A quick preview was presented at the Gamescom

So what is confirmed right now about episode 5 :

-The mission will take place in Colorado

-We will have to kill 4 targets

-There will be a terrorist group and we will have to infiltrate into the group

-We will get 12 opportunities to kill the targets

During the presentation the press noticed some drop of fps

The level will not be like Sapienza

The video in French :

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It sounds nice. 4 targets makes sense if the setting is inside a oil refinery or some place alike, you know, taking out a big group during business meeting.


4 targets sounds awesome. I always like when things are varried and so far we’ve only had 2 targets.


Maybe a bit like The Wang Fou Incident?


I’m going to look for a English version


This is big then… Dude who was claiming that je played last 3 was right all along…


Curious that no other game website is covering this, or maybe it’s still early?
Would just like an English article is all… #FirstWorldEnglishProblems


Didn’t really add anything that wasn’t in the OP FYI.


Just wanted let’s say a IGN or Gamespot and they might disclose other pieces of info they might see. Just wanted to find various critics on the case :slight_smile:


Maybe he’s just trolling us? Sure they said something about Hitman and terrorists in the
video but unless you’re understanding French it’s hard to get the context. :wink:

Still it sound sound plausible. Looks like mikeawmids will be happy. He wanted something like that. Four targets seems a bit much. The more targets the less we learn about their personalities. But let’s wait and see until we got more informations.


So this is why Patrick morgan is wearing an Bulletproof fest


Yes i’m trolling if you want lol

By the way i’m French and I don’t have time to troll someone…


It contradicts this tweet. I think the critic was being opinionated with Sapienza or IO let the intern on their Twitter again.


I think he’s referring to the number of objectives. I think that’s what he means. That there are going to be more than just two targets, like in Sapienza.


Sounds really cool and when we’re getting four targets things are really getting Awesome!! Look forward to this!!


This sounds pretty great as long as we can get to each of the four targets in many different ways outside of the Opportunities system. Otherwise, it will be extremely disappointing and wear thin on replay value quickly, for me. But if done right, this could be truly amazing and a contender for the most fun mission yet.


The context of him mentioning Sapienza is that he hopes the Colorado level is as open as Sapienza. There wasn’t that much on display, as they were just shown one way (opportunity?) to kill two targets.

He says he has a fairly good impression of the episode, though it’s a bit of a shame there’s this element of “forced infiltration”, a phrase he uses several times.


I’m expecting a lot of sniping vantage points and a lot of hostile/trespassing areas


At first the idea of Colorado seemed boring, but this could be interesting. Now I’m curious. I wonder who the terrorists are?Crystal Dawn? Eco terrorists?


Protably some kinda ISIS parody