay. Featuring all of the Season One locations and episodes” i actually need to purchase and download the GOTY Upgrade (disc) to play that content correct? I registered the game. Registered the Requiem Blood Money Pack. Downloaded the newest patch (1.32). Every Destination is stuck at installing 96%. i deleted and reinstalled the game and now i have to download this 1.32 patch again my internet is pure garbage. Its going to take another 51 hours to complete. Looks like that until i download this update i cant purchaseanything on the Playstation store becasuse it says i do not own Hitman. lol good lord


Hi. I bought a copy of the standard edition of Hitman for my PS4 before the GOTY edition was available for purchase. So I already own the intro pack and I also purchased the Sapienza mission, and now I want to upgrade to the GOTY (Intro Pack). However, when I go to the PlayStation store OR the in-game store, it tells me it is unavailabe because: “I already own HITMAN: Sapienza”, or in the case of the in-game store: “the content may no longer be for sale”. How do I fix this? (if you need information about my country, I live in Canada)


I’ve updated the OP with an edit, but I’m posting it here too for visibility:

If you’ve been having issues purchasing the “GOTY Upgrade (Intro Pack)” on PS4 in North America, we’ve requested a change to the set-up from Sony to make sure that anyone with the ‘Intro Pack’ (meaning you can play the ICA Facility and Paris) are able to buy this upgrade. That change will come into effect before or on the 19th March 2018.

This will hopefully remove the issues you’ve been having @Ken_Wright @NihilisticMystic @ElConvict @Gameicide_Psyke


I have the Hitman Complete First Season. registered it.
registered and downloaded the Requiem Blood Money Pack.
just purchased the GOTY Upgrade Disc. i still only have the ICA training Facility. every other location is 95% installing. should i have purchased the GOTY Upgrade instead?


Hi @Travis_IOI hope you are still around. I love the game but I’m having issues with my xbox one version of the game. I had Paris and Sapienza AND followed your instructions I bought the Goty upgrade yesterday but now it seems I waste my money for nothing. I can download the patient zero campaign and the suits but it’s useless because I can’t access the locations even via the in game store it redirects automatically to the xbox store which tells me they are no longer sold separately. I even desinstalled the game and everything and re did it. In my games and app they are not present at all too. Not even once.I’m really upset, please help me. I paid the upgrade for nothing. I contacted Microsoft too who said me I have to see first with you