Upgrading using Perks

Trying to work with what we have to suggest an upgrade system that might be possible for the current game (or H3) with minimal work, I came up with this system.

Using snipers as an example, I imagine a system where you unlock basic sniper types.
You unlock a Jaeger 7, a Sieger 300, and so on, with no scopes, silencers, or anything like that.

Beyond this, your rifle needs to be equipped with perks, which you also unlock.

Each rifle has three or possibly four perk slots, and into each slot you can put a particular perk.


In the example above you have equipped your rifle with the Versatile Scope , Suppressor and Marksman perks. Here I also imagine the ability to give your rifle a skin (and you would be able to unlock a lot of different skins), as well as giving it it’s own unique name (which would allow you to save multiple perk combinations for different useages.


The result might look something like this (obviously just screenshotted from the game, but it makes the point I think).

Obviously this system would be extended to pistols and so on as well.

I imagine the devs could still reward you with ”a new Sieger 300 version” if they wanted to, by rewarding it to you as a pack of sorts.

The Sieger 300 Ghost would look and work just as it does, but technically, it would just be putting a new named version of the Sieger 300 in your list of named Sieger 300s, while giving you the Ghost skin, and the Extended Scope perk to use freely for other combinations.

For Ghost Mode, I imagine the game would randomly generate new “unique” rifles each time using different perks.

How does this strike you? I feel like this is a change that could be done fairly “easily” (programming takes time, I know) while adding something pretty interesting to the game and how it works.


Sounds good but i think balancing the items themselfs whould be better

Like make each sieger have its own advantages and disadvatanges instead of oh this one plays ave maria
and oh i need to fire this off next to a guards butt

I agree, the least they can do for weapon customization.

I like it, the sniper rifles are a perfect example of how the unlock system makes certain items obsolete. The Sieger Ghost is better than every other sniper in every aspect - the other Siegers are the only other ones worth using, while loud snipers like the Druzhina look cool but are completely useless without anything meaningful to differentiate them.