I bet you anything the briefcase will be the final unlock of the season. Think about it… This map would not work with the briefcase anyway, right? So I think they wanted to wait to release it with a level where you weren’t instantly trespassing and could actually get a really good first impression of it.


I like the C4. It has a huge blast radius. Looking forward to trying it out on a room full of unsuspecting victims :imp:


JJ… Where did you find this image? Oh dear god, tell me everything about this screencap, please?

hahaha i agree, the C4 is the most useless unlock in whole Hitman, i would rather have a mastercrafted crowbar or custom silver coins :joy:.


While I am making a real effort to be less negative about Hitman, IO are making my transformation harder than it need be with shi… urg, less than stellar unlocks like that.

There were 2x unlocks at level 20 in Bangkok, maybe there is a second, actually-good unlock still to be unveiled. See, being positive.


You could do that with the Pale Duck, Remote Explosive Duck, Remote Explosive Mine lol

A thread I made back in June when the Great Server Leak of HITMAN happened. Collected every piece of content I could see from @mungadungalis stream. :slight_smile:

Fucking hilarious because I would too :joy:


I actually like these charges. Remember that level 20 of mastery involves two unlocks.


Usually we get atleast 2 gun unlocks :grin: Fingers crossed


Ooh, how about an EXPLOSIVE BRIEFCASE?

That combines the communities love for briefcases and IO’s love for copy & paste explosives.

They could do a proximity explosive briefcase AND a remote explosive briefcase, to waste as many unlock slots as possible.


Nah, the C4’s blast radius is much bigger than that of the other remote explosives.


just i loved emetic syringe. rest of them fully trash.

emetic and lethal gum would be fucking cool

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That’s both useful for “combo” kills and worrysome in case there are innocents close (except in Colorado. Kill them all).

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Maybe it’ll be strong enough to bring down a small structure. Like, a windmill or something.
That’d be cool!


As you can see the stuff we saw back in June is only just coming out.


So here’s the rest of the list. Take a guess of the next unlock :stuck_out_tongue:

[‘UI_PROP_DEVICE_ICA_MODULAR_PROXIMITY_EXPLOSIVE_MULTI…’] (He flicked off it before the whole string appeared)
1911-S Silverballer Elite [UI_ITEM_RARIT] (Has Scope and laser sight)
1911-T Silverballer [UI_ITEM_RARIT]
UX-15 Magnum [Custom] (Most likely higher damage, magnum ammo)
Jaeger 7.62 PSG-S Elite (Kazo TRG similarities)
The Savior [Master Crafted] (Sniper, etched design “Ave Maria”)
Circumcision Knife (Same as Sapenzia)

Radio (The one found in the Sheikh’s Room) used exactly the same.
Lethal Poisoned Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
Sedative Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
Emetic Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
Crystal Ball [Custom] (Non- Lethal Melee as Close Combat, kills when thrown)
Eiffel Tower Souvenir (Non-Lethal Melee)
Eiffel Tower Knife (Lethal Melee)


Then you could go back to all the other episodes and use the briefcase, along with all the other info unlocks and do different strategies

I’m guessing the three different gum types will be coming out as unlockable content in S2. The fact it was compatible with S1 levels when it was first leaked does sort-of suggest S2 will be an expansion on the existing platform and you will be able to use any unlock on any level (S1/S2). I hope this is the case anyway.

Can’t be. He said to Boris that he tough he was just a rumor, an urban legend

If I remember correctly the Eiffel Tower knife was a concealable dagger that you could take through frisk points. :smile:


The blocks supposedly have a larger blast radius, but they are highly suspicious

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That’s why i think C4 is usless in this Hitman, this Hitman encourage you to do things stealthy, kill your target as quiet as you can, :joy: C4 is not that stealthy.