Urgent: Saving SONKO

People who want to recreate some outstanding SONKO contracts for PC, Stadia or Nintendo Switch can still apply here, but THE NEW SONKO THREAD IS LIVE NOW!

You can find it here:

Hello everyone, I’d like to help in saving Euler13 's SONKO legacy. It can be found in this archive topic:

It’s not going to be straightforward transporting it: the contracts would all have to be recreated within the Hitman 3 world, preferably on all systems. As I understand it, there is a deadline of March before the archive goes down. Can anyone confirm the precise deadline?
In any case, it could be tight, especially considering most people will prefer playing the bright and shiny Hitman 3 levels, but I want to give it a try with the able and willing.

Aside from recovering what exists, I would of course also like the list to keep growing and the tradition to carry on.

However, this thread should be dedicated to the salvaging of the existing SONKO’s. I’d prefer Euler13, or someone else, to remake the actual SONKO thread and update it with whatever we can recreate here, and keep a live list running to boot. I don’t see myself as the good person the start the actual SONKO thread, as I’m known to disappear from the forum once in a while.

So, the salvaging operation. any volunteers to help? Any bright ideas on how to organise this in the most efficient way? There are currently 60 contracts to be created.

This is the list. The link to the archive topic will get you where you need to be for the descriptions, though it will require some scrolling, as the links in Euler’s opening post don’t work anymore: SONKO Challenges - Hitman 2 (2018) - Hitman Forum

Special thanks to @YellowZR1 (Playstation), @ZeroGravitas (Playstation), @Sniff (Playstation), @djukak (Playstation), @DarkHelmet (Stadia), @ColdDayInHell (Xbox), @rattleshnake (PC) and @Euler13 (Xbox) for having recreated SONKO missions!

All contracts recreated for Xbox and Playstation! More volunteers for the few remaining contracts on Stadia, or the many remaining contracts on PC and Nintendo Switch are still welcome.

  • #1: Euler13 / Santa Fortuna
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-12-5458450-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-12-4690502-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-12-7757506-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #2: Franz / ICA Facility
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-01-1476807-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-01-9981018-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-01-6940649-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #3: Euler 13 / Miami
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-11-4417293-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-11-3668652-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-11-6478665-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #4: Ibbe040 / Mumbai
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-13-0034756-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-13-3194317-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-13-7100850-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #5: ILikeGAMESish / Isle of Sgàil
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-21-3553956-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-21-0921075-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-21-2575129-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #6: Euler 13 / Colorado
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-09-2018801-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-09-5206991-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-09-6271683-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsosus for PC
  • #7: Franz / Paris
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-02-9957863-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-02-9693650-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-02-9754500-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsosus for PC
  • #8: Yellow_ZR1 / Bangkok by Night
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-16-4548110-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-16-4236090-94)
    Recreation in progress by djsosus for PC
  • #9: Tigh Himes / Whittleton Creek
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-22-6746281-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-22-7489192-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-22-7684202-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsosus for PC
  • #10: Euler13 / Isle of Sgàil
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-21-0935408-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-21-1693193-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-21-0005572-43)
    Recreation in progress by djsojus for PC
  • #11: Toto / Sapienza by Night (The Icon)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-05-0959934-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-05-5056956-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-05-4189148-43) PC (Contract ID 1-05-8962773-45)
  • #12: Franz / Sapienza
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-03-7840150-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-03-6828801-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-03-8302562-43) PC (Contract ID 1-03-9981599-45)
  • #13: Euler13 / Paris
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-02-8178424-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-02-2494311-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-02-1063120-43) PC (Contract ID 1-02-9485216-45)
  • #14: clckr / Hokkaido
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-10-6500492-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-10-6435584-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-10-5957050-43) PC (Contract ID 1-10-2883611-45)
  • #15: Toto / Marrakesh by Night (A House Built on Sand)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-07-7370735-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-07-9998270-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-07-2681193-43) PC (Contract ID 1-07-5885179-45)
  • #16: Ibbe040 / Mumbai
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-13-2600537-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-13-4527513-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-13-0974236-43) PC (Contract ID 1-13-3394943-45)
  • #17: Franz / Marrakesh
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-06-7422209-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-06-9503809-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-06-9017855-43) PC (Contract ID 1-06-7192018-45)
  • #18: Euler13 / Miami
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-11-3370300-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-11-1996286-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-11-1805222-43) PC (Contract ID 1-11-0038102-45)
  • #19: Club47 / Isle of Sgàil
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-21-3031968-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-21-9241620-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-21-6572840-43) PC (Contract ID 1-21-0262253-45)
  • #20: Toto / Santa Fortuna
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-12-1568670-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-12-1416790-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-12-7103392-43) PC (Contract ID 1-12-8297384-45)
  • #21: MrWaterhandle / Paris
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-02-2442628-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-02-5853238-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-02-4311159-43) PC (Contract ID 1-02-5726846-45)
  • #22: Euler13 / Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-04-9672173-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-04-7293926-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-04-5644298-43) PC (Contract ID 1-04-6838369-45)
  • #23: Franz / Bangkok
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-08-3846678-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-08-7791779-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-08-5127488-43) PC (Contract ID 1-08-1062191-45)
  • #24: clckr / New York
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-24-8449446-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-24-3176541-94)
    PC (Contract ID 1-24-2366367-45)
  • #25: Ed ll3 / Colorado
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-09-2012928-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-09-0232277-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-09-7756482-43) PC (Contract ID 1-09-4976671-45)
  • #26: djukak / Sapienza
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-03-5102269-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-03-7312488-21)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-03-4106672-43) PC (Contract ID 1-03-2923598-45)
  • #27: sAndK / Hokkaido
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-10-8263414-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-10-2275582-94)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-10-0149876-43) PC (Contract ID 1-10-0538119-45)
  • #28: Sniff / Whittleton Creek (No more kill method restriction!)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-22-4535037-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-22-1718459-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-22-3915433-43) PC (Contract ID 1-22-5223731-45)
  • #29: Sniff / Hawkes Bay (No more kill method restriction! Additional target! Info below.)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-20-8496272-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-20-8140345-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-20-2097818-43) PC (Contract ID 1-20-7256836-45)
  • #30: rattleshnake / New York
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-24-1027429-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-24-4412104-94)
    PC (Contract ID 1-24-5488749-45)
  • #31: Euler13 / Bangkok
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-08-7350734-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-08-8936889-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-08-9600785-43) PC (Contract ID 1-08-6613498-45)
  • #32: Hernandez-06-FCB / ICA Facility
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-01-3706565-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-01-3229027-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-01-5331079-43) PC (Contract ID 1-01-2411103-45)
  • #33: Yellow_ZR1 / Marrakesh
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-06-0788627-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-06-1507883-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-06-6564961-43) PC (Contract ID 1-06-7977175-45)
  • #34: Sniff / Mumbai (No more kill method restriction! Additional target! Info below.)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-13-1036758-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-13-5717981-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-13-6753970-43) PC (Contract ID 1-13-0587424-45)
  • #35: Hernandez-06-FCB / Paris
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-02-9479696-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-02-4326949-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-02-0615622-43) PC (Contract ID 1-02-0981708-45)
  • #36: Kinyo92 / Hokkaido
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-10-1874633-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-10-0557965-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-10-0873800-43) PC (Contract ID 1-10-8053738-45)
  • #37: Hernandez-06-FCB / Paris
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-02-2338557-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-02-0575345-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-02-4758372-43)
  • #38: djukak / Isle of Sgàil
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-21-5916982-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-21-3222183-21)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-21-2276663-43)
  • #39: Euler13 / Santa Fortuna
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-12-8311776-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-12-5608931-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-12-1675118-43)
  • #40: CHAOS_AGENT_45 / Sapienza
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-03-0140668-84) Playstation (Contract ID 2-03-0426250-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-03-8047452-43)
  • #41: Hernandez-06-FCB / Sapienza
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-03-1740418-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-03-8244734-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-03-9366112-43)
  • #42: fgdsa99 / Colorado
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-09-5169452-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-09-2696788-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-09-2750621-43)
  • #43: HITMANIST / Mumbai
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-13-2847964-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-13-1296863-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-13-3431577-43)
  • #44: Kinyo92 / Hokkaido
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-10-9106739-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-10-9440275-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-10-5121065-43)
  • #45: Hernandez-06-FCB / New York
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-24-5866287-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-24-0629984-81)
  • #46: helpwhite / Colorado
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-09-7514140-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-09-3208509-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-09-2924890-43)
  • #47: Sniff / Miami (No more kill method restriction!)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-11-0635144-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-11-1678587-22)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-11-5628435-43)
  • #48: Sniff / Haven Island (No more kill method restriction!)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-26-6577535-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-26-3796269-22)
  • #49: helpwhite / Marrakesh
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-06-3452186-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-06-4204399-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-06-6569323-43)
  • #50: IlikeHitman / New York
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-24-9390139-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-24-9073047-21)
  • #51: IlikeHitman / Sapienza
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-03-8373522-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-03-5168149-81)
  • #52: Freezer / Haven Island
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-26-0733825-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-26-0943806-81)
  • #53: CHAOS_AGENT_45 / Mumbai
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-13-4989977-50) Playstation (Contract ID 2-13-5326603-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-13-1263647-43)
  • #54: Sniff / New York (No more kill method restriction!)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-24-5268904-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-24-5322391-22)
  • #55: djukak / Haven Island
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-26-4302213-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-26-2722711-81)
  • #56: Euler13 / Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-04-7878868-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-04-7213650-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-04-8357016-43)
  • #57: djsojus / Miami
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-11-5405844-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-11-3767169-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-11-0798796-43)
  • #58: Freezer / Bangkok by Night (The Source)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-16-2886245-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-16-5777181-81)
  • #59: easoneastin / Isle of Sgàil
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-21-5402829-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-21-8225858-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-21-3232501-43)
  • #60: helpwhite / Sapienza by Night (The Icon)
    Xbox (Contract ID 3-05-7334936-54) Playstation (Contract ID 2-05-2341664-81)
    Stadia (Contract ID 1-05-1874637-43)

New SONKOs (please add no more, for now)

  • #61: Sniff / Dartmoor
    Playstation (Contract ID 2-28-0695348-22)
  • #62: Claimed by TheCasualHitman
  • #63: Claimed by helpwhite

If you want to help recreating, just claim some numbers, and the system you’re on. Once, you’re done, add the contract number. I’ll update this post accordingly. I’ll go ahead and claim the first ten ones for Xbox, to give the good example. Not saying they’ll be ready tomorrow, but I’ll make sure to get them done before the archive goes down. Once I get those done, I’ll commit further, but don’t want to bite off more than I can chew at this stage.

Some pointers for contract recreation:
Simply put: S uit O nly, N o K nock- O ut.

  • The contract must have the optional complications: No Disguise Changes and No Pacifications.
  • Be mindful of an optional complication included in terms of weapon/method used for killing targets. Someties it’s “Any method” and you actively have to change it to that, sometimes you need to use a specific weapon that you thus will also need to use during contract creation.
  • Other complications are not allowed (there were very few exceptions to that first time around, but I’m taking the liberty to request to omit these exceptional complications this time)
  • Use “SONKO Challenge #” for Contract name. Please use the original numbering.
  • Contract description: give credit to the original creator, refer to Hitmanforum if you like.

Pro-tip: Contracts can be recreated more easily when you don’t mind killing non-targets during the creation process or raising alarms, as long as you don’t knock anyone out and don’t change your suit. As someone who usually goes for Silent Assassin, it’s actually quite fun to play it this way without having to worry about a rating.

Finding the targets can be made easier by checking out some Youtube runs of the contract you want to recreate.

Please help!


This is a brilliant idea! I’d like to volunteer myself to do the same as you but on PS system instead. I’ll claim the first 10 challenges as well. Maybe more if I can manage to finish all of them next week.


A noble effort. The SONKO thread taught me more about how to play Hitman than anything else, by far. :+1:

I’d be happy to take a shot at recreating #51-60 for PlayStation, since I’m more familiar with the later ones.


This is great! Thanks for doing it. Although I first want to play every new map on H3 at least once, I’ll help recreate a few of those. Let’s say the first 10 on PC.

Edit: Of course I can only recreate those once I’ve got H2 on Epic…


I wouldn’t mind recreating my own ones (on PlayStation) when I get back from vacation.


Thank you for your help guys! I’ve updated the first post accordingly. Also thank you wincenworks for the sticky!

I’m aware that this thread is for saving H2 SONKO contracts, but I have a question. If anyone makes a SONKO contract from any of the H3 maps, can we post them here or is/ will there be a new thread?

It’s not really up to me to decide, but one way we could do it is adding new contracts (starting from 61) here while the salvaging operation is ongoing, as a sort of transition. Personally I’ll focus on recreating the old ones first though.
After that’s done I think it’s a good idea to migrate it all to a definitive, live SONKO thread.
Open to other suggestions of course!


Anyone adding these to Stadia?

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I can’t, but we will be very happy if you do. :wink:


And I am happy here to present to you… SONKO Challenge #1 to #10!

Now available on PS system. Have fun, agents! :grin:

Contract IDs:

#1: 2-12-4690502-94
#2: 2-01-9981018-94
#3: 2-11-3668652-94
#4: 2-13-3194317-94
#5: 2-21-0921075-94
#6: 2-09-5206991-94
#7: 2-02-9693650-94
#8: 2-16-4236090-94
#9: 2-22-7489192-94
#10: 2-21-1693193-94

Btw, I plan to recreate #11 to #20 as well. Maybe next week. :wink:


You are my hero :heart_eyes:


I could start to do some. I’ll try my hand with 1-5 for now and see where I get with that.

Fair warning, Stadia contract IDs look similar to PC’s; they both start with a “1”.


Stadia Contract IDs for SONKO #1-7, 9-10
(wasn’t able to do #8 because I don’t have the GotY upgrade on Stadia.)

Contract IDs

#1: 1-127757506-43
#2: 1-01-6940649-43
#3: 1-11-6478665-43
#4: 1-13-7100850-43
#5: 1-21-2575129-43
#6: 1-09-6271683-43
#7: 1-02-9754500-43
#9: 1-22-7684202-43
#10: 1-21-0005572-43
#11: 1-05-4189148-43
#12: 1-03-8302562-43
#13: 1-02-1063120-43
#14: 1-10-5957050-43
#15: 1-07-2681193-43
#16: 1-13-0974236-43
#17: 1-06-9017855-43
#18: 1-11-1805222-43
#19: 1-21-6572840-43
#20: 1-12-7103392-43
#21: 1-02-4311159-43

#22: 1-04-5644298-43
#23: 1-08-5127488-43
#25: 1-09-7756482-43
#26: 1-03-4106672-43
#27: 1-10-0149876-43
#28: 1-22-3915433-43

I’ll probably do some more when I get a chance. I won’t be able to do any of the Patient Zero ones, New York, or Haven Island.

edit: @Franz added #11-18
edit: @Franz added #19-21
edit: @Franz added #22-23, 25-28


Alright, finished up #51-53 & #55-59 for PlayStation

Goodies Inside

#51: 2-03-5168149-81
#52: 2-26-0943806-81
#53: 2-13-5326603-81

#55: 2-26-2722711-81
#56: 2-04-7213650-81
#57: 2-11-3767169-81
#58: 2-16-5777181-81
#59: 2-21-8225858-81

I’ve made a few attempts at recreating #60, but it has the additional complications of Do Not Get Spotted and No Bodies Found and I can’t quite get the timing right. I’ll keep trying, but if someone with quicker reflexes wanted to take a shot at it, I wouldn’t object. :grin:


Thank you ZeroGravitas, I’m adding the contract ID’s now.

About your question on 60: don’t know how others feel about this, but I thought this was a chance to get back to the SONKO idea the way it was intended, without the extra complications. At least that’s what I did for SONKO #4, where the original version had a forced exit, but my remake does not.

It’s a choice between staying true to Euler13’s original intentions, or staying true to the ideas of the original contract creator.

I’ll leave it up to the re-creator as to what they prefer, I guess, unless the original contract creators are here to weigh in. @ibbe is registered but haven’t seen him recently. Helpwhite doesn’t have an account here, at least not under that name. Don’t know if there are other contracts that added additional complications, we’ll find out soon enough :slight_smile:


I completely agree. I think we should ensure we maintain the purity of the concept: Suit Only No Knock-Out, and that’s it. When I get around to helping recreate, I’ll do the same. I’d say to others that may have already recreated with additional complications it doesn’t matter. But maybe from this point forward we only add the No Disguise Change and No Pacification restrictions, and, of course having suit restrictions on the targets.


Alright, I’ll ditch the two extra complications then. :+1:

And while I’m at it, I should be able to knock out #41-50 in the next few days. (Minus the two Sniff has already claimed, of course.)


Out of the ones I did, there were a few with additional complications (exits, no bodies found, etc) and I left those out per the recommendation in the original post.

Was definitely much easier to re-create. :grin: