What server leak? :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of melee weapons that’ve been leaked in the RPKGs going back to retail release (ignoring the beta RPKGs for a moment). I haven’t gone near the alpha, so I can’t comment on what it had, though I wouldn’t trust its content for longevity as it’d probably have Absolution fragments.

There’s an explosive briefcase (remote and proximity models) . They’re real. I genuinely expected we’d see them instead of the brick we just got as it was more fitting for the militia to have them than it was for Hokkaido. A raw block, sure.

I guess the other place (and I neglected it) was Landslide (Mamba). It’d make sense given the mission, the details, and so on; both cases could be there.

@Spods? He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

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Nope I don’t/can’t data mine due to not having the game on PC.

Simply a guy who creates and completes games.

You better not be behind that lol

Wouldn’t be reliable content anyways.

Oh FFS. (insert Travis) So another reskin. What about the Season Mastery? Could that still be a thing? Where more unlock exist. Or Landslide of course.

I genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about. The servers leak data, a hell of a lot of data, but I’ve never had to do anything untoward to them to get said data. It’s either supplied without asking or by modding bits and pieces.

Everything that’s been in the RPKG since Sapienza has, to my knowledge, stayed. I’d have to double check, but I’ve been able to accurately predict everything except challenge rewards for quite some time as a result.

There are bits missing (that get filled in).

Season mastery sounds awful, please no.

It’s more likely from Landslide.

Yes, it’s basically a duck reskin with some limitations. @GuLe heard a voiceline about leaving a briefcase behind after using a duck some time ago, so it’s not like it’s particularly new information.

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just a theory. but what if that was the back up plan in case they couldnt get the case properly working. but now since the case is apparently a go. they just worked that into the case. where if you place a mine, it’ll pretty much be an explosive case when ppl go try to pick it up

The explosive cases aren’t a backup. They have full data. @GuLe (and others) having heard the line before about the duck being a briefcase tells us they were intentional and setup to be there.

The only other place they’re probably from is Marrakesh (instead of the red duck and block). The blocks might be the backup, but equally they’re fleshed out too.

I guess Landslide getting two skins would be ridiculous, but maybe they, like other really cool things, are going to be challenge pack rewards.

FWIW the W2000 has a load of data tied to it; the reason I’ve got inconsistent posts is there are two W2000 models. The one I was watching was empty, the other one has a bunch of data.


All this shit:

Great. At least you’ve found the correlation going on more or less. You said you even have the placemarkers/coordinates of each challenge completion trigger too lol

Wouldn’t surprise me. And that makes sense having the VO for it.

Could be 2 model assets. One for the CGI and one for the In game (with data Obvs).

Those images are mostly offline content (in RPKGs). The weapons are all offline content too; the Xbox and PS4 don’t (readily) support streaming that kind of content (contracts, sure, but we need actual patches to play new stuff (models, etc.))…

Whatever happened there it isn’t something a data miner/modder does; besides, Munga is on Xbox, I’m on Steam/PC (I don’t own any Microsoft console, closest things to modern are a PS3 used as the old Blu-ray and a Wii). I did get hit by the Steam/PC achievement/challenge unlock, but that only annoyed me when the fix reverted two annoying Marrakesh challenges – up until then I didn’t care much either way (for myself, for others, yeah, I felt bad it’d happened).

As for what happened to Munga, yeah, I’ve been able to make stuff appear in my game. I wasn’t going to touch their server (Microsoft hosted on what’s most likely an auto-scaling cloud, so if I did anything bad it’s be SE+MS+IOI on me, thanks, but no way in hell). When it happened it caused so many outages during the peak gaming time where I am, so yeah, no, not me. I only found out from @HHCHunter and a redditor how it likely went down after the fact.

Basically anything they have VO for (which you can also find in the subtitles, which use the same cipher as the main text), I’d give insanely good odds on coming out.

We don’t get the CGI assets. A few have leaked, but they’re pretty obvious because we’re missing things that would make them work. There’s also no point because they can turn the game up graphically and use the base asset with a bunch of post-effects to shade off the rougher edges.

so uhhhh. anything else to discuss now that most of us can pretty much sleep sound until release now? haha

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@swixel do you know or can you see if there’s an animation for assembling and dissembling things from the briefcase?

PS: thank you very much for your works on this info.

I’m surprisingly happy to hear from Soders again. I thought he was just a one time adversary.

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Animation tracking on 47 is probably the hardest thing to do. While I’ve got easy vectors to track others, 47 is the hardest.

I need to rebuild the graph database to resolve this; I’ll probably use Cayley, but I’m unlikely to expose this stuff (sadly).

I am working on building up a public database on released items.

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I see. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. (Hopefully this Thursday)

Sorry for late reply, PC decided to update without asking first.

So content already in the files. Do you know how this happened? And fair enough, it does seem to be Xbox only regarding this anyways.

Yeah would be a good chance. Bit silly having the line released before the content though

Wouldn’t be a shock if they just used the basic asset. Chuck it in Mudbox and press the plus key (Add Polyies). :stuck_out_tongue:

AFAIK that happened due to a breach. Pretty sure @HHCHunter said it was a hack, and he’s in contact with someone from IOI to my knowledge. I can’t recall anything public from IOI on the matter.

I do have a fairly good idea on how it happened, based on discussions with various members of SPUF, reddit, HMF, and discord. For various reasons I’m not going to go into here; IOI already know, but if anyone there is curious what I’ve managed to put together they’re welcome to ask me … that said, I doubt they care. There’s been enough public discussion on it, enough people suggesting things, to suggest it was someone on Xbox + PC, and that it was an attack that found a way into something they shouldnt’ have. (And that’s all I’m saying on that matter.)

In many cases since before Sapienza.

My data mining suggests the lines were tied to the category and that line shouldn’t have been active for the given item ID.

I’ve seen game engines modified to do more or less exactly that, though you can do the same thing with ridiculous shaders in OpenGL3+ or DirectX 12. (DX11 doesn’t have the particular approach I’d use, but I’m pretty sure it has a way to do it too.)

I was discussing this with another developer who plays hitman. I was saying it seems IO didnt make 47 just a extended Npc object thus inheriting everything an npc could do, but just turning the ones off that they dont want. if i didnt know any better i would say they dont even share the same parent class it seems.

from what you can tell is there any truth to that?

I think that’s why so many npc actions like plate carrying and animations arent the same

Fair enough, was it intentional to breach IOI servers? The way you said “found their way” speaks as if it was accidental.

Maybe it was added to an array or list (if that’s how they write the audio line triggers), tied to as you said, the Item ID. Taking it the briefcase has the same ID triggers as Phone or Duck. Hoping no one noticed.

Ah true, they tend to use a lot of Autodesk software (Human Iks and Scaleform)

It’s in the binary. While Torben’s hinted he knows people are doing RE, I’m not touching the binary.

If @Morten_IOI, @Torbjorn_IOI, Torben, or @Travis_IOI give the green light for the purposes of game analysis, data mining, but non-commercial purposes, to look at their binary, Denuvo or not, I’ll do it. Until then I’m sticking to RPKG data and networked data.

From what the RPKGs show, and the hashes I’ve worked out, there’s no reason 47 couldn’t use NPC behaviours, but he wouldn’t have appropriate skeletal actions to switch to his stances, which could cause all sorts of fun issues with bones. It really depends on how that part is handled if it’ll work.

But we’re drifting, should probably take this to the data mining thread :slight_smile:

afaik in the older games, on the “old” legacy glacier engine, this was the situation.

I’m not sure what’s happening now.

If this is a real image from the game, it must be an inventory screenshot like @lilith said.
I hope it’s not only Colorado inventory though.

I think I’m gonna love this map, here are some screens, Can’t wait…