Urben's Escalation Pack (not for real sadly)



Well done! The Paris one seems to be the popular one so far, or do you guys stick to the OP order? :smiley:


@Urben – I’ll play the ones available, so it made sense to start in Paris.

And thanks a lot for the clear explanation - if these escalation complications were in-game, I would have tested that method for a good while on console with little-to-no reward.

Being able to trigger remotes from a ledge would be a nice option.


Re: The Paris Escalation. I’ve tried similar methods to 2 vids posted. Without outright saying what it is - there’s even one method I’ve tried (and failed at) that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe if CJ gives this one a go…? :smile:


That’s what I intend to do, although I’ll have to take a short break. I was one of the lucky few to be chosen to be part of the Trials Rising closed beta and it runs from today until next Monday, so in my limited spare time I’ll probably be playing that between now and then. But I’ll definitely come back to these. I’m looking forward to solving these fiendish puzzles.


I already have a plan in my head for the next one, but I’m sure it’ll be more complicated… And make me end up losing sleep thinking about it.



Well done, good someone starts with the safe route! :slight_smile: I wonder what others will do here.


Got L3 of Pudding Stash to 3:47, but know there’s something I’ve missed. :thinking:


It is quite open but I dont have a score myself because I only checked possible routings. Maybe 3:47 is quite good already but a crazy idea of mine could srap it down by a whole lot.


That’s as good as I can get it using conventional means - will try a few other things out. :smiling_imp:


Did Level 3 of Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido.
Started backwards with Hokkaido first.
Haven’t finished all of them because the Sapienza one crashed my game three times and I got tired.
But I still had fun (most of the time^^). Really nice challenges.

I hope I got everything right.


Well done! But sadly the Hokkaido one was not correct as it was requested to get a doctor’s disguise. :slight_smile: Not the director’s one.
otherwise great work on the other three. You might have noticed that the Lv3 of Colorado was not more challenging than Lv2. That’s because there is a faster way where the complication affects you. If you want to check that out.

Also I like the “kill cam” in the Marrakesh. I fear without being an actual escalation, doing this is the only way to make sure you did it right. :confused:


Damn it, how was I so blind? Now I have to try with a doctor’s disguise.
Ich könnte schwören da stand “Director” und nicht “Doctor”.^^

Yeah I was wondering about the “Postponed Clean Up” complication, but I still haven’t figured it out.

About sedating the soldier on Marrakesh:
I guess the only way to know when he drops is to use the timer since you can’t see him with instinct from that distance.
I tested it a couple of times by bullet-distracting him at 00:40 and he would drop around 01:15/17.

The Marrakesh one was my favorite by the way.
And this was probably the first time ever that I used the Sedative Poison Vial.^^


Any success so far? :slight_smile:


I had a look this evening at the next one: Urben’s Pudding Stash. I’m struggling at the moment to find a quick method to get his body down to the labs. I’ll have to ponder it further. :thinking:


That’s what I had if you want to check it - left it unlisted as I know there’s an extra trick in there somewhere.


I feel ya. It takes too long and I always get spotted! :'c


Currently playing it myself. Seems like it really is hard to be somewhat fast. Still have modyfied my approach. Gonna post my time and later a vid of my run. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry I cannot get my strat much below 4mins. The main problem I have is hiding a lab guy. When designing the puzzle I seem to have missed something. Or I cannot remember what I was thinking lol. If I would cut the “hide all bodies” restriction in Level 3 would you guys have more ideas for creative solutions?

EDIT: If I’d drop that complication for Level 3 my time is 3:14.

I edited Level 3 of Pudding Stash, I hope you guys have less trouble to save some time. :slight_smile:


This probably doesn’t need to be said, but if I record anything it’ll only be the 3rd (or final) Level. Because uploading takes SOOO long.